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Gamify your site with points.


  • Fixed: Cyrillic and other non-English characters not displaying correctly in the points logs.
  • Fixed: Only post types that support comments are shown as options in the Comment and Comment Removed points hooks.


  • New: The Comment and Comment Removed points hooks now have a post type setting, like the Post points hook.
  • New: Translation into simplified Chinese, provided by Jack Lee.
  • Updated: The points hooks API for developers has received several improvements.
    • It is now optional to implement the form() and update() methods when extending WordPoints_Points_Hook.
    • The WordPoints_Post_Type_Points_Hook_Base class was introduced as a bootstrap for points hooks implementing a post type setting.
    • Other internal improvements, to be continued.
  • Updated: The points logs are now cached, offering a performance benefit on sites with persistent caching.
  • Updated: The points types are shown in two columns on the Points Hooks administration panel on devices with wide screens.
  • Updated: By request, it is now possible to enable the use of HTML in the "WordPoints" widget using this code: remove_filter( 'wordpoints_points_widget_text', 'esc_html', 20 );
  • Fixed: Module caching was broken because of a code typo.
  • Fixed: When network active on multisite, the plugin did not install itself on new sites when they were added to the network.


  • New: Added [wordpoints_how_to_get_points] shortcode to display a list of active points hooks.
  • New: Override hook descriptions shown by the new how to get points shortcode on the hooks admin screen.
  • Updated: The current number of points a user has is displayed on their admin profile page to administrators in addition to the inputs.
  • Updated: The post points hook has been split in to the Post and Post Delete points hooks.
  • Updated: The comments points hook has been split into the Comment and Comment Removed points hooks.
  • Updated: Calculate the periods for the periodic points hook relative to the calendar instead of the user's last visit.
  • Fixed: Clean the points logs for comment approvals when a post is deleted, removing the dead link to the post.


  • New: User avatars are displayed in the points logs table.
  • New: Added [wordpoints_points] shortcode to display a user's points.
  • New: Users' points total may be stored in a custom meta key, allowing integration with other plugins.
  • Fixed: Logs for posts that have become private or protected are hidden from users who can't access them.


  • New: Support for WordPress multisite See here for full details.
  • New: Network-wide points hooks for multisite.
  • Fixed: Delete the points logs for a user when they are deleted.
  • Fixed: Clean up the points logs for a post when it is deleted, removing the link.
  • Fixed: Clean up the points logs for a comment when it is deleted, removing the link and comment text.


  • Fixed: The post points hook was awarding points for auto-drafts and post revisions.
  • Fixed: The periodic points hook wasn’t working in some cases.
  • Fixed: There was a fatal error in the uninstall script, causing a blank screen when uninstalling the plugin.


  • New: The Brazilian Portugese language file was added to the plugin, thanks to Gabriel Galvao.
  • Fixed: The language files are being loaded properly now.
  • Fixed: The points component is activated by default. (We tried and failed to do that back in 1.0.1).


  • New: You can now add points hooks to a points type by clicking on the hook and choosing the points type to add it to.
  • New: The plugin is fully translatable, and pot file is now included in /languages.
  • New: For developers, this version introduces an improved modules API.
  • New: Also for developers, the logs query class now implements WP_Meta_Query and WP_Date_Query.
  • Fixed: Use the correct post type name in the points logs instead of the generic "Post".


  • Fixed: The points component is now activated upon installation.
  • Fixed: Module/component activation user experience improved slightly.


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0-beta2
Last Updated: 2014-7-29
Downloads: 1,408


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5 out of 5 stars


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