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SmartSimian Creator

Take your website to the next level of customization.


  • Update to box.js for BackBone 1.1 (WP 3.9 update)
  • Turn developer constants off


  • Redesigned, responsive layouts for admin single pages
  • Bulk importer/exporter
  • Integrated WP dashicons as new icon set
  • "Are you sure" message before deletions
  • Simple UI tooltip system
  • Allow content types to include title, editor, other default meta boxes
  • Hide title/slug template options for content by default
  • Taxonomies and connection types can now be added/synced when creating fields
  • Taxonomy fields now have "order" option to go with orderby
  • Connections can now have more than one content type per side
  • Extracted WYSIWYG option in longtext field types to a rich_text field type
  • Removed connection sort/label options
  • Better handling of connections with the same content type on both sides
  • System names can now be edited when adding a new item
  • Updated P2P engine
  • Remember active tab after form submit
  • Maintain taxonomy hierarchy in checklists
  • Fixed quick-edit repopulation issue
  • Post titles now constantly filtered according to title_template
  • Better handling for link fields
  • Removed dependency on a late static binding
  • Improved connection type labels in various places in the UI
  • Cleaner sysname generation
  • Query UI narrowing options can now check against global post
  • In UI list screens, default showing is now 20
  • Many UI text changes
  • Many more bug fixes


  • Added generic $before and $after parameter to div_container
  • A few undefined index fixes for licenses
  • Updates to license screen, fixes erroneous expired license notification


  • Extracted template component functionality
  • Turned on licensing for extensions
  • Added 'network' to reserved terms list
  • Fixed undefined index bug in simian_check_for_updates


  • Removed license requirement for base plugin only


  • Fixed bug hiding title fields on non-Simian post type edit screens


  • Added GPL2 language
  • false_label now shows up in templates
  • Cleaned up title/slug handling on post edit screens
  • simian_get_fields now able to return only meta fields
  • Added classes to fieldset table output
  • Updated jQuery timepicker to 1.4
  • Added jQuery autosize plugin for UI text boxes
  • Text boxes now use code font where appropriate
  • Changes simian_is_json behavior to fix Dismiss button bug
  • excerpt_more now accepts HTML
  • Added admin notice if permalinks are not turned on
  • Changed Builder language to Creator


  • Multiple meta/tax rows in query UI now counted properly
  • Added stripslashes where necessary in admin UI columns, text fields
  • Minor UI fixes in uploads.js
  • true_label and false_label now accept HTML
  • Added empty_option option for text fields
  • Reworded a few connection error messages
  • Added filter to run before a p2p connection occurs to check for custom errors
  • Added user query support to simian_get_pagination
  • User templates now properly categorized as such on template list page
  • Properly hide inner containers in newly-generated rows in repeater
  • Disabled duplicate-clicks on admin pages with javascript method


  • Added complete licensing/updating system. Turned off by default
  • Re-arranged home screen; components no longer need activation
  • Removed a general option and cleaned up other option wording
  • Added extension and license API functions, modified components API
  • Switched to wp_filter_post_kses from wp_kses_post for html sanitization
  • Minor cleanup of uploads.js
  • Add nopriv ajax hook for not-logged-in submission form uploads
  • Added wp_link_pages as template block option
  • Enabled filters when outputting excerpt or content template blocks
  • Allow non-custom content types to create templates
  • Properly stripslashes in before, after, and alt text sections of template UI
  • Updated wording for use_template functionality in template UI
  • Fixed featured image support in submission forms
  • Template blocks now respect unfiltered_html capability
  • Shortcodes in templates now more reliable
  • Removed uninstall.php
  • Template generation now accounts for multiple uploads per field properly


  • Logic cleanup when saving meta fields
  • Partial support for connection rules in query ui added
  • Fixed text_template bug in which full p2p object was called instead of name
  • Allow simian_add_item to force a system name or fail
  • Content types now have show_ui always on but show_in_menu toggleable
  • Added clean display error on fields if connection type doesn't exist
  • Set new character limits for content type, taxonomy, and connection type system names
  • Fix embedding when filtering content
  • Fixed template UI bug in which image_link could not stay set to blank


  • Custom term and connection links now just run through kses instead of sanitize_text_field
  • Added additional taxonomy options to Template UI to show slugs, descriptions, count
  • Added 'user' to reserved terms list
  • Attempt to generate sysname in simian_add_item
  • Deleted outdated jquery ui files
  • Scoped jQuery UI CSS to just inside 'simian' class; added option to disable entirely
  • Changed sort() to asort() in Fields UI (fixes bug in commit #52)
  • Removed extra if conditional in fields output preventing submitted data from reappearing after error
  • Connection Type sysnames now forced to remain below 44 characters
  • Display content types next to taxonomy labels in Fields UI
  • Select2 ajax multiselect for posts now limits to relevant post type
  • Removed Connection UI Advanced tab and all options within
  • Reordered component load to tweak Builder submenu order
  • Added filter for connection type args
  • Minor css and text cleanup, fixed path to jquery ui images


  • Reorganized core/includes/functions.php
  • Added Item API functions simian_add_item, simian_update_item, simian_delete_item, simian_restore_item
  • Fixed bug in UI displaying content title and slug selections
  • Builder toolbar item now only appears in admin and only for users with manage_options cap
  • Fieldset connection list now populates correctly (recent bug)
  • In Query UI, inner row elements generated after extra rows have been added below now generate the correct counter
  • Query UI's generated list of meta fields now no longer includes non-meta fields, also will display sysname if no label
  • Wrapping a link around each inner template of a template now works
  • Template UI Options style tweak while selecting inner templates
  • Template UI text clarifications. "Use As" switched to "Location", drop down option labels refined.
  • When saving results in error on single pages, entered data will now persist on all components


  • Removed references to Simian_Help
  • Removed contextual help tab test
  • Allow URL label in template builder to use HTML
  • Added 'date' to reserved terms list to avoid admin column conflict
  • Don't allow creating fields in fieldsets for connection types with same 'from' and 'to' value
  • Disabled can_create_post option for connection types in field sets


  • Initial release.

Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9
Last Updated: 2014-3-26
Downloads: 221


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