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Social Media Widget

Adds links to all of your social media and sharing site profiles. Tons of icons come in 3 sizes, 4 icon styles, and 4 animations.


  • Removed malicious code injecting spam
  • Our sincere apologies to the entire WordPress community for allowing the spam injection to infiltrate your websites. We trusted the wrong people with our plugin code and it will not happen again.
  • More great things to come


  • Remove potentially malicious code.


  • Arrange your icons in a custom order!
  • You can now adjust the Alt and Title tags for each icon individually.
  • Change the "target" properties for each icon individually (open in same or new window).
  • Google+ now includes rel="publisher"
  • Updated Twitter icon in default pack to the official icon


  • Added back support to iTunes after several requests
  • Increased performance and page load speed due to greatly reduced PNG file sizes


  • Added 24px icon size option
  • Added custom icon size option
  • Added official Facebook icon (default pack only)
  • Added support for VK
  • Resolved issues with SSL compatibility
  • Stability fixes


  • Added support for Skyrock
  • Removed iTunes Ping
  • Changed to official Instagram icon (standard pack only)
  • Modified Features description
  • Updated screenshots
  • Stability fixes


  • Various bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fix


  • Made admin panel more condensed and user-friendly
  • Added support for up to 12 custom services
  • Added option to set the number of icons per row to '1'
  • Reorganized and simplified code


  • Added support for About.me, Cuttings.me, Instagram, Goodreads, Slashdot, and Github
  • Updated author name, author website, and plugin website


  • Updated readme.txt
  • Updated author and contributors
  • Thank you all for all of the memories and support over the years - Brian


  • Resolved image size issues
  • Removed donation button from widget and donation links from readme.txt
  • Updated Twitter icon to official design specs (default pack only). If you're not a fan of the new official icon, please contact Twitter
  • Updated the Google+ icon to the official red one (default pack only). As with Twitter, please contact Google. I've been contacted by reps from both companies instructing me to correct the icons.


  • Fixed incorrect comment for Google Plus (previously the comment said Facebook)
  • Removed an errant extra quotation mark in the FriendFeed image tag
  • Added inline image sizes to each of the icons for better validation support
  • Changed the margin direction based on the alignment of the icons. Left margin for right aligned, right margin for left-aligned and centered.


  • Added support for Pinterest (Sorry about the large gap in time. Finally got some time to do this)


  • Added support for Google+
  • Removed references to my website which has been down for some time. It crashed during my most recent move (HDD crashed with no way of recovering data... backups fail).


  • As I suspected, removing the !important tags from the CSS caused a lot more problems than it helped. I've added them back.


  • I'm stupid and forgot to commit the sketch icons to 2.9.


  • Added support for Steam, Google Talk, Pandora, Hulu, Ebay, Flixster, IMDb, BandCamp, UStream.tv
  • Removed default URLs (they were causing confusion for some)
  • CSS tweaks
  • Removed strip_tags() from the image caption field for help with translations using qTranslate
  • Separated Admin Widget Panel into groups based on icon type
  • Changed Donation button to point to new Paypal account for Precision Web Development & Consulting -- My new web development company that I'm merging Social Media Widget in to
  • Staging for version 3.0


  • A quick fix to attempt to resolve some validation issues in my code.


  • People were getting a 404 Error when trying to upgrade. I'm going to push out this unedited revision to see if it checks in properly this time.


  • Added Google Picasa Web Albums support


  • Added iTunes Ping support
  • Corrected issue where when the input box is empty, save a space, the icons still appear.


  • Changed the way that the custom icons worked. Turns out, when WordPress upgrades a plugin, it completely removes the plugin folder and uploads it verbatim from the SVN package. Thus, all custom icons were lost.
  • Added a text field to allow a brief description of the widget that appears before the icons as requested on my support forums.


  • Added ability to align the widget left, right, or center.


  • Added 'custom' icon pack option. See FAQ for usage.
  • Added 3 more custom icon fields for custom services
  • Added ability to create the image alt/title tags so that it is not always {Widget Title} on {Service}.


  • Changed plugin uri to reflect change to a forum-based system. It became too jumbled a mess trying to sort through comments on multiple posts and e-mails.


  • Added support for 10 more services. See description to see what's added. Too many to list here.
  • Added support for 3 custom icons - Must include full URL to icon


  • Added CSS3 animation transitions for Firefox 4. Going with x.x.5 since this is neither a bug fix (x.x.1), nor an all-out feature addition (x.1).


  • Added support for Digital Tunes and Soundcloud.
  • Improved function to determine plugin path. The images broke if wp-content was moved. This is fixed with this release
  • Fixed HTML code issue causing extra spacing between Facebook and Twitter icons.
  • Other small code improvements


  • I broke the description when I uploaded 2.2. Sorry about the second quick update.


  • Added support for Skype, Blogger, WordPress.com and Yelp
  • Fixed Readme.txt changelog to be more readable


  • Added support for Foursquare, Meetup, and Last.fm
  • Included option to select whether or not to open the links in a new tab (or browser window)
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Platinum SEO Pack - Thank you Niko! Updated FAQ
  • Updated installation section to include upgrading information and corrected plugin directory name
  • Split Widget control panel into two columns to reduce scrolling - It was getting really long as I added more features.


  • Added support for Vimeo and StumbleUpon
  • Added Fade In, Scale, Bounce, Combo animations.


  • Added support for Flickr and Delicious


  • Quick changes to make the Readme.txt standardized.


  • Added requested support for FriendFeed


  • Fixed an issue with widget not showing up on peoples' websites. There was an errant in the code from when I attempted to use the form method of Paypal donate. Didn't delete this code and it borked the plugin.


  • Removed filter: alpha(opacity=x); from both the CSS and inline style (create initial transparency and hover to 100% opacity). This stops Internet Explorer from using opacity, but it also doesn't make the icons look terrible. If you have a problem with this, take it up with Microsoft. I'm not paid enough to hack around a crappy browser that can easily support png transparencies with little-to-no effort by the developers. All other browsers are unaffected.


  • Added ability to add rel="nofollow" to icon links
  • Added a Donate button due to the massive time commitment of this plugin.


  • Updated readme.txt to improve visibility and adding screenshots


  • Trying something else to fix the issues with 1.2.2 and 1.2.3.


  • As expected, changes in 1.2.2 broke some peoples' stuff. Made a couple CSS changes to see if this fixes it.


  • Some of you were complaining about it breaking your theme because I wasn't using the default arguments to wrap the widget. I decided to give it a try. I'm sure this is going to break more than it's going to fix, but I'm doing it "properly" now. Note: You're going to have to do a lot more CSS hacks to get it to look right in some themes.


  • Fixed an issue with Orkut icon staying on even if the field is blank. Fixed an issue with 32 pixel default icons appearing as 64 pixels.


  • Fixed issue with RSS URL being reset after save in the widget control panel (did not affect functionality, but caused confusion)
  • Added support for Orkut
  • Added Cutout icon pack
  • Changed default image alt and title tags to Widget title (i.e. if widget title is Follow Me, Facebook alt/title tags are "Follow Me on Facebook." If it is Follow Us, alt/title is "Follow Us on Facebook)
  • Cleaned up image location code from the WP_CONTENT_URL to the WP_PLUGIN_URL function to attempt to correct some file location issues with Windows servers.


  • Fixed an issue with LinkedIn icons not appearing


  • Fixed an issue with some users plugin.php breaking at line 339.


  • Added support for LinkedIn


  • Added support for varying sizes, added 2 new icon packages, added support for varying opacities.

Requires: 2.9.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 2013-4-11
Downloads: 1,272,883


4 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars


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