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Types - Custom Fields and Custom Post Types Management

The complete and reliable plugin for managing custom post types, custom taxonomy and custom fields.


  • Fixed action "admin_header" to "admin_head" thx for (anarchocoder)[https://wordpress.org/support/profile/anarchocoder]
  • Fixed english suggests in non-english sites.
  • Fixed missing icons in WordPress menu on custom fields edit screen.
  • Fixed problem with posts relations if post has no parent.
  • Fixed problems with checkbox field. Sometimes "check for new posts" do not works correctly.
  • Fixed Media Library size if post have no editor.
  • Fixed empty fields in "Styling Editor" when editing custom fields.
  • Fixed usage of custom fields with prefix "wpcf-" but added by default interface.
  • Fixed save fields on attachment edit page.
  • Fixed save custom checkbox fields for new attachments.
  • Fixed problems with id when repetitive fields are added very fast.
  • Fixed problems with displaying options witch apostrophe like "90's".
  • Removed clickable links on preview when editing Custom Fields Groups.
  • Check compatibility with WordPress 3.9.1.


  • Avoid to get WPML configuration if WPML is not installed.
  • Check compatibility with WordPress 3.9.
  • Fixed missing setting get in module manager.
  • Fixed problems with getting post data in relationship when post do not exist.
  • Fixed setting override when import data.


  • Added file name normalization to avoid some storing problems.
  • Added post type slug check due changing.
  • Added showing hidden fields on fields control screen
  • Added "Show hidden fields" checkbox to show hidden custom fields.
  • Adjusted media file path normalization
  • Allowed choosing parent posts of all post statuses
  • Introduced TYPES_EMBEDDED_URL constant for embedded code
  • Fixed bug with child posts and WPML
  • Fixed checks if usermeta control screen have hidden fields allowed
  • Fixed conditionals are not saved when adding existing fields to group
  • Fixed missing relations between posts, after changing parent post type slug.
  • Fixed missing relations between post and custom fields, after changing parent post type slug.
  • Fixed missing relations between post and taxonomy, after changing parent post type slug.
  • Fixed missing WPML translations, after changing parent post type slug.
  • Fixed on changing parent posts select to fetch all statuses
  • Fixed order of parent form now sorted for pubblished and draft
  • Fixed saving conditional settings
  • Fixed 'wpcf-post-type' notice.


  • Caching improvements
  • Image resizing adjustments


  • Fixed caching field data before applying WPML filters
  • Fixed forced saving Uncategorized category in child table taxonomy forms
  • Fixed indexing bugs with repetitive fields
  • Fixed changing numeric to single-line do not remove numeric validation
  • Fixed deleted fields showing in conditional dropdown
  • Fixed checkboxes special characters in modal screen
  • Added preview warning about not updated meta fields
  • Added better filtering malformed fields
  • Added not allowed saving fields with numeric slugs
  • Added 'suppress_filters' parameter for WYSIWYG field
  • Added support for W3TC CDN hosted resized images
  • Improved JS validation performance
  • Removed image exif_imagetype check


  • Fixed image resizing when only width or height is specified
  • Fixed image saving for Win
  • Fixed validation for radio field


  • Fixed the URLs of image fields on several server configurations


  • Added new field Colorpicker
  • Added new field Video
  • Added new field Audio
  • Added new field Embedded Media
  • Added Usermeta fields to 'Add New User' screen
  • Added backward compatibility for 'output' parameter
  • Added show_admin_column support for taxonomies
  • Added option to have padded cropped image and real non-proportional resize
  • Added taxonomy terms selection to child post tables
  • Added datepicker support for year range
  • Added handling post_id to API call types_child_posts() for custom queries
  • Fixed WPML updating fields from original translation
  • Fixed WPML edit post screen forms for copied fields
  • Fixed WPML creating and updating child posts
  • Fixed WPML copied fields appear locked if post do not have original post
  • Fixed WPML deleting translated post fields marked as 'translatable' when original is updated
  • Fixed WPML changed all fields to be disabled when copied
  • Fixed WPML unlocked copied fields when Translation Management is not active
  • Fixed WPML removed translation preferences form when Translation Management is not active
  • Fixed changing child post status when updating from child table or updating parent
  • Fixed setting post parent as 'Not selected' for child post
  • Fixed processing shortcodes from field value
  • Fixed bug with caching types_child_posts() API call
  • Fixed 'maxlength' validation
  • Fixed saving post as draft when required field is hidden by other conditional field
  • Fixed conditionals triggered on profile page if postmeta and usermeta have same ID
  • Fixed custom fields named with prefix 'wpcf-' put under Types control
  • Fixed possible issues with relative paths for embedded mode
  • Fixed bug with Group conditional and date field
  • Fixed bug with fields group conditional and date field
  • Fixed saving checkbox zero value for usermeta
  • Fixed saving checkboxes for usermeta
  • Fixed migrating checkbox for usermeta
  • Fixed migrating checkboxes for usermeta
  • Fixed child table may show inactive fields


  • Views 1.3 compatibility
  • New Editor ( new GUI, complete parameter list available, improved inserting shortcodes )
  • Added 'url' parameter for Image field
  • Added 'target' parameter for URL field
  • Added Asterisk for required fields titles
  • API functions updated
  • Added support for custom image sizes ( registered using add_image_size() )
  • Removed un-necessary controls from Media Upload for field
  • Improved performance on AJAX conditional check
  • Fixed inconsistencies when creating first child
  • Fixed various issues with Usermeta fields
  • Fixed and improved sorting child posts
  • Fixed bugs with validation JS
  • Date conditional form improved ( added Date select )
  • Checkboxes removed from conditional selection
  • WPML synchronization when custom post type or taxonomy is changed (translation preferences, translation connections, belonging terms connections)
  • Fixed various issues with WPML-copied fields
  • Added support for Tabify plugin


