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Stop Spammers

The Stop Spammers Plugin checks comments and logins using many methods to stop spammers.

Stop Spammers is an aggressive spam plugin that stops spam registrations, logins and comments using multiple checks. It looks for typical spammer bad behaviors and blocks those. It blocks access to users who anonymize their browsers, and it checks how long it takes to fill in a comment or login form and blocks users who are too fast. The plugin is extremely aggressive and makes no apologies for occasionally blocking users who do not behave well. It will block users who install anonymizing plugins or turn off headers and cookies. Normal users will never know the plugin has been installed. The plugin installs "honeypots" to fool spammers into leaving spam with a hidden form, where they will be marked as a spammer and blocked. The plugin is not active as long as your site is being browsed so that it does not block content, but only kicks in if a form is submitted. When a spammer is detected, their address is added to a temporary cache so that future attempts are immediately blocked without having to recheck the spammer all over again. The plugin checks known spammer hosts such as Ubiquity Servers, disposable email addresses, very long email address and names, and HTTP_ACCEPT header. White List Requests: When a user is denied access to login, registration or comments, they are presented with a form which allows them to notify the Admin user that they wish to be allowed into the site. Spammers usually do not fill out the form, or if they do, it will be filled in with spam. When the user presses the submit button, the admin will get an email and can then white list the user so that the person will have access to the site. The admin should also clear the cache (on the stop spammer history settings page) and then the user will have access to the site.


The Stop Spammers plugin keeps a count of the spammers that it has blocked and displays this on the WordPress dashboard. It also displays the last hits on email or IP and it also shows a history of the times it has made a check, showing rejections, passing emails and errors. When there is data to display there will also be a button to clear out the data. You can control the size of the list and clear the history. If a user tries to log in and passes all checks for spammers an icon appears next to the IP address. Only users you know should be allowed to login, so by clicking the icon, you can add the IP to your black list.


The Stop Spammers plugin keeps track of a number of spammer emails and IP addresses in a cache to avoid pinging databases more often than necessary. The results are saved and displayed. You can control the length of the cache list and clear it at any time. The plugin caches IP addresses that do not fail, assuming that they may be valid users. In order to prevent re-checking these IP addresses, the plugin stores the last two IP addresses that passed all tests. Persistent spammers, who pass once, may be placed in the good cache allowing them access to comments for a short while. If this happens then the cache should be cleared to force a recheck on the spammer.

Network MU Multisite Installation Option:

If you are running a networked WPMU system of blogs, you control this plugin from the network admin dashboard. The Spammer Multisite option appears on the Network Admin dashboard under settings. You can turn on the networked settings and the plugin will work as a global plugin protecting all websites and keeping the statistics for the websites in one location.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-3-6
Downloads: 209,450


4 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars


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