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Ultimate Product Catalogue Plugin

Displays a product catalog(ue) or menu for your store, restaurant, group, etc. Has three default responsive layouts and can accept custom CSS.


  • Made it possible to upload "slugs" from a spreadsheet


  • Updated CSS for single product pages for small screen devices
  • Added a advisory on the Custom Product Pages feature tab
  • Added a Dutch translation


  • Fixed a spreadsheet upload bug


  • Added a new product search option
  • Fixed an error on the "Product Page" tab
  • Added Spanish translation files


  • Fixed a search error related to the new options


  • Make searching more than 1 category at a time possible
  • Added an option to search product description as well as name
  • Fixed a problem that prevented most users from using the custom product pages feature
  • Fixed a number of small CSS problems


  • Fixed a spreadsheet upload error


  • Fixed a permalinks error after AJAX sorting
  • Fixed a "Read more" link error


  • Fixed a JQuery error


  • Fixed a product count error


  • New premium feature: custom product page design, let's you drag and drop product pages to change the layout in the back-end
  • Contact forms and PayPal buttons can be included on product pages with the new layout feature
  • Added the ability to add multiple additional images at once
  • Custom fields can now be uploaded with products being uploaded by spreadsheet (Limited testing, please let us know if you find any errors with this)
  • Added a new custom field type, file, so that PDF's and other files can be included with products
  • Added a "Details" image option, so that the arrow can be replaced with any image of your choosing
  • Added an italian language translation
  • Fixed a small spreadsheet error


  • Fixed a display bug for individual product pages


  • Major custom fields improvement: allow fields to be displayed on main catalogue pages
  • Minor css upgrades to the main catalogue pages


  • Fixed an individual product pages bug


  • Fixed the pretty permalinks rewrites to be compatible with recent WordPress updates
  • Added a "Delete All Products" button
  • Added the ability to require confirmation
  • Added Turkish as a language option


  • Disabled the "Enter" function on the search form
  • Fixed spreadsheet upload bugs
  • Fixed FancyBoxes after AJAX search


  • Fixed "custom fields" error with no validation entered


  • Added French as a supported language
  • Improved the AJAX search function


  • Added css support for a large number of new themes


  • Added case-insensitive search for AJAX filtering


  • Small update for uploading products from spreadsheets


  • Bug fixes for custom fields
  • Shortcodes can now be used in product descriptions


  • Two small bug fixes


  • New Premium feature: Custom Fields!
  • Custom fields let you add fields to your products, that can be included in the description of your products via shortcode, so that you can have a common product template
  • New feature: Non-displayed products
  • Non-displayed products let you temporarily remove a product from all catalogues (ex: if it's out of stock)
  • Tags can now be imported via spreadsheet
  • Catalogue height now adjusts depending on the size of the current layout
  • Tutorial videos are available in the FAQ section


  • Small bug fix
  • Some language files added


  • Three small fixes for the front-end and product page


  • Small fix for "Tags" functionality with new AJAX filtering
  • Small optimizations to return catalogue quicker after users filter the catalogue


  • Beta AJAX catalogue filtering as an option
  • Number of characters in a product's "details" view description added as an option
  • Fixed a small catalogue detail's page bug


  • Implemented view counting for products, based on clicks on title or image links
  • Added mobile stylesheet (v1) and product sorting for premium users
  • Increased compatibility for uploaded product spreadsheets (more forgiving of small errors in column names, better error reporting)
  • Attempted to make tables compatible with MySQL strict mode
  • Fixed an error where SEO friendly URL's stopped working shortly after being setup


  • Added in the WordPress Uploader for product images
  • SEO friendly single product URLs are now an option
  • Plugin tables now use UTF8 encoding


  • Added an 'Options' page
  • Added 'Read More' as an option on the 'Options' page
  • Added 'Color Scheme' as an option on the 'Options' page
  • Added 'Tags Logic' as an option on the 'Options' page
  • Added 'Product Links' as an option on the 'Options' page
  • Implemented a premium version for new users


  • Added pagination for the admin pages to allow easier access to all products
  • Added a 'product link' field for sites participating in affiliate programs
  • Made shortcode easier to find
  • Added single product pages if FancyBox for WordPress isn't installed
  • Fixed the issue with product images being deleted on upgrade
  • Fixed category labels behaviour when products are being filtered


  • Added localization (hopefully!)
  • Added an "initial_layout" shortcode
  • Added an "exclude_layouts" shortcode
  • Added individual product URLs, when blogs have FancyBox for WordPress installed
  • Made a number of small changes


Initial Version.

Requires: 3.5.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-7-10
Downloads: 18,271


4 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars


24 of 36 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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