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ThreeWP Broadcast

Network plugin for PHP v5.4+ to broadcast posts to other blogs in the network. Custom post types, taxonomies, attachments and WPML are supported.

I need support!

The easiest way to get my attention is to contact me via e-mail and then use my donation page.

For contract work such as the following, contact me so we can make a deal:

  • Broadcast is missing a feature you need
  • Broadcast isn't properly interacting with other plugins
  • Broadcast doesn't work on your custom site

If you're not into donations, try the support forum to see if other users can help you out.

Blacklist, whitelisting, force broadcast

Broadcasting to specific blogs, hiding blogs and forcing blogs can be acheived with the User & Blog Settings plugin in the Broadcast Premium Pack.

Bulk broadcast existing pages

To broadcast many posts at once, see the Send To Many plugin in the Broadcast Premium Pack.

Galleries and attachments

Attachments are force-broadcasted: the child posts have all their attachments deleted and then copied again.

If you have a gallery shortcode in the post ( [gallery columns="2" ids="427,433,430,429,428"] ) then Broadcast will first check that the image does not already exist on the child blog. It does this by searching for the post name (the filename minus the extension). If no image is found, it is copied.

Hide broadcast from the users

The broadcast meta box, menu and columns in the post view can be hidden from users / roles / blogs using User & Blog Settings plugin in the Broadcast Premium Pack.

Is php v5.4 really necessary?

Yes, if you expect me to write neat, maintainable, legible code.

If you use v5.3 then use the last plugin that works with that version: v1.18. The download link is on the main page.


If you have already created posts on other blogs that are supposed to be children of a specific post, you can use the "find orphans" function to find and link them.

Find the post in the post overview and use the row action "find orphans". You will then be presented with a table of possible orphans on each blog. Select the blog and then choose "link orphans" to create the links.

To be considered an orphan the orphaned posts must have the exact same title (name) as the soon-to-be parent.

Why can I not see the Broadcast meta box?

Make sure that:

  1. The plugin is network enabled
  2. Your user level has broadcast access (Broadcast access role)
  3. Your user has write access to more than this blog (see Admin settings > Maintenenace > View blog access). Or use the All Blogs premium plugin to access all blogs.
  4. The correct post type(s) have been selected
  5. User & Blog Settings is not set to hide the meta box from the user / role / blog

Why are the custom post type custom fields (or ACF data) not being broadcasted?

If you've created a custom post type, but cannot see the "custom fields" checkbox, check your custom post type settings.


Broadcast is capable of handling WooCommerce products.

  1. In the custom post type settings: Add "product"
  2. In the settings: select broadcast internal custom fields.
  3. When broadcasting, select custom fields and taxonomies.

This will broadcast all normal product settings: SKU, price, etc.

If your products have variations, you'll be wanting the WooCommerce plugin from the premium pack.

WPML Sitepress

There is an included plugin, ThreeWP Broadcast WPML, that provides support for transferring WPML translation data between broadcasted posts.

It works transparently in the background, but in case you've never really used WPML (like myself), here's how I got it working:

  1. Enable the Broadcast and Broadcast WPML plugins.
  2. Write a new post in a language. Link and broadcast it to another blog in the network.
  3. The new post should have the same language in the child blog(s).
  4. In the parent blog, create a new translation of the post.
  5. Link and broadcast it to the other blogs in the network.
  6. The other blogs should now have two translations of the same post and the same post overview listing.

2014-01-12 This plugin will soon be replaced by a WPML premium plugin that enables broadcasting from the translation manager. 2014-05-20 This plugin will be removed in the future. 2014-08-14 Still awaiting patches to WPML to be integrated.

Requires: 3.3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-8-14
Downloads: 28,052


4 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars


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