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Tag: html form

WordPress Contact Form Plugin by vCita

WordPress Contact form Plugin by vCita will take your websites’ lead generation to new levels of success.
  • Version 3.2.1
  • Updated 2014-7-20
  • Downloads 131,337
  • Average Rating
    3 stars

Cognito Forms

Cognito Forms is a free online form builder that integrates seemlessly with WordPress. Create contact forms, registrations forms, surveys, and more!
  • Version 1.0.0
  • Updated 2014-5-16
  • Downloads 657
  • Average Rating
    4 stars

Form Builder

Create amazing web forms with ease. No scripts, no HTML, no coding. Just drag-and-drop the form elements to create your professional looking form.
  • Version 2.3.1
  • Updated 2014-4-12
  • Downloads 86,804
  • Average Rating
    3 stars


Simple form processing plugin for WordPress. Use standard html tags to create forms and manage the submissions in the administration panel.
  • Version 1.0
  • Updated 2012-2-19
  • Downloads 311
  • Average Rating
    2 stars

HTML5 Contact Form

HTML5 Contact Form is a basic contact form with css styling, form validation, error feedback and captcha spam check. Demo Link: http://www.csscody.com
  • Version Version: 2.0
  • Updated 2011-6-9
  • Downloads 25,170
  • Average Rating
    2 stars

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