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WooCommerce Multilingual - run WooCommerce with WPML

Allows running fully multilingual e-commerce sites using WooCommerce and WPML.


  • Fixed: 'Language warning' appears when editing product translations using the native WooCommerce editor
  • Fixed: Variation cannot be added to an existing order
  • Fixed: Media Attachment controls for products missing
  • Prevented disabling of option to use slugs in different language for products
  • Fixed: Slashes not stripped correctly in product translation editor
  • Fixed: 'Copy content' button not working on product translations
  • Disable admin language switcher on the Product => Attributes screen
  • Allow 'woocommerce_price_display_suffix' to be translated with String Translation
  • Allow 'woocommerce_email_from_name' and 'woocommerce_email_from_address' to be translated with String Translation
  • Fixed: Menu order is not synced when using "drag and drop" in Products => Sort Products
  • Fixed: One WooCommerce attribute field won't translate
  • Fixed: Variations not showing in the correct language in some circumstances
  • Optimizations for the WooCommerce Multilingual products admin page - faster when a large number of products exist
  • Duplicate translations too when duplicating a WooCommerce product
  • Fixed: WC Price Filter showing the wrong currency
  • Ability to use any currency when creating an order in the backend.


  • Some strings were showing in the wrong language on the cart and checkout page.
  • Product category urls - in some cases the product category urls didn’t work on sites with the default language different than English.
  • Products gallery images synchronization - sometimes, when synchronizing products "gallery images" and categories, the result was not updated correctly on the Troubleshooting page
  • Fixed issues related to WooCOmmerce Dynamic Pricing
  • Supoprt for translating WooCommerce 2.1+ endpoints
  • 'Continue Shopping' button pointing to the wrong url
  • Problem with short links
  • Fixed some issues with Table Rate Shipping


  • Performance improvements: optimized database queries
  • Support rounding rules for converted prices
  • More advanced GUI for Multi-currency options
  • GUI for currency switchers (including widget)
  • Added option to synchronize product category display type & thumbnail
  • Performance improvement for WCML_Terms::translate_category_base (avoid switching locales)
  • Send admin notifications to admin default language
  • Dependencies update: WooCommerce Multilingual requires WPML 3.1.5
  • Set language information for existing products when installing WCML the first time.
  • Do not allow disabling all currencies for a language
  • Removed ‘clean up test content’ and ‘send to translation’ dropdown on products editor page
  • Message about overwritten settings in wpml-config made more explicit
  • Lock ‘Default variation’ select field in product translations
  • After change shipping method on cart page we will see not translated strings
  • Fixed bug related to shipping cost calculation in multi-currency mode
  • With php magic quotes on, products translations with quotes have backslashes
  • Bug related to translation of grouped products – simple product not showing up on front end
  • Stock actions on the order page don’t work correct with translated products
  • For Orders save attributes in default language and display them on order page in admin language
  • Attribute Label appearing untranslated in backend order
  • Memory issues on the Products tab when we have a large number of products
  • “product-category” not translated in the default language.
  • ‘WCML_Products’ does not have a method ‘translated_cart_item_name’
  • Order completed emails sent in default currency
  • Language suffix (e.g. @en) not hidden for product attributes on the front end
  • Quick edit functionality issues fixed
  • Fixed ‘Call to undefined method WC_Session_Handler::get()’
  • Fatal error when updating the order status to ‘complete’
  • Currency is not converted when you switch language until you refresh the page.
  • “Super Admin” not able to see the WCML menu
  • Checkout validation errors in default language instead of user language
  • Fixes for compatibility with Tab manager: Can’t translate “Additional Information” tab title
  • Bug: SEO title & meta description changed to original
  • Bug: 404 on ‘view my order’ on secondary language using ‘language name added as a parameter’
  • Bug: Permalink placeholders appear translated when using default language different than English
  • Fixes for compatibility with Table Rate shipping: shipping classes not decoded correctly in multi-currency mode
  • Bug: ‘show all products’ link on WCML products page points to the wrong page – no products
  • Bug fix: product page redirecting to homepage when the product post type slug was identical in different languages and ‘language added as a parameter’ was set
  • Bug fixes related to File paths functionality (WooComemrce 2.1.x)
  • Bug: Product parents not synced between translations (grouped products)
  • Bug: Grouped products title incomplete
  • Bug: Db Error when saving translation of variable products with custom attributes
  • Bug: WooCommerce translated product attributes with spaces not showing
  • Bug: Deactivated currency still appears if you maintain the default currency for that language to ‘Keep’.
  • Bug: Incorrect shipping value on translated page
  • Bug: Reports for products including only products in the current language (WooCommerce 2.1.x)
  • Bug: WooCommerce translated product attributes with spaces not showing
  • Bug: Problems creating translations for shop pages when existing pages were trashed
  • Bug fix: Fatal error when Multi-currency is not enabled and ‘Table Rate Shipping’ plugin is active
  • Fixed bug in compatibility with Tab Manager
  • Bug fix: Cart strings falling to default language after updating chosen shipping method
  • Bug fix: Reports not including selected product/category translations


