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SMSer SMS Widget

SMSer is really easy to use widget which allows you or your clients to send a text messages to cell phones world wide from your web-site.

SMSer WordPress Plugin allows SMS sending with own Sender ID from your web-site.

You just have to install plugin, activate SMSer widget and paste your account information from 2-WaySMS http://www.2-waysms.com

SMSer Demo: http://bit.ly/chakabiz

Check out the 2-WaySMS.com SMSer plugin video:

You can paste your advertisement text like signature and it will be shown at the end of each sent SMS or leave a field empty. Example: This SMS sent from /yoursite.com/.

You can lock SMSer on one country or select /No limits/ to allow sending worldwide. You can fix the limit for SMS message size. Standard SMS message size - 160 characters, Unicode (non standard) SMS - 70 characters. SMSer also support Unicode and long messages - more than 160 characters.

You can select advertising banner (size 300x250), will be shown every time once message will be sent. Earn money with Google Adsense and SMSer, just select Google Adsense advertising and paste you /Google Adsense Client number/. Advertise your twitter, youtube, instagram, vk.com or facebook account. You can put Paypal donations button for donation receiving on your web-site. Set a maximum number of SMS messages, which can be sent to the same number. For reset, just Delete All numbers on Outbox page.

Adsense Mobile Advertising. Once Google Adsense will be activated it will automatically shows mobile version of Adsense for visitors with mobile devices (iphone, windows phone, blackberry, htc, samsung, etc.).

Receive SMS to your Virtual Mobile number. You will receive sms instantly to your Inbox, without page refresh *json. For SMS receiving you need 2-waysms.com SMS number and 2-waysms.com Token. Enable Bulk SMS sending. Single or Bulk sms sending from your site, if Bulk ( explode numbers with ; ) example 44444444;555555;666666

You can put Bitcoin donations button for donation receiving on your web-site. Analytics, User country detector, flags.

V 2.9 Countries graphics and address book ( you can upload single or list of numbers with your .CSV or .TXT file with names and phones), you can send Bulk SMS to numbers in your contact book. Simple ( Just upload phone list, check contacts and push the send sms button. Done! you can set your own Sender ID).

All sent messages (Numbers, Texts and Sender ID's) will be saved into SMSer Outbox. You will be able to export all stored numbers from Outbox to CSV file for the future usage.

At this moment, SMSer supports 16 languages of interface: English, Spanish, Germany, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian, Hebrew, Turkish, Arabic, Danish, Japanese, Swedish. If you would like to add some new language feel free to contact us: tomas.tamm@yahoo.com

Sender ID (Company Name, Your Name, etc) can be numeric or alphanumeric (0-9, a-Z up to 11 characters).

SMS plugin messenger with reliable SMS gateway connection. Sending to more than 220 countries and 880 carriers.

Requires: 2.0.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-2-27
Downloads: 4,952


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