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SO Mobile Map Widget

This widget adds a mobile-optimised Google Static Map Image with a colored pin centered on a destination of your choosing.

Where is the settings page?

You can stop looking, there is none. You can adjust all the ncessary settings in the widget itself.

A few settings are done by default: the scale of the image is set to 2, to optimise it for mobile resolutions; the link opens in a new tab, if I get complaints about that I will make it optional; sensor is set to true as we're dealing with mobile devices here.

After adding the widget, why does it show some place in China?

Since 2013.12.25 I have added some default values to the widget to get rid of an undefined index error. As I have been living in Beijing, China for the past 15 years and I love hiking the wild Great Wall, I thought it most appropriate to add one of my favourite spots as a default setting. Just use the coordinates that you need to replace the default ones. The same goes for the other default values of the widget.

Do I need a Google Static Maps API-key?

The Google Static Maps API-key is optional, read the Google documentation for more details including information on how to get they API-key.

Where can I sign up for the Google Static Maps API-key?

See above.

I have an issue with this plugin, where can I get support?

Please open an issue on Github

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9
Last Updated: 2014-4-16
Downloads: 2,982


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