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Special Recent Posts

The most beautiful and powerful way to display your recent posts with thumbnails.

Warning: This plugin (FREE Edition) will no longer be updated and soon removed. If you need support please refer to the SRP Help Desk at http://www.specialrecentposts.com/support

The automatic plugin installer should work for most people. Manual installation is easy and takes fewer than five minutes.

  1. Download the plugin, unpack it and upload the 'special-recent-posts' folder to your wp-content/plugins directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Settings -> Special Recent Posts FREE page to configure the global options.
  4. In the widgets panel, drag the Special Recent Posts FREE Edition widget onto one of your sidebars and configure its specific settings.
  5. You're done. Enjoy.

If you wish to use the Special Recent Posts in another part of your theme which is not widget-handled, you can put the following snippet:

    if(function_exists('special_recent_posts')) {

where $args is an array of the following options:

// Enter the text for the main widget title.
'widget_title' => text

// Select if thumbnails should be displayed or not. (default: 'yes')
'display_thumbnail' => yes|no

// Hide widget title? (default 'no')
'widget_title_hide' => yes|no

// Select the type of HTML header to be used to enclose the widget title. (default: 'H3')
widget_title_header => H1|H2|H3|H4|H5|H6

// Enter a space separated list of additional css classes for this widget title header.
widget_title_header_classes => ''

// Set thumbnail width (default 100)
'thumbnail_width' => digit

// Set thumbnail height (default 100)
'thumbnail_height' => digit

// Link thumbnails to post? (default: 'yes')
'thumbnail_link' => yes|no

// Set thumbnail rotation mode (default 'no')
'thumbnail_rotation' => no|cw|ccw

// Set default displayed post types (default: 'post')
'post_type' => post|page

// Set default displayed post status (default: 'publish')
'post_status' => publish|private|inherit|pending|future|draft|trash

 // Set max number of posts to display (default: 5)
'post_limit' => digit

// Set displayed post content type (default: 'content')
'post_content_type' => 'content' | 'excerpt'

// Set displayed post content length (default: 100)
'post_content_length' => digit

// Set displayed post content length mode (default: 'chars')
'post_content_length_mode' => chars|words|fullcontent

// Set displayed post title length (default 100)
'post_title_length' => digit

// Set displayed post title length mode (default: 'chars')
'post_title_length_mode' => chars|words|fulltitle

// Set post order (default: 'DESC')
'post_order' => 'DESC' | 'ASC

// Set post offset (default: 0)
'post_offset' => digit

// Set random mode (default: 'no')
'post_random' => 'no' | 'yes'

// Hide current post from visualization when in single post view? (default: 'yes')
'post_current_hide' => 'yes' | 'no'

// Set layout content mode (default: 'titleexcerpt')
'post_content_mode' => thumbonly|titleexcerpt|titleonly

// Display post date? (default: 'yes')
'post_date' => yes|no

// Filter posts by including post IDs (default: none)
'post_include' => comma separated list of digits

// Exclude posts from visualization by IDs (default: none)
'post_exclude' => comma separated list of digits

// Filter post by Custom Post Type (default: none)
'custom_post_type' => comma separated list of custom post types

// Set the default 'No posts available' text (default: 'No posts available')
'noposts_text' => text

// Set allowed tags to display in the excerpt visualization.
'allowed_tags' => blankspace separated list of html tags

// Set string break text (default: [...])
'string_break' => text

// Set path to optional image string break.
'image_string_break' => text

// Link (image)string break to post?
'string_break_link'  => yes|no

// Set post date format. (default: 'F jS, Y')
'date_format' => text

// Filter posts by including categories IDs. (default: none)
'category_include' => comma separated list of digits

// When filtering by caqtegories, switch the widget title to a linked category title (default: 'no')
'category_title' => no|yes

// Add the 'no-follow' attribute to all widget links.
'nofollow_links' => no|yes

Example: Show last 5 posts in random order filtering by category IDs 3 and 7. (PHP mode)

// Defining widget options.
$args = array(
    'post_limit'       => 5,
    'post_random'      => 'yes',
    'category_include' => 3, 7

// Function call.

If you wish to use a shortcode, put the following inside any of your post/pages:


Shortcodes parameters names are the same of direct PHP call ones, but you have to put them with the '=' sign instead of the '=>' arrow. String values must be enclosed within single/double quotes.


[srp post_limit='5' post_random='yes' category_include=3,7]

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-2-7
Downloads: 219,191


4 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars


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