  • Added support for User Meta fields
  • Added customization for styling of fields
  • Added Access control for fields
  • Added Read-only mode for fields
  • Added no_protocol attribute for url field
  • Fixed Date issues when Date is empty
  • Better checks for Date values added
  • Fixed Date formats issues
  • Added Datepicker localization
  • WPML and Group terms filter compatibility added
  • Fixed Checkboxes 'save zero' setting and display issues
  • Fixed Checkbox 'save zero' inserting value on new post
  • Added missing Filters association Group setting in Export
  • Fixed JS issues when adding first child post
  • Fixed WYSIWYG editor not showing in child form
  • Reviewed filters for Images for Windows server
  • Fixed adding inactive images to editor dropdown
  • Performance improvements ( caching results, JS reviews )

  • Fixed problem with some dates showing as a time stamp
  • Fixed number field so it excepts 0 (zero)
  • Fixed raw="true" mode so it doesn't process shortcodes
  • Fixed translations missing in some languages
  • Fixed wrong language being displayed for missing translations
  • Fixed repeater fields and conditional display issues


  • Fixed compatibility with ACF, Events Calendar and a number of other plugins due to removed actions
  • Fixed a problem with WooCommerce Extensions, due to too late initialization
  • Fixed translations
  • Fixed a problem with stypes_child_posts function on updates
  • Fixed a problem with Types API for field render
  • Fixed a problem with conditional fields and wpv_condition
  • Fixed a bug with repeating fields in translated content
  • Fixed a problem with many-to-many relationship
  • Fixed a bug with fields inserted into the wrond WYSIWYG field


  • Added allowing ordering of repeater fields
  • Added allow duplicate repeater fields
  • Added support for translating Custom Post Type slugs
  • Added control of the number of children displayed in the Fields table
  • Added optional hour and minutes to the Date field
  • Added check to make sure the single and plural names of a Custom Post Type are different
  • Fix handling of required conditional fields
  • Remove use of mb_ereg and mb_string functions
  • Fix JavaScript escaping
  • Fix rendering of shortcodes inside types shortcode
  • Fix Open_basedir restriction
  • Fix AJAX popup CSS and JS
  • Fix translation of "Add another field" and "Delete field" buttons
  • Fix exporting and importing of Types Taxonomy
  • Fix exporting and importing of conditional settings for groups

  • Fix adding child posts for WordPress 3.5

  • Fix 'em' tags in radio.php and select.php
  • Added support for localized custom post slugs via WPML

  • Fix saving fields in WP 3.5
  • Fixed a bug displaying Types credit footer when not asked to do so


  • Add support for resizing remote images
  • Fix long and short date formats
  • Fixed many small bugs and glitches
  • Sync with Views 1.1.3


  • Some fixes for textarea rendering without automatic paragraph insertion
  • Some fixes for WPML compatibility
  • Support for Views 1.1.1


  • Fixes for repeating fields


  • Improved WPML support with repeating fields
  • Fixed problems with decimal repeating fields
  • Post relationship meta box goes through standard WordPress filters
  • Fixed field display conditions for date fields
  • Fixed field count when adding or deleting fields
  • Stopped saving child posts when saving the parent, to avoid conflicts with other plugins
  • Checkboxes can save '0' for empty fields


  • Fixes a number of small bugs, related with JS interaction with other plugins


  • Added an option to make fields repeatable
  • Added multiple-option checkboxes
  • Added an option to output just URLs for resized images
  • Added support for global class and style for all fields
  • Added AJAX support for conditional fields
  • Added support for non-ASCII characters in CPT URLs
  • Added translations for Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch
  • Fixed many small bugs and glitches

  • Fixed a javascript bug on group edit pages

  • Fixed a last-minute bug with post relationship


  • Added support for parent/child post relationship between different types
  • Added Field Tables, for bulk editing child fields from the parent editor
  • Streamlined the field insert GUI

  • Fixes a few bugs.

  • Fixed a problem adding custom fields to a group on some servers
  • Fixed so that standard tags and categories work again with custom post types
  • Fixed custom field groups not being shown for some content templates


  • Added an option to display custom field groups on specific templates only
  • Fixed a number of bugs with Javascript and with Windows servers


  • Added an import screen from Advanced Custom Fields
  • Added an import screen from Custom Posts UI
  • Added support for non-English character in custom field names
  • Eliminated messages about how to insert custom fields in PHP
  • Check if fields already exist with the same name before creating them
  • Improved compatibility with WPML


  • Added WYSIWYG custom fields
  • Improved the usability for setting up custom taxonomies
  • Date fields use the date format specified by WordPress
  • Fixed a few bugs for WordPress 3.3
  • Checks that fields cannot be created twice
  • Checks that only local images are resized
  • Added bulk-delete for custom fields
  • Fixed a few issues with WPML support


  • Added Embedded mode
  • Allows to manage existing custom fields with Types
  • Added a .po file for translating Types interface


  • First release

Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-5-29
Downloads: 408,004


4 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars


9 of 35 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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