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WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

Create, print & automatically email PDF invoices & packing slips for WooCommerce orders.


  • Feature: Added function to call custom fields more easily (see FAQ)
  • Feature: Change the my account button text via a filter (wpo_wcpdf_myaccount_button_text)
  • Translations: Added Danish (Thanks Mads!)
  • Tweak: only load PDF engine if it's not already loaded by another plugin


  • Fix: Don't create invoice number when exporting packing slips
  • Fix: Division by zero for 0 quantity items


  • Translations: Added Polish (Thanks Mike!)
  • Fix: Invoice number formatting notices in debug mode


  • NEW Feature: Invoice numbers can now be given a prefix, suffix or padding on the settings page!
  • Filter: wpo_wcpdf_email_allowed_statuses to attach pdf to custom order status emails
  • Tweak: Sequential Order Numbers Pro compatibility
  • Tweak: Filenames are now automatically sanitized to prevent issues with illegal characters


  • Fix: error on wpo_wcpdf_email_attachment filter when $pdf_path not set


  • Fix: invoice number was cleared when Order Actions were being used when an invoice number was not set
  • Translations: Updated Slovak (Thanks Jozef!)
  • Translations: Added Czech (Thanks CubiQ!)


  • Feature: Added 'status' panel for better problem diagnosis
  • Feature: Order & Cart, & total discounts can now be called separately with order_discount()
  • Tweak: split create & get invoice number calls to prevent slow database calls from causing number skipping
  • Translations: Added Romanian (Thanks Leonardo!)
  • Translations: Added Slovak (Thanks Oleg!)


  • Feature: added filter for custom email attachment condition (wpo_wcpdf_custom_email_condition)
  • Fix: warning for tax implode


  • Fix: hyperlink underline (was more like a strikethrough)


  • Translations: Fixed German spelling error
  • Translations: Updated Swedish (Thanks Fredrik!)


  • Translations: Added Swedish (Thanks Jonathan!)
  • Fix: Line-height issue (on some systems, the space between lines was very high)


  • Fix: bug where 'standard' tax class would not display in some cases
  • Fix: bug that caused the totals to jump for some font sizes
  • Fix: WC2.1 deprecated totals function
  • Fix: If multiple taxes were set up with the same name, only one would display (Simple template was not affected)


  • Template: Body line-height defined to prevent character jumping with italic texts
  • Fix: Open Sans now included in plugin package (fixes font issues for servers with allow_url_fopen disabled)


  • Translations: POT, DE & NL updated
  • Fix: Removed stray span tag in totals table


  • Translations: Spanish update (thanks prepu!)
  • Fix: More advanced checks to determine if a customer can download the invoice (including a status filter)


  • Feature: Optional Invoice Number column for the orders listing
  • Feature: Better support for international characters
  • Translations: Added Russian & Ukrainian translation (thanks Oleg!)
  • Translations: Updated Spanish (Thanks Manuel!) and Dutch translations & POT file
  • Tweak: Memory limit notice
  • Tweak: Filename name now includes invoice number (when configured in the settings)


  • Feature: Set which type of emails you want to attach the invoice to


  • Feature: Manually edit invoice number on the edit order screen
  • Feature: Set the first (/next) invoice number on the settings screen
  • Fix: Bug where invoice number would be generated twice due to slow database calls
  • Fix: php strict warnings


  • Feature: Simple template now uses Open Sans to include more international special characters
  • Feature: Implemented filters for paper size & orientation (read here)
  • Tweak: PDF engine updated (dompdf 0.6.0)
  • Tweak: Download PDF link on the my account page is now only shown when an invoice is already created by the admin or automatically, to prevent unwanted invoice created (creating problems with european laws).


  • Fix: shipping & fees functions didn't output correctly with the tax set to 'incl'


  • Feature: Sequential invoice numbers (set upon invoice creation).
  • Feature: Invoice date (set upon invoice creation).


  • Feature: Hungarian translations added - thanks Joseph!
  • Tweak: Better debug code.
  • Tweak: Error reporting when templates not found.
  • Fix: tax rate calculation for free items.


  • Feature: German translations added - thanks Christian!
  • Fix: dompdf 0.6.0 proved to be less stable, so switching back to beta3 for now.


  • Fix: Template paths on windows servers were not properly saved (stripslashes), resulting in an empty output.


  • Feature: PDF engine (dompdf) updated to 0.6.0 for better stability and utf-8 support.
  • Tweak: Local server path is used for header image for better compatibility with server settings.
  • Fix: several small bugs.


  • Feature: Totals can now be called with simpler template functions
  • Feature: Italian translations - thanks max66max!
  • Tweak: improved memory performance


  • Feature: French translations - thanks Guillaume!


  • Feature: Fees can now also be called ex. VAT
  • Feature: Invoices can now be downloaded from the My Account page
  • Feature: Spanish translation & POT file included
  • Fix: ternary statements that caused an error


  • Tweak: Packing slip now displays shipping address instead of billing address
  • Tweak: Variation data is now displayed by default


  • First release

Requires: 3.5 and WooCommerce 2.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1 and WooCommerce 2.1
Last Updated: 2014-7-17
Downloads: 26,761


4 stars
5 out of 5 stars


30 of 35 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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