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Users Ultra

Users Ultra is the ideal plugin for creating advanced user communities & networks in few minutes. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google.

1.3.20 (08-26-2014)

  • Improvements - VERY IMPORTANT- PLEASE UPGRADE. We have enhanced the login features for all common and social logins. please upgrade since there was an issue when working with multisite installations.

1.3.19 (08-25-2014)

  • Improvements - Language files mo and po have been updated.

1.3.18 (08-23-2014)

  • Improvements - Minor CSS tweaks due some css clashes.

1.3.17 (08-22-2014)

  • New Feature - We have improved the user's dashboard. Now the user can see the membership package, user id and registered date.

1.3.16 (08-19-2014)

  • Update - mo and po files have been updated. please upgrade.

1.3.15 (08-18-2014)

1.3.14 (08-15-2014)

  • Improvements - Tweaks to the css styles, now it's compatible with salient theme. please upgrade if you're using salient. thanks

1.3.13 (08-15-2014)

  • Improvements - We have changed the "register_activation_hook", just to avoid conflic with other plugins. Thanks codecandid.

1.3.12 (08-13-2014)

  • Improvements - Tweaks to readme text, tweask to css style sheet.

1.3.11 (08-12-2014)

  • Improvements - Social buttons width. Now all the social buttons have the same width.
  • Improvements - There was an issue with some WP themes. The fields were being displayed wrong. We've tweaked the CSS style sheet.

1.3.10 (08-12-2014)

  • Improvements - Please upgrade ASAP. We've improved the user registration process in order to make the user meta data table cleaner.

1.3.9 (08-11-2014)

  • Improvements - Minor tweaks to the coding.

1.3.8 (08-10-2014)

  • Improvements - Css fix and some minor bug fixing.

1.3.7 (08-08-2014)

  • Improvements - Now, when the users register by using a social login option they are automatically approved and they don't need to confirm their accounts.

1.3.6 (08-07-2014)

  • Improvements - Due some complaints we have removed the defaul font family from the plugin. this will avoid some confilc with your current theme's font family.

1.3.5 (08-06-2014)

  • Improvements - CSS tweaks. Now the user's dashboard looks more elegant and some font sizes has been fixed.

1.3.4 (08-05-2014)

  • Improvements - The admin has been improved.

1.3.3 (08-03-2014)

  • Improvements - A warning message will be displayed when the "My account" page is not set. This page is very important because users are taken to this page when using a social authentication method.

1.3.2 (08-03-2014)

  • Improvements - We have updated the language file.

1.3.1 (07-30-2014)

  • Improvements - Css clash issue.

1.3.0 (07-28-2014)

  • Improvements - Minor tweaks to the users module, we have added support for special characters within the emails.

1.2.9 (07-27-2014)

  • Improvements - Please upgrade, we have tweaked the plugin so it will be easier to upgrade from lite to pro.

1.2.8 (07-27-2014)

  • Improvements - We have improved the css within the user's dashboard. The side menu was giving some issues with some themes.

1.2.7 (07-26-2014)

  • New Feature - New setting has been added to guests can leave a rate without being logged in.

1.2.6 (07-24-2014)

  • Improvements - We have fixed some translation issues with some texts.

1.2.5 (07-22-2014)

  • Improvements - Minor tweaks to the plugin and we've updated the readme description.
  • Bug Fix - Issue with message displayed when not selecting user profile options. Array message has been resolved

1.2.3 (07-20-2014)

  • Improvement - We have added a new setting to the settings page so you can choice your desired "My Account" page.
  • PRO - Minor CSS tweaks.

1.2.2 (07-20-2014)

  • Improvement - PLEASE UPDATE ASAP. We have fixed an issue when upgrading from free to pro version. It's very important you will need to upgrade to 1.2.1 version before upgrading from free version to pro.

1.2.1 (07-19-2014)

  • Improvement - Newsletter and Mailchimp updates.

1.2.0 (07-19-2014)

  • PRO Improvement - Many budges have been added.

1.1.9 (07-18-2014)

  • Improvement - WooCommerce sync, Billing and Shipping country sync issue on 2.1 version.
  • PRO - New Features for the pro, badges achievements, offline/onine status.
  • PRO - New Feature, capability to place social connect buttons at any place of your blog.

