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Social Tags

Automatically converts a post's tags into hashtags, allowing your readers to join the conversation on their favorite social network.

With Social Tags, the post's tags are seen as hashtags, and adds a dropdown menu when the hashtag is hovered over, giving the reader the opportunity to join that hashtag's conversation on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Blogs are the digital counterpart to newspapers and magazines. Titles are likened to newpaper headlines, while categories are likened to the sections of a newspaper (Sports, Finance, etc.). Tags are where blogs are different than their printed counterparts. They allow the readers to easily find other articles related to a specific topic, within the blog.

Today, hashtags do the same as tags across our favorite social networks, creating topical conversations across the internet. By converting your blogs tags into hashtags, you give your readers the opportunity to see what others are saying about a topic, outside of the confines of your blog.

Give your tags social skills!

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Last Updated: 2013-8-20
Downloads: 758


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