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Store Locator Plus

A full featured location management system. Add a location finder or directory to your site in minutes. Extensive premium add-on library available!

Please read the description page for this plugin for an important note about premium add-on packs if you are upgrading from version 3.x or earlier.

Version 4.x is a major upgrade that is not compatible with the version 3.x or earlier add-on packs.

Visit the Store Locator Plus Release Notes page for the full change log.

2014-Jun-03 (4.1.29+)

  • Enhancement: Update the tab menu styling on admin interface to match WordPress built-in (appearance/menus) style.
  • Fix: Stop putting address searches in Spain or some other odd location.

2014-May-30 (4.1.28)

  • Enhancement: Update the JavaScript processor to support Enhanced Search "always append this to address"

2014-May-23 (4.1.27)

  • Enhancement: Simplify JavaScript processor to speed up location mapping.
  • Enhancement: Location map markers are dropped on the map so the first locations in results appear on the TOP of the marker stack on the interface.
  • Enhancement: New Above and Beyond NyloBoard SLP Theme.

2014-May-22 (4.1.25)

  • Change: Blank Mapfix theme is now Sass based and has advanced theme settings.
  • Change: Beside The Point 2012 SLP Theme is now Sass based with standard Hours formatting, Pro Pack UI, and Tagalong UI support.
  • Enhancement: Added BigMap SLP Theme
  • Enhancement: Added Beside The Point 2012 Rev 02 Theme, adds higlighted featured locations for Enhanced Results
  • Enhancement: Added Beside The Point NyloBoard Rev 01 Theme
  • Enhancement: Added a half-dozen new bulb map marker colors.
  • Fix: Admin CSS styling for some add-on packs such as Janitor.
  • Fix: Stop JavaScript location sensor from trying to build the map multiple times if the error timeout is too slow to catch it.


  • Change: Added location management JavaScript and CSS for User Managed Locations support.
  • Change: admin.css file is now Sass-driven to build a framework for consistent CSS rule declarations.
  • Change: Make location add/edit form input label width match rest of admin interface.
  • Enhancement: Added two new P (parking) icons.
  • Enhancement: Add link to LatLong.net for lookup up specific lat/long addresss.


Note: Upgrade Enhanced Results to version 4.1.04+ and Enhanced Search to version 4.1.01+.

  • Fix: Stop showing database errors when updating SLP. This happens because WP dbDelta does not handle index management well.
  • Fix: Force Load JavaScript on WordPress themes that have malformed/missing wp_footer() now loads the SLP theme styles.
  • Fix: Sensor failure hangs on Safari and IE8 browsers.
  • Enhancement: Add a couple of new map icons to the set.
  • Enhancement: SLP Default Theme fix Tagalong cascading categories, Pro Pack tag labels.
  • Enhancement: SLP Default Rev 02 Theme fixes the starting image width (remove max-width:none).
  • Enhancement: SLP Twenty Fourteen 01 Theme fix Enhanced Map hide map, starting image, and default map display.
  • Enhancement: SLP Woo Memorable Theme fix Enhanced Map hide map, starting image, and default map display.
  • Enhancement: SLP Basic Boxes Theme fix Enhanced Map hide map, starting image, and default map display. Add Pro Pack tag search formatting. Add advanced attributes.
  • Enhancement: Support for Enhanced Results immediately_show_locations shortcode.
  • Enhancement: shortcode_atts_slplus filters are now supported for the SLPLUS shortcode.
  • Change: Force Load JavaScript mode does not process shortcode attributes, elminate unnecessary overhead when operating in this mode.
  • Change: Force Load JavaScript is TURNED OFF by default on all new installs.
  • Change: Immediately Show Locations is TURNED ON by default on all new installs.


  • Fix: Fix the help screen hyperlinks.
  • Fix: Update the select state list option to show states with no lat/long.
  • Fix: Force Load JavaScript now stays checked when changing other map options.
  • Fix: Force mime type to on files ending with .csv to text/csv.
  • Fix: Update WooMemorable theme to handle the Tagalong CSS cascade feature.
  • Fix: Pagination in Locations/Manage next page and page numbers retain search filters.
  • Enhancement: Update the data interface engine to work with WordPress 3.9 prepare statement updates.
  • Enhancement: New Twenty Fourteen Rev 01 Advanced Theme that better fits with the WP Twenty Fourteen theme.
  • Enhancement: Added Portuguese Brazil translation.