1.1.8 (07-18-2014)

  • Improvement - Important Security Bug Fix. Please update ASAP.

1.1.7 (07-18-2014)

  • Bug Fix - When using paid membership there was not a selected package by defaul. now.. the first packages is being checked as default. PLEASE UPDATE ASAP.

1.1.6 (07-17-2014)

  • Tweaks - Tweaks with required fields feature.

1.1.5 (07-17-2014)

  • Improvement - We have removed the "hide fro public checkbox from the email address". We will be adding new setting in the admin area that will allow admin to let users make their email public or private.

1.1.4 (07-16-2014)

  • Improvement - Required fields tweaks, now the required fields display a "(*)"

1.1.3 (07-16-2014)

  • PRO - New Feature - Front end Publisher with Multiple attached pictures.

1.1.2 (07-15-2014)

  • PRO - Custom CSS style box has been added. Now you can add custom css coding in order to adapt Users Ultra to your theme.

1.1.1 (07-15-2014)

  • Improvements - Videos and Capability to hide Pro message.

1.1.0 (07-15-2014)

  • Improvements - CSS tweaks for some themes.

1.0.99 (07-15-2014)

  • PRO - Admin Dashboard Update.

1.0.98 (07-15-2014)

  • PRO - Pro version has been released.
  • Bug Fix - Translation issues has been fixed.

1.0.97 (07-14-2014)

  • Bug Fix - Issue with LinkedIn API. There was a conflict between the linkedin and twitter api. Now linkedin sign should work well.

1.0.96 (06-23-2014)

  • New Feature - Users can change their email address through the user's panel.

1.0.95 (06-22-2014)

  • Bug Fix - Right col optional fields to displays was not appearing when disabling photos. Now, it works well.
  • Improvements - CSS tweaks in the Social Login buttons..

1.0.94 (06-21-2014)

  • Improvements - Admin Account Approbation

1.0.93 (06-20-2014)

  • Improvements - Css Tweak, conflict with maichimp form.
  • New Feature - Admin receives a notification when a new users needs approbation.

1.0.92 (06-20-2014)

  • Improvements - Css Tweak for another theme.

1.0.91 (06-18-2014)

  • Improvements - Css Tweak for theme The 7 Theme, issue with footer background.

1.0.90 (06-18-2014)

  • Improvements - Css Tweak for theme The 7 Theme.

1.0.89 (06-16-2014)

  • Improvements - We have improved the Sync features. Now, already users should be visible when making a search.

1.0.88 (06-13-2014)

  • Improvements - CSS conflict with some themes. The Social buttons styles had some issues with some themes. We have tweaked the CSS.
  • New Feature - New "Settings" tab has been added to the users backend.

1.0.87 (06-12-2014)

  • New Feature - User can change password through the user dashboard.
  • Bug fix - Password issue when registering. Now, the password and password confirmation must be identical.

1.0.86 (06-09-2014)

  • Bug fix - Logout link confirmation issue has been fixed.

1.0.85 (06-08-2014)

  • New Feature - Users can check their orders through their dashboard.
  • Improvements - CSS We fixed clash CSS on Search box.
  • Improvements - CSS Users Dashboard is wider now.
  • Bug Fix - Latest Photos in My Account can be disabled now.

1.0.84 (06-05-2014)

  • Improvements - FB API updates.

1.0.83 (06-05-2014)

  • Improvements - Issue with FB registrationg. The very first time the user was not being logged in automatically.
  • Improvements - Lightbox CSS issue

1.0.82 (06-04-2014)

  • Improvements - Custom Fields module has been tweaked. Now it refreshs everytime you rearrange the fields order.
  • Update - xoousers-en_EN.po Updated.

1.0.81 (06-04-2014)

  • Bug Fix - Array when using checkboxes in public profiles. There as an issue when using a checkboxes as custom fields. The selected options by the users were not being displayed correctly. Now they are displayed with comma separation.

1.0.80 (06-03-2014)

  • Improvements - Custom fields in right colum issue. We have tweaked the users profile .

1.0.79 (06-01-2014)

  • Improvements - Photo galleries was affecting some themes. We have tweaked the code and CSS.

