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Woocommerce Compare Products

Add a World Class Compare Products Feature to your WooCommerce store today with the WooCommerce Compare Products plugin..

The Compare Products extension for WooCommerce gives a product comparison feature that you'd only expect to find on the big corporate e-commerce sites.

Compare Products uses your existing WooCommerce Product Categories and Product Attributes to create Product Feature Sets that can be assigned to each and every product to create a feature comparison table.

This allows users to firstly add products to a compare widget basket, then at the click of a mouse the chosen products can be viewed in a state-of-the-art comparison table.

Chosen products are compared side-by-side, feature by feature, price-by-price. Discard products from the table at the click of a mouse as you hone in on the product that is the one for you. Save the comparison as a PDF or print it.

Key Features

  • Get a taste for what it is like to be able to style and set the layout of every element of this plugins front end output from the admin panel.
  • Create the perfect layout and look for your compare features without touching the theme or plugin code.
  • Theme updates and changing a theme does not affect the layout and styles you create. It is all in the plugin, independent of the theme.
  • In Window Comparison page and the scrolling comparison table that will wow your users.
  • Create unique Comparison feature set for a group of products by using existing WooCommerce Product Categories, Attributes and Attribute terms.
  • Add or create completely new comparable feature sets independent to your existing WooCommerce Product categories, Attributes and terms.
  • Works with any Theme that has the WooCommerce plugin installed and activated.
  • On install all of your existing Product Categories are auto created as Compare Categories
  • On install all of your existing Product Attributes are auto created as Compare Features. Each Attribute's Terms are auto created as Feature values (the data that is compared)
  • Add custom Comparable Features and values independent of your Product Attributes and terms.
  • Fully tested and optimized for all legacy browsers on IOS and WindowsXP to Windows8, including IE7 to IE10.
  • Fully tested and optimized for all iPads, Android, Kindle and Google Tablets
  • Fully tested and optimized for IOS and Android Mobile platforms.

Why We Built it!

We love the Compare Products feature that the big e-commerce sites have. We have looked at them all and over 12 months have developed what we believe is a product comparison extension for WooCommerce that is better than any of them.

Mobile Platform App style admin interface

Just like the new WordPress v3.8.0 version we believe that you should be able to tweak your WooCommerce Compare Products settings 'on the fly' from your mobile or tablet.

  • 100% compatible with WordPress v3.8.0 admin interface.
  • Backward compatibility to WooCommerce v2.0.20
  • App style admin interface.
  • Admin interface is optimized for iOS and Android mobile and tablet platforms.

Lite Version Support

As a Lite Version user please post all support requests to the plugins WordPress Support forum. We do not watch that forum and posting there you will be relying on another user for support not an a3rev team member. Pro Version License holders have 'write' access to the a3rev support forum and priority support, not from support staff but from the developers.

Pro Version Upgrade

This plugin has a Pro version upgrade plugin that add more functionality to this Free version. You will see all of the available upgrade features on the plugins admin panel, in the Yellow sidebar.

  • When you install WooCommerce Compare Products you will see all the added functionality that the PRO Version offers right there in the admin panel.
  • The plugin is designed so that the upgrade is completely seamless.
  • When you upgrade nothing changes except all the features of Compare Products you see on the lite version are activated.
  • This means you can activate, set up and use the free version and then if you find you want the added features and functionality you can upgrade, completely risk free.

Pro Version Features

  • Compare Audio - Shows the default WordPress Audio player in the Comparison table. Supported formats .mp3, .m4a, .ogg, .wav file
  • Compare Video - Shows and plays Youtube, Vimeo and WordPressTV videos in the Comparison table.
  • All of the In-Plugin Custom Style and layout settings are activated.
  • Product Express Manager - worth the price of the Pro Version upgrade on its own - Saves you hours, days or even weeks of work on larger stores
  • Activates the 'View Cart' feature on Product Cards.
  • Activates all Product Card layout and display styling function.
  • Activates full Compare Widget layout and styling functions.
  • Activates 'Add to Cart', 'View Cart' feature on the comparison table.
  • Activates full Comparison Table layout and style functions.

View all the Pro Version features here on the a3rev site


  • English (default) - always include.
  • Turkish - added thanks to ManusH
  • .pot file (woo_cp.pot) in languages folder for translations.
  • Your translation? Please send it to us We'll acknowledge your work and link to your site. Please Contact us if you'd like to provide a translation or an update.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-2-4
Downloads: 32,212


3 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars


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