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WooCommerce Checkout Manager

Manages WooCommerce Checkout

This is a WooCommerce extension plugin that targets the checkout processes in which goods are bought. This plugin gives you a vast amount of capabilities to manage your products on checkout such as removing fields that you do not need, removing the required attribute rendering the field optional to customer or even perhaps adding more fields to the checkout page. This plugin certainly can.


  • Re-order new fields.

  • Add new fields to the checkout page.

  • Add or Remove the required asterisk from fields on checkout page.

  • Make checkout fields completely optional for the customer to fill out.

  • Enable/ Disable "Additional information" name on the Order Summary and Receipt.

  • Four ( 4 ) fields types included: Text Input + Check Box + Select Options + Date Picker

  • Added fields will appear on Order Summary and Receipt under “Additional information.”

  • Compatible with WPML and WooCommerce Print Invoice & Delivery Note


WooCommerce Checkout Manager Pro offers these cool nifty extra features:

Ten ( 12 ) field types included:

  1. Text Input
  2. Text Area
  3. Password
  4. Radio Button (Unlimited Options)
  5. Select Options (Unlimited Options)
  6. Check Box (Put your own options)
  7. Date Picker
  8. Time Picker
  9. Text/ Html Swapper
  10. Color Picker
  11. Heading
  12. Multi-Select
  13. Multi-Checkbox

More Features

  • Create Conditional Fields which includes
  • to allow customer to Remove Tax (Tax Exempt),
  • to allow customer to Add Amount on checkout (Pre-defined by admin or Customer Can Enter Any Amount).

  • Replace Text using Text/ Html Swapper.

  • Allow Customers to Upload files for each order.

  • Show or Hide added field for Specific Product or Category Only.

  • Display Payment Method and Shipping Method used by customer.

  • Disable any added field from Checkout details page and Order Receipt.

  • Retain fields information for customers when they navigate back and forth from checkout.

  • Disable Billing Address fields for chosen shipping goods. Which makes them visible only for virtual goods.

  • DatePicker: Change the default format (dd-mm-yy), Set Minimum Date and Maximum Date, Disable days in the week (Sun – Sat).

  • TimePicker: Includes restriction of both start and end hours, set the minutes interval and manually input labels.

  • Area to insert your own Custom CSS.

  • Display Order Time.

  • Set Default State for checkout.

  • Import/ Export added fields data.

  • Fields label can accept html characters.

  • Disable/ Change Additional information Title

Added fields will appear on

  1. Order Summary
  2. Receipt
  3. Order Details (back-end)

Re-position the added fields

  1. Before Shipping Form
  2. After Shipping Form
  3. Before Billing Form
  4. After Billing Form
  5. After Order Notes

Insert Up to two (2) Notices on checkout page

  1. Before Customer Address Fields
  2. Before Order Summary


  • BULGARIAN by Ivo Minchev
  • CHINESE by Sid Lo

Would you like this plugin translated in your own language? or Perhaps help us translate? You can put in an request at Contact Form.

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Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0
Last Updated: 2014-8-1
Downloads: 60,044


4 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars


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