1.0.78 (06-01-2014)

  • Improvements - Public users profile tweaks.

1.0.77 (06-01-2014)

  • Improvements - Option to add custom information in the right column of the user profile by using shortcodes.
  • Improvements - Option remove modules from the public profile by using shortcodes.

1.0.76 (05-31-2014)

  • Improvements - CSS tweaks for mobile devices, now galleries are displayed in a nicely way.
  • Bug Fix - Profile Picture uploader in front-end registration form has been fixed.

1.0.75 (05-31-2014)

  • Improvements - Admin can set how many posts per user and block category selection.

1.0.74 (05-31-2014)

  • New Feature - Shortcode Option to display description and remove rating stars from public pictures.

1.0.73 (05-31-2014)

  • Improvements - We have tweaked the delete function for categories, it was displaying a pop up when deleting on some browsers.

1.0.72 (05-30-2014)

  • Improvements - Photos categories module has been added. Now photo categories won't depend on the post categories.
  • Improvements - Social icons CSS tweaks.
  • Improvements - Login form CSS tweak when placed in Widgets.
  • Improvements - Auto Refresh when adding new fields.
  • Improvements - CSS, white-space: pre-wrap; added for description in users profiles.
  • Bug Fix - Inbox and Sent Message link was broken. We've fixed it .

1.0.71 (05-28-2014)

  • Improvements - Users Directory Improvement. We've tweaked the WP queries in order to make it faster.

1.0.70 (05-27-2014)

  • Improvements - Cache issue with some WP setups has been resolved by removing the version from the wp_register_script.

1.0.69 (05-27-2014)

  • Improvements - Checkboxes and Radio styles were changed, they were causing some issue on chrome.

1.0.68 (05-27-2014)

  • Improvements - CSS tweaks.

1.0.67 (05-27-2014)

  • New Feature - Capability to display only selected package in the payment form.
  • New Feature - Capability to display a predefined message for free packages.
  • New Feature - Pricing Tables are Customizables in the Membership Tab.
  • Improvement - Responsive CSS styles has been modified in order to make the user profile much more mobile compatible.
  • Improvement - Fontawesome tweaks, now the icons are being displayed in both, registration form and profile edition in the users backend.
  • Improvement - Link to an external page has been added into the user profile.

1.0.66 (05-23-2014)

  • Tweaks - Tweaks to the photos module.

1.0.65 (05-23-2014)

  • New Feature - Example of usage of Pricing Table Shortcode in the Help Tab.

1.0.64 (05-23-2014)

  • New Feature - Dynamic Pricing Tables.
  • New Feature - Pricing Table Shortcode within the WP editor button.

1.0.63 (05-21-2014)

  • Improvements - We have improved the templates structure, that way we will be able to provide more templates in the future.

1.0.62 (05-21-2014)

  • New Feature - Yammer Login and Registration method has been added to the Social Connections Options.
  • New Feature - WooCommerce Order Status. This new feature allows users to check their order's status through Users Ultra.
  • New Language - German Language mo and po files have bee included within the languages folder

1.0.61 (05-20-2014)

  • Bug Fix - IMPORTANT: Please update ASAP Google Sign Up Plus OAuth tweaks.
  • Improvement - Users Importing Tool has been tweaked.

1.0.60 (05-20-2014)

  • Improvements - IMPORTANT: Due Google Sign won't work with LightOpenID anymore we have migrated the Google Authorization to OAuth 2.0. You will need to create your application at https://console.developers.google.com/project

1.0.59 (05-20-2014)

  • New Feature - Users Ultra creates the uploading folder with 0755 attributes automatically.
  • New Feature - Users are able to delete their avatars through the user's backend.
  • Bug Fix - There was an issue when editing the photo description. this has been sorted out. Please do not forget to clean your temps files in your browser since we made some changes to JS files.

1.0.58 (05-19-2014)

  • New Feature - Auto Sync with WooCommerce. Syncing with WooCommerce will automatically add WooCommerce customer profile fields to your Users Ultra Plugin. A quick way to have a WooCommerce account page integrated with Users Ultra.

1.0.57 (05-19-2014)

  • Bug Fix - Help tab has been updated.

