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SP Project & Document Manager

Project & Document Manager. file sharing & management tool to upload, share, track, group, distribute and organize any type of document record


  • Created first version


  • Database bug fix
  • Small zip error


  • Error with file tree fixed.
  • There was an error with wordpress in a folder, now in the settings you have to set the directory if you have wordpress in a folder.


  • increased the upload size for php to 1000mb


  • Fixed a few bugs and added auto file deletion to the premium version. Now you can set how many days a file should exist in the system.


  • Update to enable localization. Please translate the language files and get them back to us so other users can use them!


  • Projects now come with free version! Create projects and folders for your files
  • Premium users can now view thumbnails and
  • Thumbnails created from psds and pdfs


  • Premium users can now add fields to the upload form, add textboxes,selectboxes or textareas!


  • Force download works better with mime types!


  • Admin now has ability to add files to any user
  • Added German Translation


  • Removed additional project function that was causing conflicts with the free version
  • Added the ability to give the plugin a company name for emails for both free and premium.
  • Added the ability for admins to form groups which allows group members to share all files and projects! Premium only


  • Works with WordPress multsite


  • Fixed include issue with some versions of php


  • Fixed an issue with wordpress running in its own directory. Files link properly now!


  • Added the ability to search for files
  • Fixed a few bugs
  • added the ability for premium users to use tags (download latest premium version in client area)


  • Fixed a javascript error that was causing conflicts with other plugins
  • Removed the filetree jquery plugin for a more homebrewed file view system.
  • Fixed a function include error
  • Added the search feature to search files!


  • Fixed issue with uploading


*Fixes a major issue with the admin wordpress uploader


  • Added ability to set admin and user emails with custom template tags! Check out the settings area


  • Addded the ability to delete projects
  • Added the ability to edit project names
  • when adding projects it now uses ajax to eliminate page refresh
  • Bug fixed with multi site
  • Bug fixed with admin email
  • Bug fixed with User email
  • increased by eliminating some scripts that are not being used anymore


  • Fixed a bug with multi user
  • Fixed a bug involving blank download links in the email
  • Add more features for groups (premium)
  • Only file/project owners can delete their own files by default, the admin has the option to over-ride this functionality and allow all users of a group to modify /files/projects


  • Major updates seperating premium and giving its own plugin, this will reduce errors when updating the free version!
  • Added sorting for file list view


*Fixed errors with UTF-8 *Fixed ie9 compatibility


*Added ability to make projects mandatory so users. *The form now remembers what the user chose last for a project and keeps that project selected.


  • You can now turn off the ability for users to upload files
  • Fixed an issue with projects that was not moving client files when changing ownership of a project


  • You can now disable user deleting
  • Premium users can disable adding of revisions
  • Fixed Redirect Problem
  • Added the system to admin upload
  • Emails will only send if there is email content under settings
  • Admin has the ability to delete or upload even if settings disable them.
  • Added a check to see if theme my login is installed.


  • Removed the regular uploaded and added a file view that shows you each users files as they see it, this view also includes an uploadeder as the client would see it. This fixes any bugs that would not place the correct file when adding a file to a user project.


  • Fix to the progress meter


  • Added new feature, you can now set additional emails ot receive both the admin and the user email. In the settings section there is a new spot to add additional emails, comma seperate the emails for multiple emails.
  • You can also add roles to the comma seperated values, if you add a role then it will email all the users of the specified role. Works with custom roles as well!
  • Example to email a few different emails and custom role "customer_service": test@test.com,test2@test.com,customer_service,test3@test.com
  • This feature was requested by marisqa


  • Added time zone support, choose your timezone in settings to set the correct time.
  • This effects file names when using the %y %m or d% also effects time files were posted.


  • Fixed problem with wp multisite links in the admin email
  • Fixed a problem with notes not being added to admin email
  • Added custom forms to email if a premium user.


  • Add capabilities so you can use "User role editor" to assign different roles with the new capabilities.
  • List of new capabilities:
  • sp_cdm = You need this role to view the plugin, this is a very minimal role. You can view files, edit and delete.
  • sp_cdm_settings = edit settings as well as enable any premium plugin features (in the future we will break premium features into their own roles, just getting started here)
  • sp_cdm_vendors = Show vendors tab
  • sp_cdm_projects = Show projects tab
  • sp_cdm_uploader = Use the uploader (add files)
  • Also added an update to the premium version to see who uploaded a version.


  • New shortcodes to show a list of project files or link directly to a file (check installation instructions on usage)
  • Fixed email content not saving
  • Fixed a conflict with jetpack that was running the shortcode twice making double files.
  • Removed admin/uploader.php no longer needed with the new file viewer/uploader


  • Fixed issue with slashes, this will fix newer files. Older files will have to be edited. There was a random code to addslashes in there (something wordpress db class does as well) so it was adding slashes twice.


  • Fixed an issue where uploads were happening twice on some installations, now using wordpress actions and hooks for processing data in shortcodes
  • The search function now searches within projects for the file your searching for, if the file is inside a project it displays the project name.
  • Fixed an issue with validation being broken
  • Fixed another stripslashes problem in the admin email


  • Fixed a stripslashes for revision notes
  • Fixed an issue with premium notes not being logged.
  • Added a ajax refresh button


  • New uploader for premium users, the uploader allows multiple file uploads and shows file progress.
  • New uploader allows you to choose if you want zip files or leave them seperate
  • Ability to set the file name to the same filename as the original
  • Shows actual file progress now!
  • Allow premium users to use the old uploader
  • Fixed IE issues
  • New setting to turn off file revisions
  • Premium Admin emails recieves a list of all uploaded files since we can do multiple files now. One email for all files uploaded
  • Fixed premium tables not installing correctly
  • Created some hooks so we can have seperate settings from the free version add_action('cdm_premium_settings','your_function') to build on settings
  • Fixed load issue in IE (spining circle)
  • Dropped the idea of drag and drop due to browser compatibility issues.
  • User groups fixed for projects


  • Removed all references to hardcoded uploads and hardcoded plugin directory, it now uses your wordpress settings (major update)
  • You can now overide the location of your uploads folder in advanced settings, remember to set your permissions to 777 on the folder you create.
  • Deletes are now powered by ajax so theres no page reload
  • When installing the premium and free doesn't exist the plugin prompts you to install the free version.


  • Added ability to set maximum file size for premium users only
  • Added ability to limit file types for premium users only
  • Added the ability to move the uploads directory to a non web accessible location for extra security.
  • Added the ability to force login when downloading files for extra security
  • Fixed a bug where a file was not being removed from the server
  • Updated timthumb manager
  • Fixed a admin upload bug when using premium
  • Started working on folder syncing for a version 2.0 release


  • Fixed some bugs
  • Patched a security whole when accessing a file directly through download.php
  • Added a new shortcode for premium users
  • Added a notice for premium users when free version is out of date
  • Added a notice when a new version of premium is released.


  • Fixed a quick shortcode bug.

= 1.6.3

  • Fixed a security hole when backing out of a project displaying files from other useres.
  • Fixed a bug that was not allowing the adding of projects in the admin file uploader.
  • Replaced the buttons with a nice dropdown menu with hooks for the addons.
  • Added lots of hooks and actions for extending CDM

Requires: 3.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-8-22
Downloads: 38,063


4 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars


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