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WordPress Store Locator

A WordPress-integrated map & location management interface. Quickly create store locator maps -- provides several top-level addon features

3.1.x (April 11, 2014)

  • WP v3.8.2 compatibility testing / updates of MapDesigner, Addons Marketplace displays for WP v3.8.x (& still backward-compatible for pre-WP v3.8 admin)
  • [addon] Super Geocoder - update: now fully shows settings & shows all functionality for those who have installed it via Addons Platform. If already installed, delete super-geocoder folder from /sl-uploads/addons/ directory, then search Addons Marketplace for 'geocoder' and click 'Install Now' button to re-install it.

3.0.x (March 20, 2014)

  • Introducing: Early Access Stage 1 - Individual Addons -- Earliest entrants receive higher status
  • [addon] Location Pages - update: bug fix when displaying map relating to categories & fix relating to conditional template shortcode
  • [addon] CSV Importer/Exporter (original) - update: Integrated re-geocoding capabilities, to allow bulk re-geocoding for any imported locations that weren't given coordinates on initial import (re-geocoding should work w/Store Locator v2.9+)
  • [addon] CSV Importer/Exporter G2 - update: also added re-geocoding capabilities (re-geocoding capabilities needs Store Locator v3.0+)
  • [addon] Super Geocoder - new: Avoid upgrading to more expensive hosting, or buying dedicated IP addresses -- successfully geocodes even when the default geocoder runs in Google's geocoding quotas (requires Store Locator v3.0+)
  • [new] Addons Platform Lite -- All the power of the full Addons Platform to power your G2 addons, at a fraction of the price; buy addons individually as needed (requires Store Locator v3.0+)
  • [update] Addons Platform -- Addons API updates; code & Windows compatibility fixes
  • In addition to using the shortcode [STORE-LOCATOR] on Pages & Posts, display on page templates with code: if (function_exists("sl_template")) {print sl_template("[STORE-LOCATOR]");}
  • Several new icons with shadowing; newer current icons refreshed with shadowing for 3D effect on map
  • Added constants for Addons Platforms, removed hard-coding; updated logic in 3.0.1, 3.0.2
  • Added constant for the site's name, used by addons
  • 'sl-uploads' folder permission granting update (for folders copied from) 'store-locator'
  • Existence checks/updates of variables for 1st-time users


  • Uploads directory creation class updated (to avoid collisions with other plugins with the same library)
  • Google Maps API Javascript - & in querystring updated to & for XHTML validation


  • Front-end interface CSS enhancement
  • New Store Locator admin menu for convenient access from WordPress Admin Toolbar
  • Modular & Pull-out Admin Dashboard updates
  • WP Admin dashboard news bugfix
  • Version bump: WP 3.3 (due to menu in WP Admin Toolbar)


  • Several Store Locator admin updates due to significant WP admin interface changes introduced in WordPress v3.8. Elements fixed include:
  • Pull-Out Dashboard & Modules
  • MapDesigner page
  • All Sectional headers
  • Addons Platform Settings page
  • Admin CSS fixes
  • Still maintains good appearance for pre-WP v3.8 installs also


  • Fixed issue causing 'geo_success' warning in Firefox. Better auto-location for Firefox browsers now.
  • Addon/Theme Updates:
  • [addon] Categorizer - updates: category search form; readme file


  • Faster environment load
  • Added debugging abilities
  • Addon/Theme Updates:
  • [addon] Addons Platform - update: navigation flexibility, admin display
  • [addon] Custom Field Manager - enhancement/fix: prefixing when adding new custom field; default db field type filled in
  • [addon] Location Pages - enhancement: new display filtering feature
  • [addon] Advanced Theme Manager - enhancement: new display filtering feature
  • [theme] Compact RIght - custom search button


  • Added Romanian translation (thank you Quickloop). Copy translation into /wp-content/uploads/sl-uploads/languages/ to use
  • Store Locator CSS updates
  • v1.x -> v2.x transition updates/improvements


  • Added Finnish translation (Thank you Esa Immonen). Copy translation into /wp-content/uploads/sl-uploads/languages/ to use
  • Store Locator CSS updates/improvements


  • Fully Uses Google Maps API V3 -- both for displaying maps, geocoding locations, and performing reverse geocoding. Transition from V2 is automatic and seamless -- no extra steps on your part.
  • New default fields added: Fax & Email Address
  • Streamlined interface
  • Benchmarked coding improvements for fastest code performance
  • Greatly reduced database usage (reduced by 81.4%)
  • New pull-out Dashboard for important settings & management tasks
  • New option to perform automatic search based on visitor's current location (auto-location)
  • 40+ new Google maps country domains
  • New address map icons
  • Addons Platform: boosts your Store Locator's abilities dramatically, based off of your most-requested features & paid customizations: 11+ free G2 addons. 8 listed above in 'Description' section, 3 visible only to those with the Addons Platform installed, 1 yet-to-be-released, 4+ currently in development, and compatible with the 3 main addons prior to Store Locator 2.0 (CSV/XML Importer/Exporter, DB Importer, & Multiple Field Updater; the Point, Click, Add Mapper will be retired). For those who purchased addons prior to 2.0, you can re-visit the email link sent to you when you purchased the addon, then re-download and install the updated version which makes it compatible with 2.0.

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-4-11
Downloads: 136,294


3 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars


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