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Tag: now

Call me now widget voor Verbonden B.V.

Zorg voor supersnelle call me now activiteiten op je website via de Call me now widget van Verbonden B.V.
  • Version 1.0.1
  • Updated 2014-6-6
  • Downloads 77
  • Average Rating
    0 stars

Date/Time Now Button

Adds a Now button to the right of date and time fields when editing a Post, Page or Comment.
  • Version 0.2.2
  • Updated 2014-3-11
  • Downloads 5,630
  • Average Rating
    5 stars

A Long Time Ago

Add "Posted x time ago" for human-readable post dates. If the post is fresher than 1 week the plugin returns the day of the week.
  • Version 0.1
  • Updated 2014-1-23
  • Downloads 231
  • Average Rating
    5 stars

WP Talkshoe

This is a Live Now / Listen Now Dynamic Widget for the Talkshoe.com Interactive Podcasting Service that has many features for Talkshoe Hosts and Users
  • Version 3.0
  • Updated 2010-12-24
  • Downloads 1,250
  • Average Rating
    5 stars

WP Talkshoe Live

This is a Live Now Widget for the Talkshoe.com users to be able to tweet to their own Twitter accounts and launch the Live Pro Client.
  • Version 1.1
  • Updated 2010-12-14
  • Downloads 512
  • Average Rating
    4 stars

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