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Tag: mollom

Spam Free WordPress

Todd Lahman's comment spam blocking plugin that blocks automated spam with zero false positives.
  • Version 2.2.3
  • Updated 2013-11-19
  • Downloads 593,391
  • Average Rating
    3 stars


Mollom protects your site from spam, profanity, and unwanted posts. Focus on public and social engagement. Focus on things that matter.
  • Version 2.2
  • Updated 2013-10-21
  • Downloads 2,875
  • Average Rating
    3 stars

SiteBrains Interactive Spam Blocker

SiteBrains blocks spam posts using a completely configurable set of rules. Both interactively as the user types and on our servers upon submission.
  • Version 6.3.7
  • Updated 2011-11-11
  • Downloads 6,677
  • Average Rating
    3 stars

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