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Gamify your site with points.

This plugin lets you create one or multiple types of points which you can use to reward your users by "hooking into" different user actions.

You can currently award points to users for...

  • Registration
  • Comments - You can also have points removed if you delete a user's comment or mark it as spam.
  • Posts - You can be selective in which post types get awarded points, and award different amounts for different types. As with comments, you can have points removed when a post is deleted.
  • Visiting your site - You can award points to a user when they visit your site at least once in a time period, once per day, for example.

All points transactions are logged and can be reviewed by administrators and displayed on the front end of your site using the [wordpoints_points_logs] shortcode.

You can also display a list of the top users based on the number of points they have using the [wordpoints_points_top] shortcode.

The plugin also provides several widgets that you can use.

Many more features are planned in the near future, and you can check out the roadmap on the plugin website, WordPoints.org.

It is also possible to extend the default functionality of the plugin using modules. For more information on that, see the developer docs.

Requires: 3.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0-beta1
Last Updated: 2014-7-10
Downloads: 1,361


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