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Tag: smooth

CSS3 Transitions

Automatically adds CSS3 transitions to your website/blog and the WordPress admin. Links, etc. get animated transitions between their normal and hover
  • Version 1.3
  • Updated 2014-4-17
  • Downloads 4,285
  • Average Rating
    3 stars

Smooth Page Scroll to Top

With this plugin you can simply have a Smooth Page Scroll "to Top" in your blog :)
  • Version 0.3
  • Updated 2013-10-11
  • Downloads 12,090
  • Average Rating
    4 stars

Post List Widget

Adds a list of posts of the current page. when you click on one, it smoothly scrolls to the post.
  • Version 1.0
  • Updated 2011-1-10
  • Downloads 1,218
  • Average Rating
    3 stars

DynamicWP Pop-Up Menu

This Plugin will put your menu icons in a stack, placed in the bottom right corner of your page. if The stack clicked, a pop-up menu will appear.
  • Version 1.0
  • Updated 2010-5-30
  • Downloads 7,982
  • Average Rating
    4 stars

Smooth Scroll Links [SSL]

This plugin will give special smooth scroll effect to your **BACK TO TOP**, **TOP TO BOTTOM** like links. It also has capacity to add such links in yo
  • Version 1.1.0
  • Updated 2010-1-15
  • Downloads 17,750
  • Average Rating
    4 stars

ShowTime Slideshow

This plugin displays all images attached to a post/page as an animated slideshow.
  • Version 1.6
  • Updated 2009-12-7
  • Downloads 39,545
  • Average Rating
    4 stars

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