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Squirrly SEO Plugin is for the NON-SEO expert. Get Excellent Seo with Better Content and Seo Stats. For Both Humans and Search Bots.


  • Compatible with WP 4.0
  • Fixed various issues
  • Update the Google Analytics tracking code to work with cache plugins
  • Fixed the sitemap update date issue
  • Fixed the Home Page Seo settings to work with the front-page snippet
  • Compatible with Wp Fastest Cache plugin, WP Super Cache


  • Added the new Google Analytics tracking code
  • Update the Seo Live Assistant


  • Compatible with WP 3.9.2
  • Added google.cz for google ranking in Performance Analytics


  • Fixed post snippet issues when the home-page description is switch off

  • Updated the Squirrly Seo plugin icon


  • Added the google localization country in search ranking
  • Fixed on-boarding video link
  • Fixed seo title issue for home-page


  • Fixed small issue for background ranking grabber
  • Fixed google country select in Seo Settings
  • Fixed css and js load for some WordPress themes


  • Fixed default country and langage in rank check
  • Fixed the Copyright Free search images


  • Fixed onboarding process
  • Fixed Audit broken link
  • Fixed Rank check issues for some situations


  • Added the Custom Open Graph Image upload in Squirrly Snippet
  • Speed improvements


  • Improved SEO Stats for Google Rankings by Country
  • SEO Settings out-of-the-box, but also works awesome if you have the settings already done with All In One SEO or Yoast (wordpress seo)


  • Fixed serp check rate to prevent IP block


  • Fixed css issues for some cases
  • Fixed the "See Analytics" loading issue


  • Fixed serp cron with the google last changes
  • Changed the cron rate for serp search
  • Added force recheck for google rank in SEO Analytics


  • Compatible with WP 3.9.1


  • Fixed cache issues
  • Fixed login/sign-up jQuery conflicts


  • Removed the traffic monitor (to increase the site speed and analytics)


  • Compatible with WP 3.9
  • Fixed Squirrly SEO Live Assistant issue in WP 3.9
  • Fixed SEO Analytics in WP 3.9


  • Added rel="prev" and rel="next" in head
  • Added SEO META Duplicates notification
  • Fixed the snippet for home page when the home is a specific page
  • Added more details in SEO Analytics


  • Added the Performance Analytics in Squirrly SEO Tab
  • Added Analytics filter for custom post types
  • Added Google Rank Column in Squirrly SEO > Performance Analytics
  • Added Google Country Select in Squirrly SEO > Settings


  • Added a new look in Squirrly SEO Settings
  • Added the new dashboard tab in Squirrly Menu
  • Added the traffic date information in Squirrly SEO Analytics
  • Fixed the Favicon issue for PNG images


  • Fixed the curl call issue in some cases
  • Fixed the traffic loading speed in all posts
  • Changed the task color for Squirrly SEO Analytics
  • Changed the Keyword SERP check frequency
  • Fixed minor bugs in SEO Live Assistant
  • Enjoy Squirrly SEO!


  • Fixed the javascript loading issue for some wordpress dashboards.
  • Fixed SERP report for indexed url in google


  • Add the new Squirrly SEO Analytics in all posts list
  • Traffic graph for each post


  • Fixed snippet encoding issue
  • Fixed SEO Audit Button notification


  • Small changes in Squirrly SEO Keyword Research look
  • Fixed the snippet description issues
  • Fixed small bugs


  • Fixed traffic record issue
  • Fixed SSL connection with the API issue


  • Added a new theme for Squirrly SEO
  • Added the 2nd version for SEO Live assistant
  • Added Top Headline suggestion when adding a post title
  • Compatible with WordPress 3.8.1 version
  • Fixed snippet issues


  • Compatible with WordPress 3.8 version
  • Fixed css issue
  • Updated the SEO live assistant


  • Fixed css load issue
  • Fixed duplicate descriptions


  • Compatible with 3.7.1
  • Update Open Graph Meta in Frontend
  • Updates for Seo Live Assistant


  • Update the Traffic Bot List
  • Fixed database bugs for the traffic records
  • Fixed header loading bugs


  • Optimized Squirrly SEO for a faster load
  • Fixed minor bugs in the theme's css files
  • Added Alexa Meta Tool in Squirrly SEO Settings
  • Updated the bot list in SEO Squirrly Article Rank


  • Added unique SEO (title and description) for the author, tag and category pages
  • Fixed Open Graph image size and image url for a better view in facebook and google
  • Fixed some deprecated functions
  • WordPress 3.6.1 compatibility


  • Fixed absolute path for images in feed
  • Fixed unique title and description for categories and pages
  • Fixed local save images minor bug
  • Fixed keyword saving for main domain optimization
  • Changed the blog limit and optimization limit for the free account
  • Added the weekly SEO audit for all accounts


  • Added Squirrly SEO Live Assistant for both Visual and HTML editors
  • Added Squirrly SEO for custom post types
  • Compatible with the WordPress version 3.6
  • Fixed the type delay for Seo Live Assistant


  • Fixed the custom SEO Title and Description notification in posts list
  • Changed the default SEO Settings
  • Fixed image insert in editor
  • Fixed minor bug that appeared on plugin activation
  • Fixed Squirrly SEO local save for remote images


  • Added the Squirrly SEO Traffic Progress report
  • Fixed minor frontend bugs
  • Fixed the date in sitemap for tags


(stable) * Fixed header issue for remote requests * Added SSL connection to https://my.squirrly.co * Fixed post list loading issue in some cases * Fixed Squirrly SEO Status Info for expired trial version


  • Fixed Squirrly SEO loading loop when all posts are not public in All posts
  • Add default message in SEO Article Rank when adding a new Post/Page
  • Added support options in Squirrly SEO Settings
  • Added the Russian (ru_RU) translation in Squirly SEO
  • Check calls for HTTPS when curl protocol could not support that


  • Added Custom Title/Description option in all Post/Pages
  • Added SEO check if custom title is entered in Post/Page
  • Added SEO check for META customization with other plugins
  • Custom META notification in All Posts
  • Added Dashboard page in Squirrly SEO Tab
  • Added Account information, Blog status in dashboard
  • Added affiliate option and images in Squirrly SEO Tab
  • Validate remote images on save post to prevent bad images integration
  • Compatible with Twitter search 1.1
  • Changed the Sign-up messages
  • Changed the timeout for remote API requests


  • Added attributes informations for copyright free images
  • Improved the Keyword Research results with competition results
  • Improved custom META description and keywords


  • Fixed minor Squirrly SEO Rank Bugs
  • Fixed minor Snippet/Settings issues
  • Added the Squirrly Keyword Suggestion in Squirrly Rank


  • Added Squirrly SEO Rank in Post/Page lists
  • Added Traffic progress monitor for each post/page
  • Added Social Impact progress monitor for each post/page
  • Added Inbound Links progress monitor for each post/page

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0
Last Updated: 2014-9-11
Downloads: 599,885


4 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars


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