1.0.56 (05-19-2014)

  • New Feature - Logout Shortcode has been added, this shortcode gives you the capability to set a custom redirection.

1.0.55 (05-19-2014)

  • New Feature - Custom redirection after login.

1.0.54 (05-18-2014)

  • New Feature - Option to Filter Users by WP Roles.

1.0.53 (05-18-2014)

  • Bug Fix - Photo edition has been fixed.
  • New Feature - New shortcodes has been added to the Users Ultra Button in the WP editor.
  • New Feature - Lightbox for User's galleries. Now the users can choice to display either photos in a single page or by using fancy lightbox gallery.

1.0.52 (05-17-2014)

  • Improvements - Mailchimp checkbox has been fixed. Now, the checkbox looks much more modern. Please don't forget to input your API key otherwise the checkbox is not displayed. Thanks

1.0.51 (05-17-2014)

  • Improvements - Please update. We have implemented some changes for the URL rewriting rules. Thanks

1.0.50 (05-17-2014)

  • Bug fix - We have tweaked the CSS style sheet to avoid css overlapping.

1.0.49 (05-17-2014)

  • Bug fix - PLESAE UPDATE. URL rewriting has been fixed.

1.0.48 (05-17-2014)

  • New Feature - We have added a new option within the user's dashboard that allows user to remove his/her account.

1.0.47 (05-16-2014)

  • New Feature - Auto-login after the account activation link is clicked.
  • New Feature - Admin can Activate user when it's in "pending activation" section. IMPORTANT, please go to Notifications settings, scroll down and click "save". This is only for already users.
  • Bug Fix - Re-send activation link button in dashboard has been fixed.

1.0.46 (05-16-2014)

  • Improvement- We have improved the users experience when activating the Plugin the very first time. Now.. the plugin won't create the default pages automatically but will ask users to create them automatically. I hope that help you guys.

1.0.45 (05-15-2014)

  • New Feature - We have added the capability to add a "featured image" when the user creates a post through the user dashboard.
  • Bug Fix - We have fixed the issue with translations. mo and po files path were updated. The default language files in english are xoousers-en_EN.po and xoousers-en_EN.mo. Should you wish to add your translation for instance in spanish you should upload your files in languages folder with the following names xoousers-es_ES.po xoousers-es_ES.mo

1.0.44 (05-14-2014)

  • Bug Fix - PLEASE UPDATE ASAP. We have fixed a Javascript conflict with some popular themes that was affecting the galleries, photos and registration.

1.0.43 (05-13-2014)

  • Improvement - PLEASE UPDATE ASAP. The Conditional Search Form has been improved. Please update since there was a considerable change, the query performance is better now.
  • Bug Fix - Checkbox issue on Users Backend has been fixed.

1.0.42 (05-13-2014)

  • Bug Fix - Check box not displaying when using the Fields Customizer in Front-end Registration form.
  • New Feature - The "empty" fields validation has been improved, now it looks much more modern. Please don't forget to clean your temp files since there were changes on JS and CSS files.
  • Improvement - Required fields legend was added. That way users will know what fields are required before clicking the submit button.

1.0.41 (05-12-2014)

  • Improvement - Mini Profile is displayed when user is logged in and clicks on registration link.
  • Improvement -Password Reset has been Improved.

1.0.40 (05-11-2014)

  • Bug Fix - Remember Password checkbox wasn't being displayed. We've tweaked the CSS.
  • Improvement- Radio buttons displayed when using Paid Subscrition at Registration Page were improved, now they look much more moderns.
  • Improvement- Conditional Seach Box is being added the first time you install the plugin automatically.

1.0.39 (05-11-2014)

  • Bu Fix - Solid line in comments at dasshboard has been removed.

1.0.38 (05-11-2014)

  • Improvement - We have tweaked the option to make profiles visible to guests and non-logged in users.

1.0.37 (05-10-2014)

  • Bug Fix - bbPress 2.5.3 issue conflict with the admin menu has been fixed.

1.0.36 (05-10-2014)

  • Bug Fix - bbPress menu conflict.
  • Bug Fix - Conflict with WooCommerce and jQuery 1.9.

1.0.35 (05-09-2014)

  • Bug Fix - Shorcode to disable features has been improved.

