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Unique Headers

Adds the ability to use unique custom headers on individual pages, posts or categories or tags.

I can't change the image on my categories/tags, what's wrong?

You need to install the Taxonomy Metadata plugin. WordPress does not support the taxonomy meta data which this plugin needs to use to store the custom header image URL. As soon as you install that plugin, the category/tag image functionality should begin working.

I set an image, but now I can't change it :/

This is caused by a bug in a code library we've used. To work around this, you need to remove the image before adding a new one.

Where's the settings page?

There isn't one.

Does it work in older versions of WordPress?

Probably, but we only support the latest version of WordPress.

I need custom functionality. Can we pay you to build it for us?

No, I'm too busy. Having said that, if you are willing to pay me a small fortune then I could probably be persuaded.

Requires: 3.9 or higher
Last Updated: 2014-4-19
Downloads: 24,806


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5 out of 5 stars


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