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Simple Intranet Directory

A simple employee directory with photos for your intranet or business.


  • Moved flush_rewrite_rules function to only trigger once on activation. This may help solve some permalink issues in the directory with some installs. Also cleaned up isolated issues where blank employee fields were filled with previous employee data.


  • Added address and postal/zip code user profile information to the front page of directory (left blank it will not appear).


  • Adds two new parameters to the employees shortcode to allow for sorting the directory by default when loading. For example, [employees sort="last_name" order="ASC"] would sort by last names in ascending order (starting with A to Z).


  • Adds the option in Your Profile to allow public access for non-logged in users to view detailed employee profiles.


  • Added European and South African phone formats to the directory for phone and fax numbers.


  • Added title and department search parameters to the [employees] shortcode. Default is [employees title="yes" department="yes"]


  • Fixed search_exclude array error appearing in older PHP versions.


  • Added lots of extra parameters to the [employees] shortcode. Limit to 25 employees per page using the limit parameter, display the search bar above the listing, exclude "board" and "executive" custom groups from search pull-down, set avatar pixel width to 100 and display only Subscriber roles as follows: [employees limit="25" search="yes" search_exclude="board,executive" avatar="100" group="subscriber"].


  • Updated si_employees.css to fix width issues with Twenty Fourteen theme.


  • Updated div and class labels to avoid theme conflicts.


  • Provides an employee directory search function using the Search Employees widget.
  • Optimizes directory for WordPress 3.8.


  • We have completely overhauled the User Photo/Avatar functionality to make it easier to use and more reliable. We have also optimized the Employee Directory search function by improving search relevance and loading times for queries by over 50%. We have added 2 sidebar widgets: Out of Office, and Employees listings both with photos. We have also added a raft of drill-down clickable employee profile options for the Employee Directory.


  • Added sorting order to Employee Directory results. Default order is by user first name when directory page is loaded. When text field is empty, and title or department is chosen, then results now show alphabetically (e.g. by what is selected in the pull-down search menu).


  • Optimized the CSS formatting of the employee directory layout for select Internet Explorer versions, and updated formatting of new custom fields user profile inputs.


  • Added 3 new custom fields where the administrator can edit the labels, and employees can fill in their data.
  • Added an "Out of Office" alert system, which shows above the Employee Directory listings. Text can be customized for the alert in the "Users / Your Profile" area.
  • Optimized and tested for version 3.51 and the 3.6 beta version.


  • Optimized speed of search function, added pull down menu for name, title, department.


  • Updated phone numbers to make them clickable via all smart phones including iPhone and Android.
  • Expanded employee search to title and departments as well as by name.


  • Updated pagination formatting for over 25 records.


  • First version of plugin.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-6-20
Downloads: 13,678


3 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars


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