1.0.34 (05-09-2014)

  • Bug Fix - Issue with rounded avatars has been fixed.

1.0.33 (05-09-2014)

  • Bug Fix - jQuery Migration Issue.
  • Bug Fix - We've removed some php "Notice" messages.
  • Improvement - New option to delete messages.
  • Improvement - The look of the Messaging System has been improved, we have changed.

1.0.32 (05-09-2014)

  • Improvement - New options has been added to the [usersultra_my_account] shortcode that will allow you to disable modules such as: Messaging, Photos, Posts etc. We ended up using Shortcodes rather than adding an option in the WP admin because Shortcodes won't touch the Database. Please check the help tab to see and example. Enjoy!

  • Bug Fix - CSS Tweak for Youtube videos.

1.0.31 (05-08-2014)

  • Bug Fix - Option to hide fields in the users panel has been fixed.

1.0.30 (05-08-2014)

  • Improvement - We have improved the CCS styling for checkbox and radio buttons. We hope you like it. Please update and refresh your browser.

1.0.29 (05-07-2014)

  • Improvement - Private Messaging Sytem has been improved, undred messages are being highlighted and the conversation is being displayed in a organized way.

  • Bug Fix - We fixed the close button when editing a gallery in the user panel.

1.0.28 (05-07-2014)

  • Improvement - We have improved the social login and registration options. Also, we have updated Light OpenID library. The new method we're implementing will save a lot of server resources.

1.0.27 (05-05-2014)

  • Bug Fix - Social icons in profile and directory issue has been sorted out. Please update

1.0.26 (05-05-2014)

  • Bug Fix - Avatar alignment on WildCommunit theme.

1.0.25 (05-05-2014)

  • New Feature - New Tab has been added with many helpful shortcodes.

1.0.24 (05-03-2014)

  • New Feature - A new feature to import users by using CSV file has been added. You can set some nice actions that will be triggered as soon as the importing has been finished. Enjoy!

1.0.23 (05-02-2014)

  • Improvement - The Private Messaging system has been improved. Now, a red cyrcle is displayed in the navigator menu in the users dashboard. Also, the conversation has been organized in much more clear way.
  • Improvement - Now the user can mark a message as read and unread individualy.
  • Bug Fix - We've fixed a bug in the "Fields" tab, within the admin section. Please clean temp files and update.

1.0.22 (05-01-2014)

  • Improvement - SQL queries improvements, comments to functions, coding cleaning up.

1.0.21 (04-30-2014)

  • Improvement - Yahoo and Google Connect use OpenID. Sometimes a warning message was being displayed at the screen when using the login and registration shortocodes. We've updated the code to sort that out.

1.0.20 (04-30-2014)

  • Improvement - After many researching we have implemented again the option to create the "upload" folder again. We think this is a good feature for people that don't have ftp credentials. Thanks

1.0.19 (04-29-2014)

  • Bug Fix - We have removed the option to create the "photos" folder automatically. You would need to use a ftp client and create it manually. The main reason is that wp-content needs to have 777 privileges. Since 777 privileges is not recommended we have removed this option. Please post a question in the forum if you need help to create the "photos" folder. Thanks

1.0.18 (04-29-2014)

  • Improvement - New option in the Users Ultra Dashboard to create the upload folder automatically.
  • Improvement - PO file for translation has been updated.

1.0.17 (04-29-2014)

  • Bug Fix - 404 error when including the datapicker styles.

1.0.16 (04-26-2014)

  • Improvement - Content Protection Shortcodes have been added to the editor.

1.0.15 (04-25-2014)

  • Bug Fix - Uninstall has been fixed, now it removes all plugin's tables.

1.0.14 (04-25-2014)

  • Improvement - Search Box Shortcode added to WP post editor.

1.0.13 (04-24-2014)

  • Improvement - Lightbox added to users dashboard.
  • Bug Fix - Removed warning message when submiting a post through the users backend.

1.0.12 (04-23-2014)

  • Improvement - Admin Dashboard Improvement.


  • Fixed upload folders permissions.


  • Private Messages System Improved.
  • Fixed - Members Directory.


  • Initial Release.

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-8-28
Downloads: 28,419


4 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars


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