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Theme Blvd Layout Builder

When using a Theme Blvd theme, this plugin gives you slick interface to build custom layouts.


  • Added Jumbotron element (requires Theme Blvd Framework 2.4.2+).
  • Added support for "element-unstyled" CSS class (requires Theme Blvd Framework 2.4.2+).


  • Admin style updates for WordPress 3.8 and MP6 (requires Theme Blvd Framework 2.4+).


  • Added "Screen Options" tab to Builder interface.
  • Added "CSS Classes" advanced option for all elements.


  • Added support for WordPress 3.5 media uploader (requires Theme Blvd framework v2.3+).
  • Added support for Theme Blvd framework v2.3's Builder API modifications.
  • Fixed issue of homepage layout not displaying after toggling WP Reading settings back and forth.
  • Improved Builder API functionality and moved here to the plugin.
  • Fixed bug with creating a new layout from Edit Page meta box when no current layout is selected.
  • Some minor admin javascript improvements.
  • Styled Custom Layout meta box to take up less visual space when no layout is selected (i.e. it isn't being used).
  • Fixed Layout Information not saving properly from Builder.
  • Fixed custom layout selection not displaying on Edit Page screen when no layouts exist yet.
  • Removed "Tweet" element. Use Tweeple instead.
  • Fixed any conflicts when activated with Theme Blvd Bundle.


  • Added Meta Box to apply and edit custom layouts directly from Edit page screen.
  • Added support for "Post Slider" when used with Theme Blvd Sliders plugin.
  • Minor internal improvements to cut down on database queries.
  • Added check so if user designates a "posts page" under Settings > Reading, the homepage custom layout option will not get applied (many people do this by accident).
  • Update requires Theme Blvd framework v2.2.1+.


  • Fixed issues with applying custom layouts to as homepage from Appearance > Theme Options > Content > Homepage.


  • This is the first release.

Last Updated: 2014-3-24
Downloads: 23,679


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