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Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Build responsive page layouts using the widgets you know and love using this simple drag and drop page builder.


  • Increased size of widget dialog boxes.
  • Updated incompatible plugins list.
  • Updated to latest version of Chosen.
  • Custom Home Page feature now uses standard pages.
  • Improvements to preview handling.


  • Improved how missing widgets are handled.
  • General code clean up.
  • Prebuilt layouts are no longer all filtered by siteorigin_panels_data. Filtered by siteorigin_panels_prebuilt_layout when fetched.
  • Added more hooks and filters.
  • Incompatible plugins now includes more link to give details about incompatibility.


  • Fixed: Issue with setting up a home page, switching themes, then not being able to disable the home page.
  • Updated to be compatible with latest Black Studio TinyMCE widget.
  • Added a plugin incompatibility check with an admin notice.
  • Improved bundled language files.


  • Fixed: Fixed z-indexes so that TinyMCE dropdowns (like formatting) aren't hidden.


  • Fixed: jQuery UI dialog wasn't being enqueued properly in WordPress 3.9.


  • Updated Post Loop widget so it now accepts post__in in additional args field.
  • Added update notification.
  • Added filters for before and after the row content.
  • Removed references to legacy widgets.


  • Fixed size problem in gallery widget.
  • Compatibility fixes with WordPress 3.9.


  • Widgets are now only run through their update function when modified.
  • Fixed gallery widget.


  • Fixed an issue with copy content.
  • Improved handling of styles in prebuilt layouts.
  • Improved error handling in Javascript.
  • Fixed issue with checkboxes.


  • Generating Page Builder content in admin is now generated with a separate request to properly handle fatal errors from widgets.
  • Fixed potential issue when loading home page interface.
  • Added a way for themes to specify more advanced row styles.
  • Dialogs and widget forms are now only loaded when needed in order to improve performance on large pages.
  • Fixed several performance bottle necks.
  • Page Builder data is now saved with auto save and revisions.


  • Improved HTML5 validation be moving styles to header and footer.
  • Basic improvements to memory efficiency.
  • Black Studio TinyMCE height set to 350 pixels by default.
  • Fixed: Black Studio TinyMCE update error.


  • All existing widget forms are loaded with the initial interface, rather than through AJAX. Improves performance.
  • Added safety check to ensure Page Builder data loaded before into the interface before saving into the database. Helps prevent content loss.
  • Small usability improvements.
  • Fixed: Embedded video widget.
  • Fixed: Conflict with GPP Slideshow plugin.
  • Fixed: Possible z-index conflicts with other plugins that have jQuery UI CSS.
  • Fixed: Constant notification about autosave being more recent than current version.


  • Fixed: Issue that was removing content for widgets with a lot of data.
  • Fixed: Issue with duplicating widgets.


  • Changed how widget forms are loaded to improve page load times.
  • Several improvements to increase compatibility with various plugins and widgets.
  • Properly handle widgets with form arrays.
  • CSS fixes.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Black Studio TinyMCE.
  • Added more development hooks and filters.

Requires: 3.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-7-4
Downloads: 578,595


4 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars


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