  • Fix: patch deactivate_plugins call on Super Extendo


  • Enhancement: Tagalong icon array on Beside The Point 2012 has been adjusted to appear on its own line.
  • Update: Setup Bellard-RT as an Advanced Theme.
  • Fix: Activation error $this when not in array context.


  • Enhancement: Updated Dutch (nl_NL) language files.
  • Enhancement: Add Latvian (lt_LT) language files.
  • Enhancement: Add Traditional Chinese (zh_TW) language files.
  • Enhancement: Add website, hours, phone, fax to WPML supported options fields.
  • Enhancement: Make csv import smarter about stripping special characters from field names row.
  • Fix: Fix data extensions mangling of SQL commands for add-on packs.
  • Fix: Default, Default Rev 02 SLP Theme find locations button on Chrome.
  • Change: Update the SLP Default theme to make the find button less horrific on Twenty Fourteen default setup.


  • Fix: Add Locations / Import Locations / Export Locations panel display. Typo in HTML caused panels to remain hidden.


  • Enhancement: Store Locator Plus has been tested as WPML Compatible.
  • Enhancement: Add a new General Setting to show extended admin messages that may be useful in debugging an install.
  • Fix: Admin page css styles when saving settings in add-on packs.
  • Change: Move Pro Pack bulk action add/remove tag operations into Pro Pack.
  • Change: Add a more graceful deprecated function notice for slp_render_search_form_tag_list.


  • Fix: Manage Locations search box, pressing enter runs search by default.
  • Enhancement: Add new manage_slp_user and manage_slp_admin roles to the base plugin for better caps & roles processing for the new UML plugin support.
  • Enhancement: Make Beside Myself Results an advanced theme.
  • Enhancement: Add default name, state/city/country selectors, tag/category selectors positioning to the Beside Myself theme.


  • Enhancement: Add Enhanced Map on/off toggle support and Bubble Layout updates to Beside And Below Genesis theme.
  • Enhancement: Add Enhanced Map on/off toggle support and Bubble/Search/Results updates to Beside The Point 2012 theme.
  • Enhancement: Add Enhanced Map on/off toggle support and Bubble Layout updates to Beside Myself theme.
  • Enhancement: Add Search Layout updates to Simple White 4 Column theme.


  • NOTICE: Enhanced Map add-on pack users must upgrade to EM version 4.1+.
  • Enhancement: Make Beside The Point 2012 an Advanced Theme.
  • Enhancement: Create better default search form position for Enhanced Search country or city selector element.
  • Enhancement: Add base plugin option passing to Ajax Handler so the search form can control more interface elements.
  • Enhancement: Eliminate the now-defunct wpcsl_loadplugindata__slplus filter. Enhanced Map users must upgrade to version 4.1.


  • Enhancement: Update Default theme to use Advanced Theme layout. Make it easy to reset layout options to the start-up defaults.
  • Enhancement: Update Beside-and-Below Genesis theme to Advanced Themes layout.
  • Enhancement: Chinese language support.


  • Fix: Disable extended data features until users update their Enhanced Results and/or Contact Extender to version 4.1.


  • Enhancement: Replace wpCSL framework with built-in library for memory conservation and processing speed.
  • Enhancement: Added German (de_DE) text translations.
  • Enhancement: Make some of the admin interface elements more responsive allowing for textarea inputs to grow without scrolling when screen real estate allows.
  • Enhancement: Improved info bubble layout processor, does not balk when using [slp_location name] instead of [slp_location name ].
  • Enhancement: WPML integration has been started. The search form string have been added, but we need more from WPML to make this viable.
  • Enhancement: Add one-click SLP theme settings implementation for Advanced Themes.

Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-6-5
Downloads: 137,491


4 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars


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