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SrbTransLatin handles using Serbian language Cyrillic and Latin script. For Cyrillic content, visitor may choose to view it using Cyrillic or Latin.

Contents of the site should be written using Cyrillic script. Then, this plugin will allow users to choose to read contents in Cyrillic or Latin script.

If some contents is entered in Latin script, it would stay in Latin even if user chooses to use Cyrillic. Transliteration occurs only from Cyrillic to Latin script.

Site owner may set default for script to show: - Cyrillic, - Latin and - Cyrillic if visitor accepts it (has set some Cyrillic language as acceptable in his browser)

Script also may be selected manually, by adding ?lang=cir or ?lang=lat to document url. If parameter is not specified default script is used.

Site owner may use widget to allow visitors to choose among Cyrillic and Latin script. He may choose if script options are shown as html links or items of combo box. By default, html link are dipslayed. He also may set if widget would show title or not.

When user selects script, his choice stays permanent while he is on site. All internal links within site are altered to contain information about selected script. This means, when link is copied and pasted to some other site, it would contain information which script to use for displaying contents. There is an option to remember choosen script as cookie in visitor's brower so he has no need to set it again on future visits.

When transliteration occurs, everything in the HTML document is transliterated from Cyrillic to Latin script except if contents is placed among [lang id="skip"] and [/lang] tags. This leaves user to mark part of the text he does not want to be transliterated at all, meaning, some parts of Cyrillic text may stay Cyrillic even if user chooses to view site in Latin script.

Initially, when new article is posted using Cyrillic script in title, permalink is created with conversion to Latin script. Site owner may turn it of.

Transliteration works for all feeds too (atom, rdf, rss, rss2).

Using script selector on custom places

If you need to put script selector in site template outside widgets areas then you can use function stl_show_selector() provided with plugin. Function accepts four parameters (all optional):

stl_show_selector (selector_type, oneline_separator, cyrillic_caption, latin_caption)

selector_type chooses which type of selector to display:

  • links - list of choices in form of widget items

  • list - list of choices in form of dropdown selection

  • oneline - list of choices as one line separated by oneline_separator

Default value is 'oneline'

oneline_separator is a string that should be inservted between script selection items. Default value is '/'.

cirillic_caption is a string that should be used as caption for item of cyrillic sleection. Default is 'ћирилица'

latin_caption is a string that should be used as caption for item of latin sleection. Default is 'латиница'

To use this function just call it from place where you need code to be inserted, like:

<?php stl_show_selector('oneline', '/', 'ћирилица', 'латиница') ?>

Changing image depending on selected script

If you want to add image on page which contains Czrillic text and you want it to be replaced with image that contains Latin script then add =cir= as suffix in image name. On transliteration, Image name wil be changed to have =lat= as suffix.

Example: filename=cir=.jpg wil be replaced with filename=lat=.jpg

You have to provide Latin version image at same path as Czrillic image is placed, of course.

*Fix url colision with other plugins

There are some plugings that also use default identificator 'lang', which SrbTransLatin uses to pass selected script information through url. To fix this there is an option to set this identificator. If you have problems with other plugins just change this to 'script' or 'lng', or something else as you like.

Pay attention that if zou change this option, al previous urls containing script selection will become invalid. It is best to set this before site is heavily indeksed or externally linked.

This plugin is developed inspired by two plugins WP Translit by Aleksandar Urošević and srlatin by Kimmo Suominen. I actually merged functionality of these two and expanded it with a lot of new functionality I needed for my site, and later with new functionality asked by plugin users.

Requires: 2.6.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-3-13
Downloads: 5,140


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