  • Fixed bug related to product category urls translaiton
  • Fixed bug related to back-compatibility with WooCommerce 2.0.20


  • Compatibility with upcoming WooCommerce 2.1
  • Multi-currency support: configure currencies per languages
  • Multi-currency support: custom prices for different currencies
  • Support translation for the attribute base (permalinks)
  • Bug: Emails not sent in the correct language when uses bulk action on orders list page
  • Bug: Order notes email in wrong language in certain circumstances
  • Bug: Shipping method names are being registered in the wrong language
  • Bug: WooCommerce Multilingual menu doesn't display for translators
  • Bug: Using 'category' for products cat slug conflicts with posts 'category'
  • Bug: Paypal rejects payments with decimals on certain currencies


  • Support for multi-currency (independent of language) BETA
  • Support for translating products via ICanLocalize (professional translation)
  • Option to synchronize product translation dates
  • Compatibility with Table Rate Shipping and other extensions
  • Better handling for couponse
  • Fixed bug: product attributes not saved on orders
  • Fixed bug: Can't get to the cart & checkout pages if they are set as child pages
  • Fixed bug: Style conflicts in Dashboard for Arabic
  • Fixed various issues with notification emails
  • Fixed bug: Variable products default selection is not copied to translations.
  • Fixed bug: Product Table is not showing Product Draft count


  • Replaced deprecated jQuery function live()
  • Fixed bug: language names not localized on products editor page
  • Fixed bug: Can't set "Custom post type" to translate
  • Fixed bug: Translation fields not visible - In certain circumstances (e.g. search) the translation fields corresponding to the translated languages were missing
  • Fixed alignment for ‘Update/Save’ button in the products translation editor
  • Fixed bug: Default selection not copied to duplicate products
  • Fixed bug: Price doesn't change when change language on the cart page when set "I will manage the pricing in each currency myself"
  • Resolved one compatibility issue with Woosidebars
  • Direct translators to the products translation editor automatically (instead of the standard post translation editor)
  • Fixed bug: In some situations (different child categories with the same name) the wrong categories were set to a duplicated product.
  • Enhancement: Add icons for products in the products translation editor
  • Register WooCommerce strings (defined as admin texts in the wpml config file) automatically on plugin activation
  • WPML (+addons) - new versions required.
  • lcfirst is only available since php 5.3
  • Identify fields on known plugins and show their human name in our product translation table (support for WordPress SEO for now)


  • Brand new GUI and workflow
  • Support for easy taxonomy translation
  • Bariations synchronization
  • Product images synchronization


  • Fix logout link not working in secondary language
  • Fix accepting orders in backend leading to 404
  • Set email headings & subjects as translatable
  • Set order language when sending order emails from admin
  • Sync product tags the same way as categories
  • Fix bug in ajax product search filter
  • Support for WooCommerce Brands extension (http://www.woothemes.com/products/brands/)
  • Initial support for Translation Editor
  • Fix bug with cart currency updates and variations
  • Fix language in new customer note notifications


  • Sync also default options for custom attributes.
  • Global resync (done only once) of the orderings of product attribute values and categories across all languages.
  • Fixed a bug and a corner case in variation synchronization.


