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Tallyopia Analytics

Tallyopia provides real time analytics for single and multisite WordPress installations.


  • [NEW] Charts and graphs can be printed or exported as images
  • [NEW] Added Other Pages Viewed to Goal Tracking report
  • [NEW] Added separate table of pageviews to Last24 and Last60 reports
  • [NEW] Admin Bar can be turned on or off in Settings page
  • [CHANGE] Admin Bar charts now visible on admin pages
  • [CHANGE] Internal changes to speed up data transmission for large reports
  • [BUG] Fixed problem where links in some reports went to invalid URLs


  • [NEW] Live Map added to shortcodes
  • [NEW] Live Visitor Count, Actions, and Goals Reached charts and numbers added to Admin Toolbar
  • [NEW] Site Uptime and Site Summary reports in NOC section (for monitoring multiple blogs)
  • [NEW] Favicons added to Live Monitor display
  • [NEW] Landing Page and Exit Page nuggets added to various reports
  • [BUG] Overview report better handles missing dates, common situation when first setting up account


  • [NEW] Added Goal Page and Lead Page tracking
  • [CHANGE] Major improvement to how keywords are detected and parsed, including scanning for utm keywords in referrer and link
  • [CHANGE] OpenLayers js and resources now served by Tallyopia
  • [BUG] Fixed bug in heatmap that may cause error message in certain cases


  • [CHANGE] Replaced call to WP_PLUGIN_DIR to dirname(FILE) to fix error including setup file


  • [NEW] Enabled live, real time analytics of multiple sites simultaneously (Tallyopia NOC Live Monitor)
  • [NEW] Enhanced support for WordPress Multisite installations (easier configuration, different menus for different admins)
  • [NEW] Separate setup and diagnostics sections for proper configuration, especially for NOC reports and Multisite users
  • [NEW] Activity monitor for Live Monitor showing last 2 hrs of activity
  • [NEW] Cosmetic improvements, including Tallyopia icons for dashboard
  • [NEW] New maps for Live Monitor reports, less disruptive pins
  • [CHANGE] More efficient updates for Live Monitor
  • [BUG] Fixed bug in histogram affecting bins with 0 frequency values


  • [BUG] Fixed bug preventing analytics from being displayed for sites where WordPress was installed in a subdirectory


  • [NEW] Improved appearance (new colors, styles, better layout)
  • [NEW] Much improved performance in rendering reports
  • [NEW] Last30 Report renamed to Last 60, more timespan options added
  • [NEW] Improvements made to Diagnostics (on your blog) and your Tallyopia Profile Page (on Tallyopia.com) for easier setup
  • [CHANGE] Live Monitor more accurately detects when visitors follow outgoing links
  • [CHANGE] Last30 Report now includes keyword and referrer information
  • [CHANGE] Various minor cosmetic changes to many of the reports
  • [CHANGE] Updates made to tracking code to improve performance and add support for upcoming features
  • [BUG] Fixed Last24 report to properly include referrer hosts even when no keywords were used
  • [BUG] Fixed problem that caused a single reader to appear as multiple readers
  • [BUG] Fixed problem with pages whose titles were entirely numeric
  • [BUG] Fixed problem that prevented Live Now Widget from updating at proper rate
  • [BUG] Fixed missing category for tag archives
  • [BUG] Fixed error messages in Views by Country in Analyze Readers report


  • [NEW] Live world map, referrer, and keyword analytics added to Live Monitor
  • [NEW] Significant cosmetic changes made to Live Monitor and Last 24 reports
  • [NEW] Added keyword and referrer analysis to Last 24 reports
  • [BUG] Fixed issue where views of posts with many tags were not logged
  • [BUG] A few minor cosmetic bug fixes


  • [NEW] Analyze Readers report to study actions of visitors as individuals
  • [NEW] Overview Report, for getting a quick overview of what's happening on your site
  • [NEW] Addition of keyword and referrer reports to reports (Overview, Analyze Pages)
  • [CHANGE] Updates to graphics library, including interactive legends
  • [BUG] Minor bug fixes


  • [NEW] Analyze Page report to get details about each page (who viewed, it how long, etc)
  • [NEW] Added ability to download data as csv
  • [NEW] Capture page information when 404 errors are triggered
  • [CHANGE] You don't need to specify the "www" in your URL when registering, even if your site uses "www"
  • [CHANGE] More responsive to brief visits, more accurate duration values
  • [CHANGE] Better handling of date x-axis spacing
  • [CHANGE] Updates to data protocols
  • [CHANGE] Minor improvements to formatting in various tables
  • [BUG] Fixed incorrect page link sometimes appearing in tables
  • [BUG] Improved formatting in tables that caused unnecessary line wrapping


  • [NEW] Analyze Readers dashboard to examine viewer activity in more detail
  • [NEW] Tallyopia Diagnostics page to help with account setup and troubleshooting
  • [BUG] Handle cases where page title is missing
  • [BUG] Specify default author (used for archive pages or when author not specified)
  • [BUG] SearchMap missing details menu by default
  • [BUG] Live Monitor viewer details not rendered properly on intial data load
  • [BUG] Minor server-side bugs changed


  • Intial beta version.

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 2013-7-8
Downloads: 3,700


4 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars


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