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This plugin will automatically instrument a site with ThriveHive's tracking code.

V1.32 Fixing capabilities check for deleting posts V1.30 Fix for empty theme options V1.29 Adding files V 1.28 Major release to support custom header style options V 1.27 Fix for YouTube video tracking V 1.26 Fix for overlapping forms on landing pages V 1.25 increasing version number to allow update on some sites V 1.24 Major release supporting forms, custom css/js, lightbox, categories, authors, background image V 1.23 Added comments field to default contact us form V 1.22 Fix for YouTube embed showing up at top of page/post V 1.21 Fix for Youtube tracking environment url V 1.20 Major release supporting new shortcodes for youtube and image gallery, LinkedIn and Yelp widget buttons, V 1.10 Fixed a bug for opening blog posts in thrivehive V 1.09 Styling fix on contact us form generator V 1.08 Function naming conflict issue with a specific theme V 1.07 Fix to make sure menu item shows up, and shows up last V 1.06 Bug fix for theme page templates not showing up V 1.05 Bug fix for PHP Version <5.4 V 1.04 Updating social buttons to be optional V 1.03 changed social buttons to be echo'd to the page rather than written directly V 1.02 Adding validation for current PHP version V 1.00 MAJOR Release integrating with the new Thrivehive wordpress interface V 0.59: Fixing but with getting blog post content V 0.58: Changing the method for getting public previews V 0.54: Added rewrite flushing on activation V 0.51: Bug fix for creating blog posts with no title having all content wiped out V 0.5: Major update adding integration with ThriveHive to create and view blog posts as well as various usability enhancements

Requires: 3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-6-30
Downloads: 948


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