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WordPress Icons - SVG

Users can now import custom icon packs! This plugin will also install 500+ SVG glyph icons for use on the front end or dashboard of your site.

Brand New Feature Icomoon Icon Importer

We've listened to your feature requests, and after many countless hours behind the keyboard developing, we're pleased to announce our newest addition to WP SVG Icons.

Now, you're no longer limited to the icons that come pre-packaged with the plugin. Create an unlimited number of custom icon combinations and start using them on your site in a matter of minutes.

How To:

  1. Visit IcoMoon and begin selecting icons you want to use.
  2. Import icomoon icons from the library
  3. select which icons you want to include in your pack
  4. Click 'Font' at the bottom of the browser window
  5. Click 'Preferences' and input a font-name and a customized prefix (must end in - for best results)
  6. Click 'Download'
  7. Import the .zip right into the plugin and start using your fonts! No coding required!

Keep the feature requests coming, I'm listening!!!

Demo Page

Check Out The Plugin Demo Page

I originally created this plugin for my own personal use on client projects. After witnessing the power of this plugin first hand, I wanted

to give a little something back to the community who have helped me through the years. The 'WordPress SVG Icon Set' is extremely

easy for any one to use. Two clicks of the mouse and you have an icon ready to be placed on to your site.

These icons are a set of web-fonts, and are extremely scale-able. Meaning they will not degrade in quality the larger they get. Another

great feature of this plugin is the ability to use the same icons across all devices. No need to generate Retina specific images for mobile

devices. By setting a max-width on the icon, it then becomes responsive.

This plugin is also great for developers who use icons on multiple sites and want to avoid the hassle of re-installing

web fonts on to a new server every time. With this plugin its one click and you're ready to begin working. You can use

these any where in your themes.

Basic Plugin Demo


  • Import your own custom svg icons
  • Download and import your own custom icon build from IcoMoon
  • Insert Icons Directly Into Posts
  • Expansion section - updated with new icons frequently
  • Pro Version still in Development - plans to release as unpaid
  • Pre-defined classes for easy icon styling
  • Demo/Example page with sample code and Icon Playground


To include an icon on to any page of your site, simply click on the icon that you want to use and copy the provided code.

The icon code will look like the following:

<div data-icon=""></div>

It is also extremely simple to change the size of the icon . To do so, just add an inline font-size property to the div that is holding your icon.

For example:

<div data-icon="" style="font-size:3em;"></div>

Will increase the icon size to 3em. You may also specify 'px' or '%' as the measurement.

You may also change the color of the icon, for when you need to stick to a color scheme.

For example:

<div data-icon="" style="color:#007ab7"></div>

Will change the icon color to blue.

Another great feature is the ability to add CSS3 animation, such as color fade on hover. This is acheived by first adding an ID or class to the icon and utilizing the CSS3 pseudo classes.

You can add the style directly before the icon, or you can simply add it to your existing CSS3 Stylesheet.

For example:

CSS3 Code

<style>#pac-man-icon:hover { color: #d9f200; -o-transition:.5s; -ms-transition:.5s; -moz-transition:.5s; -webkit-transition:.5s; transition:.5s; }</style>

Icon Code

<div data-icon="" id="pac-man-icon"></div>

Will create a PacMan Icon, give it the ID of pac-man-icon, and assign the :hover pseudo class to the icon.

When a user hovers over the icon, the icon will then fade colors to an appropriate PacMan yellow over .5 seconds.

These icons can also be used inside of buttons, dropdowns, menu items, unordered lists, category icons. The use is endless.

For my final example I wanted to show how the icons can be used inside of a button.

For example:

<button class="button-secondary"><div data-icon="" id="pac-man-icon"> This is my PacMan Button</div></button>

This will create a very nice looking button with your Icon to the left hand side of the button with the text' This is my PacMan Button'.

note: button-secondary is a class to assign to buttons on the admin dashboard of your site, it will not look great on the front end.

*Developing plugins is long and tedious work. If you benefit or enjoy this plugin please take the time to rate

and review it, as this will only make future iterations of it better.*

Special Thanks Goes To:

  • IcoMoon for an amazing base set of free icon's for use, many in this plugin.

  • Alessio Atzeni for the inclusion of a few 'Metoicons' icons in this plugin.

  • PJ Onori for the inclusion of a few 'Iconic' icons in this plugin.

and of course

  • Matt Mullenweg for everything he does for the WordPress community. Without him none of this would be possible.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-6-1
Downloads: 24,791


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