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WooCommerce Products Quick View

Add Quick View feature to all grid view products on shop, category, tag pages. Opens full product page content, add to cart without leaving the page - 2014/06/19

  • Tweak - change wp_register_script( 'a3rev-chosen') to wp_register_script( 'a3rev-chosen-new')
  • Tweak - Tested 100% compatible with WooCommerce version 2.1.11 - 2014/06/04

  • Tweak - Updated chosen js script to latest version 1.1.0 on the a3rev Plugin Framework
  • Tweak - Tested fully compatible with WooCommerce Version 2.1.10 - 2014/05/29

  • Tweak - Changed add_filter( 'gettext', array( $this, 'change_button_text' ), null, 2 ); to add_filter( 'gettext', array( $this, 'change_button_text' ), null, 3 );
  • Tweak - Update change_button_text() function from ( $original == 'Insert into Post' ) to ( is_admin() && $original === 'Insert into Post' )
  • Tweak - Added support for placeholder feature for input, email , password , text area types. - 2014/05/19

  • Tweak - Updated Pop-up menu with new Pro Version features set custom pop-up width and height.
  • Tweak - Updated Custom Template, Product Data > Product Description menu with new Pro Version features.
  • Fix - Quick View Fancybox pop-up menu not scrolling in iOS Mobiles

1.0.6 - 2014/05/17

  • Feature - Added option to show Quick View button or link text under image
  • Feature - Added full Quick View Button customization with the a3rev Button Creator functions - Create any style button.
  • Feature - Added Button transparency setting for Quick View hover button.
  • Feature - Added Under Image Button creator and Hyperlink styling functions.
  • Tweak - Moved the plugin from a sub menu item on the WooCommerce menu to its own WordPress Admin menu WC Quick View.
  • Tweak - Added all Custom Template Menus as a Sub menu of WC Quick View (Pro Version new feature)
  • Tweak - Updated the plugins description text with new features for Lite and Pro versions.
  • Tweak - Updated the plugins admin help text and yellow sidebar content.
  • Tweak - Tested 100% compatible with WooCommerce Version 2.1.9 - 2014/05/12

  • Tweak - Updated Framework help text font for consistency.
  • Tweak - Added remove_all_filters('mce_external_plugins'); before call to wp_editor to remove extension scripts from other plugins.
  • Tweak - Launched Plugin Pro Version Trail License for Free Trail.
  • Tweak - Updated the plugins admin panel Yellow sidebar content.
  • Tweak - Update plugins description text for easier reading.
  • Tweak - Tested for full compatibility with WooCommerce Version 2.1.8
  • Tweak - Tested for full compatibility with WordPress Version 3.9.1

1.0.5 - 2014/01/28

  • Feature - Upgraded for 100% compatibility with soon to be released WooCommerce Version 2.1 with backward compatibility to Version 2.0
  • Feature - Added all required code so plugin can work with WooCommerce Version 2.1 refactored code.
  • Tweak - Removed dynamic pop-up wide setting and replaced with static pop-up max wide.
  • Tweak - Pop-up tools wide under 520px shows 100% wide of the screen for mobiles in portrait or landscape
  • Tweak - Added description text to the top of each Pro Version yellow border section
  • Tweak - Tested for compatibility with WordPress version 3.8.1
  • Tweak - Full WP_DEBUG ran, all uncaught exceptions, errors, warnings, notices and php strict standard notices fixed.
  • Fix - Distorted pop-up display in mobile phone portrait view with new pop-up static max wide.

1.0.4 - 2013/12/20

  • Feature - a3rev Plugin Framework admin interface upgraded to 100% Compatibility with WordPress v3.8.0 with backward compatibility.
  • Feature - a3rev framework 100% mobile and tablet responsive, portrait and landscape viewing.
  • Tweak - Upgraded dashboard switches and sliders to Vector based display that shows when WordPress version 3.8.0 is activated.
  • Tweak - Upgraded all plugin .jpg icons and images to Vector based display for full compatibility with new WordPress version.
  • Tweak - Yellow sidebar on Pro Version Menus does not show in Mobile screens to optimize admin panel screen space.
  • Tweak - Tested 100% compatible with WP 3.8.0
  • Fix - Upgraded array_textareas type for Padding, Margin settings on the a3rev plugin framework

1.0.3 - 2013/10/10

  • Feature - Admin panel intuitive app interface feature. Show slider to set corner radius when select Round, hide when select Square on Border Corner Style Switch. (Pro Version Feature)
  • Tweak - a3rev logo image now resizes to the size of the yellow sidebar in tablets and mobiles.
  • Fixe - Intuitive Radio Switch settings not saving. Input with disabled attribute could not parse when form is submitted, replace disabled with custom attribute: checkbox-disabled
  • Fix - App interface Radio switches not working properly on Android platform, replace removeProp() with removeAttr() function script

1.0.2 - 2013/10/03

  • Feature - Upgraded the plugin to the newly developed a3rev admin panel app interface.
  • Feature - New admin UI features check boxes replaced by switches, some dropdowns replaced by sliders.
  • Feature - Replaced colour picker with new WordPress 3.6.0 colour picker (Pro Version feature).
  • Feature - Added choice of 350 Google fonts to the existing 17 websafe fonts in all new single row font editor (Pro Version features).
  • Feature - New Border / Button shadow features. Create shadow external or internal, set wide of shadow (Pro Version Features).
  • Feature - New on page instant previews for Fonts editor, create border and shadow style.(Pro Version Features).
  • Feature - Added intuitive triggers for some settings. When selected corresponding feature settings appear (Pro Version features).
  • Feature - Added set pop up wide from 50% to 100% by increments of + or - 1% using new slider interface (Pro Version features)
  • Tweak - Moved admin from WooCommerce settings tab onto the WooCommerce menu.
  • Fix - PayPal as a security feature blocks POST request from checkout in iframe pop-up. Added feature that when /checkout URL is requested in pop-up it auto closes and redirects user to the sites checkout.
  • Fix - Plugins admin script and style not loading in Firefox with SSL on admin. Stripped http// and https// protocols so browser will use the protocol that the page was loaded with.

1.0.1 - 2013/09/03

  • Tweak - Tested for full compatibility with WordPress v3.6.0
  • Fix - Updated some prefixes to a3rev_ for compatibility with the a3revFramework.

1.0.0 - 2013/08/05

  • First working release

Requires: 3.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-6-19
Downloads: 7,390


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1.8 out of 5 stars


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