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Testimonial Basics

Manage testimonials for your WordPress site.


  • Bug fix, modified height settings for slider in the content display and in the widget display to prevent jerking of the display window.
  • Added position: inherit; to Gravatar styles


  • Bug fix, removed redirect from input widget
  • Added isset conditional for custom email address


  • User can now have more that one input form on a page
  • Improved error messaging by having either popup or on page, and allowing the user to select either option for both content and input widget forms.
  • Added bulk delete to admin panel
  • Fixed rateit.js warning
  • Added optional widget input form labels above inputs
  • Modified email note to make it optional in both the content and widget input forms
  • Added widget required label
  • Changed fadeIn on rotator from 'slow' to 2000ms
  • Added option for user to select jQuery star rating system or css system
  • Added option to select star color and star shadow color
  • Removed farbtastc reference in doc ready script.
  • Bug fix aggregate ratings will not be displayed if ratings are disabled.
  • Bug fix, validation on website and location
  • Removed group label option for widget as it was not being used
  • Improved Edit Panel to prevent page reload double entry and to remove bulk deleted testimonials from the display, done without page redirect
  • Changed tb_url and tb_pic_url to 150 characters
  • Added option to change captcha label
  • Fixed cursor inside popup to be a pointer
  • Modified katb_testimonial_basics_input_in_code() to include form number.


  • forgot to include function to display the input form in code, was in another working copy


  • fixed bug where wpautop was adding line breaks to rating html causing it to break
  • added function to display the input form in code


  • added option to use javascript alert message that testimonial was submitted
  • added German translation, Thankyou Frank!


  • fixed bug for loading excerpt script when only the widget one is checked
  • changed rotator and excerpt scripts to load in the footer
  • modified slider jquery for IE9&10 compatibility and independant speed variables
  • removed padding from katb_error
  • updated katb_list_testimonials() , initialized critical arrays for repeated use


  • bug fix - Testimonials were not being added to the database in Windows Servers
  • improvement - Spanish Translation added
  • bug fix - css in rateit.css, all widget testimonials were showing 5 stars


  • bug fix - changed $pend-count to $total in katb_add_unapproved_count()
  • bug fix - removed action="#" from input forms and pagination form


  • bug fix - fixed custom font css for the widget and widget popup display
  • improvement moved ... in excerpt to before close tags
  • improvement - set metabox styling in popup
  • bug fix - fixed popup to show title if use schema selected
  • bug fix - syntax error in rating input html content form
  • bug fix - fixed itallic setting for basic widget display
  • bug fix - fixed custom formatting to include rotator divs in widget
  • improvement - added option for auto approval


  • bug fix - fixed the custom text color option on the widget display author strip
  • bug fix - fixed the divide by zero error, when schema is selected and there are no ratings
  • Testimonial aggregate display will not be shown (including meta) unless there are 2 or more ratings and the average rating is greater than 0.
  • bug fix, input forms were sometimes submitting nothing for rating solved by switching from select input box to HTML5 range input


  • Added optional 5 star rating system
  • Added optional schema mark up
  • Improved edit testimonials view panel
  • Changed Options panel to tabbed for better organization
  • Set up photo upload button in admin Edit Testimonials panel
  • Added minimum height option to slider
  • Added option to use gravatar substitute
  • Changed slide hover icon to a pause icon
  • Updated slider options to include fade, slide-left, and slide-right, and time
  • Added font size option for input forms and display
  • bug fix, formatting in the widget popup was not working for paragraphs.
  • bug fix, excerpt filter was not leaving <br /> in, and when I put it in I had to fix the open <br problem
  • Fixed testimonials with no html. Line feeds were not being carried through to display. Did this by adding wpautop() to text elements.
  • Changed color captcha art
  • Added photo url and rating to database
  • Increased Group name to 100 characters
  • Added bubble count for unapproved testimonials
  • Added option to size gravatars
  • Modified slider for inside wrapper rotation
  • Added optional Title to displays
  • Added meta location option to top or bottom
  • Code optimization


  • Optimized pagination code
  • Made the website and location input optional
  • Set up form label options for both the content input form and the widget input form
  • Added testimonial rotator and reduced testimonial display shortcodes to one
  • Added testimonial rotator and reduced testimonial display widgets to one
  • Added sections to options panel
  • Removed filter.
  • General bug Fixes and code clean-up


  • no code changes
  • had problems with the svn


  • added a color option for captcha
  • added link tag to allowed html for user submissions
  • updated html allowed on admin page to wp_kses_post, giving full access to post html tags
  • added strict image formatting
  • added pagination to edit testimonials admin panel
  • added pagination option for displaying all or grouped testimonials by date or order
  • changed date display format to the default selected in the Settings => General Tab
  • updated output data validation
  • Minor bug fixes and code clean-up
  • added Dutch translation
  • modified code to allow gravatars in excerpt pop-ups
  • testimonials in the admin edit panel are now displayed most recent first


  • added multiple testimonial widget
  • added random shortcode for main area displays
  • added excerpt for widgets, main area and function testimonials displays
  • added email for contact about submitted testimonials
  • set up captcha text input to be fully selected on click
  • changed coding of the main area input form to a shortcode format to minimize potential plugin conflicts and duplicate entry issues
  • modified captcha coding letter selection, and variable names to minimize potential conflicts
  • added option to allow WordPress editor levels to edit testimonials
  • html tags allowed p,br,i,em,strong,q,h1-h6
  • html strip now displayed as an option
  • Fixed \ problem in emails
  • Corrected blogBox references in validate function
  • Table encoding issue resolved with a table set up modification for new installs and a blog post on updating existing tables.
  • When using order to display testimonials they are now displayed in ascending order.
  • incorporated new color picker with fallback to color wheel for older versions of WordPress


  • fixed bug for uploading testimonials
  • fixed bug for loading gravatar logo


  • allowed paragraph and line break tags in in comments
  • added default font to custom styling
  • added option for italic style both in basic and in custom styling
  • added groups so users can group testimonials and display them in separate pages.
  • added an option to use gravatars if present.
  • modified Edit Testimonials Panel to accomodate Groups and e-mail
  • removed user documentation from plugin, available at plugin site
  • website link now opens a new tab
  • optimized css styling
  • fixed strip slashes bug in input title and e-mail note


  • added user options for input forms
  • added user options for content testimonial display
  • added user options for widget testimonial display
  • re-coded e-mail validation
  • widget display box height adjusts to 12 em max
  • increased captcha width
  • fixed bugs in e-mail send
  • fixed minor bug in activation function
  • fixed undefined variable bug in display scripts
  • fixed zero and one testimonial display bug
  • fixed esc_url() php warning bug
  • changed link to plugin page
  • fixed type bug on widget testimonial display


  • Initial Release

Requires: 3.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-7-5
Downloads: 34,890


4 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars


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