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Tweets your post, then captures tweets replying to that tweet and converts them to comments.

0.8.4 (06/25/2010)

  • Fixed: Blog posts weren't tweeted because of change in WP code.

0.8.3 (06/03/2010)

  • Fixed: Wouldn't install if another plugin using the same OAuth class was already installed.

0.8.2 (06/02/2010)

  • Fixed: Blog post tweets are displaying bad characters.
  • Will tweet any post that hasn't already been posted regardless of status. (Thanks David)

0.8.1 (05/27/2010)

  • Fixed: Callback script didn't work with all hosts.

0.8 (05/26/2010)

  • Converted from basic Twitter Auth to a more secure Twitter OAuth
  • Option to send DMs to users that replied to a tweeted post.
  • Fixed: Strip HTML tags out of post titles when tweeted.

0.7.5 (11/10/2009)

  • Replies to blog posts created from hashtagged tweets are converted to blog comments.

0.7.4 (08/28/2009)

  • Fixed: Bit.ly API Key is copied into the Bit.ly username field

0.7.3 (08/24/2009)

  • Fixed: Warning not displayed on Settings page on first visit.
  • Fixed: Bit.ly login fails if there is white space on either the login or API

0.7.2 (08/24/2009)

  • Fixed: Errors displayed on settings page for 1 refresh after they were corrected.

0.7.1 (08/24/2009)

  • Displays warning on every admin page if Twitter or Bit.ly login fail.

0.7 (08/22/2009)

  • Converts tweets with #blog hashtag to a blog post. (Hashtag is customizable)
  • Allows for Start and End parts of tweet to be customized.

0.6 (08/04/2009)

  • Will truncate blog post titles that will push the tweet over the 140 characters allowed.
  • Checks Twitter and bit.ly authentication when credentials are saved.
  • Fixed (This time for real): Tweets that weren't in reply to any blog posts were being converted to blog comments.

0.5.1 (08/04/2009)

  • Fixed: Tweets that weren't in reply to any blog posts were being converted to blog comments.

0.5 (08/04/2009)

  • Changed Twitter reply search to reduce the amount of Twitter API calls from many down to one.

0.4 (08/04/2009)

  • Comments added will now be approved or wait for approval based on your system settings.
  • Reduced the amount of Twitter API calls used each time comments are searched for.
  • Email notifications for comments will be sent according to system settings.
  • Manually creating comments will now display Twitter API errors and the number of comments created when successful.

0.3.1 (08/03/2009)

  • Fixed: API call for Twitter reply searching failed.

0.3 (08/03/2009)

  • Improved search for Twitter replies that need to be converted to blog comments.

0.2.2 (07/31/2009)

  • Fixed: Bit.ly links aren't Tweeted when the URLs contained some certain characters.

0.2.1 (07/31/2009)

  • Fixed: Post Titles with & and other characters didn't post correctly.

0.2 (07/30/2009)

  • Added option to not create comments from Twitter replies
  • Added button to manually check for Tweets to be converted to comments.
  • Fixed: Post is tweeted again if you re-publish the post.

0.1.1 (07/25/2009)

  • Fixed: Links aren't tweeted properly

0.1.0 (07/25/2009)

  • Alpha release

Requires: 2.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.0.5
Last Updated: 2012-5-16
Downloads: 12,700


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4.1 out of 5 stars


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