  • Fixed incompatibility with PHP 5.2


  • Refactor translation and currency conversion of products & variations in cart
  • A problem we had with shipping selection was resolved in WooCommerce itself
  • Improved synchronization of global product attributes, whether used for variations or not
  • Custom product attributes registered as strings when defined in the backend
  • Don't adjust the currency symbol in WooCommerce settings page
  • Term and product category order is synchronized among languages
  • Additional filters for WooCommerce emails
  • Fixed layered nav widgets in translated shop page
  • Synchronize Product Categories


  • Price in mini-cart refreshed when changing language
  • Fix bug in multilingual currency setting that slipped in 2.1


  • Add admin notices for required plugins
  • Add support for 'Review Order' and 'Lost Password' pages
  • Fix rounding issues in currency conversion
  • Variations: pick translated terms using 'trid' gives better results
  • Variations: sync to all languages when there are more than 2 languages
  • Improvement: load JS/CSS only when needed


  • Fix variation sync to more than one language
  • Fix custom field sync for new variations
  • Fix rounding of amounts in PayPal
  • Adjust product stock sync to WC 2.x
  • Add automatic id translation of logout page
  • Adjust permalink warnings to WC 2.x
  • Clean up code


  • Fixed manually setting prices in translated products.
  • Take advantage of WPML's new slug translation feature.
  • Added the possibility of translating custom attributes.
  • Improvements to product variation synchronization.
  • Fixed product stock sync for variable products .
  • Fix and improve checks made to incompatible permalink configurations.
  • Fix tax label translation when there is more than one of them.
  • Send order notifications in the language the order was made.
  • Removed several warnings and updated deprecated code.
  • Cleanup language configuration file and add missing strings.


  • Allow translating the 'Terms & Conditions' page.
  • Register shipping methods strings for translation.
  • Register several tax-related strings for translation.
  • Fix registration of payment gateway titles and descriptions.
  • Synchronize the default attribute of a variable product across its translations.
  • Allow saving WooCommerce/Settings while using a non-default language.
  • Fix problems when the shop page is at the home page.
  • Allow using WordPress default permalink structure aswell.
  • Fix amount sent to payment gateway when using multiple currencies.
  • Fix for language switcher in shop pages (fixed in WPML)
  • Fix for subscriptions module price not showing (fixed in WPML)
  • Rewrite product variation sync: each variation is related to its translations, sync becomes easier
  • Remove several PHP warnings and notices.
  • Send order status update emails in the language the order was made.


  • Fixed all custom fields synchronization between translations
  • Fixed the stock issue for translations
  • Fixed the price filter widget for multiple currencies feature
  • Fixed product duplication to a second language
  • Payment gateways texts now are translatable
  • Custom variables translations now will be shown in the correct language


  • Added helpful documentation buttons
  • Added makes new attributes translatable automatically
  • Added payment gateways translations
  • Fixed order statuses disappeared in the orders page
  • Fixed attributes translations in duplicated variations
  • Fixed PHP warning when adding variations is in question


  • Added multi-currency feature
  • Fixed synchronization of attributes and variations
  • Fixed translation of attributes
  • Fixed JS error in the checkout page
  • Fixed enable guest checkout (no account required) issue
  • Fixed Up-sells/Cross-sells search (showed all translated products)
  • Fixed 'Show post translation link' repeating issue


  • Fixed 'Return to store' URL
  • Fixed language selector for the translated shop base pages
  • Fixed the product remove URL in the translated language
  • Fixed the checkout URL in the translated language
  • Fix to prevent incorrect product URL in the shop base page when the permalink is not 'shop'


  • First release

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-8-19
Downloads: 107,905


4 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars


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