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Simple Announcement With Exclusion

Specify multiple categories, tags, or post formats to show separately, or hide from certain loops.


  • UI is now more user friendly, and each setting will display to you in a sentence as to what you are setting. Scripts removed from admin page, CSS used in place.


  • Core code changes/updates, most notably separation of internal code (for easier future updates).


  • UI should be slightly easier to use.


  • Posts output in loops that have tag present should now respect the more tag, and use the wording that is set for "Read more" (in settings).


  • Removed post format enabler as it is no longer necessary with the upcoming WordPress upgrade.


  • Cleaned up code.


  • Bug fix: Selecting random in default loop settings would not set the selector to random.
  • Bug fix: Order by parameters for default loop settings had no affect on the loop output.


  • Support for paginated posts (read more link).
  • Read more link text wording option added.


  • Ability to use multiple (comma separated) categories (by id, found in the category id listing in exclusion config) added for save states.
  • Markup fix: If no custom class is given, a blank class selector will not longer be output.
  • Markup change: Output is now as follows: content
  • (Ignore the color scheme selector for now - there are no schemes yet, and the default is tranquil (light blues)).

  • Bug fix: save state editing.
  • Bug fix: paged default loop pages not showing up.

  • If the unfiltered loop is called on a single post or page, and the content is set to show either content, you will get a friendly warning instead of output. This keeps the loop from running inifinitely.


  • Fixed issue that would break the settings page if a save state were accidentally created without a tag, category, or post format.
  • Added a default save state that will show everything from the regular loop (unfiltered). The default loop can be displayed by using the shortcode [sawe].
  • Colored areas settings page.


  • Added exclusion rules for RSS.
  • Option values for exclusion sets now only called where they are needed.


  • Shortcode output div ids given unique identifiers.
  • Shortcode output now appears where it is placed on the page/post (instead of at the top).
  • Category/tag input boxes are now textareas for easier editing.
  • A list of available tags and categories displayed for easy exclusion without having to set up a separate save state for them.
  • Added the ability to edit currently existing save states.


  • Multiple exclusion rulesets are now available.
  • The main sawe loop has been taken out - you must now create individual loops for showing with the shortcode: [sawe config_id="#"] where # is the id of your desired loop.
  • You cannot exclude categories from category pages or tags from tag pages.
  • You must separate ids in the "exclude from these pages" input boxes as comma separated lists (1,2,3,...)


  • Various errors fixed (php related errors)
  • Various wording fixed (descriptions)


  • Save states are now human readable (when you look at each one, it's obvious as to what they do).
  • If uninstall is set to "yes", deactivating plugin will now delete the save state table as well.


  • Save different [sawe] instances, and display them wherever using [sawe config_id="#"] (where # is the ID of the saved configuration).


  • Saved instances will not be ommited from the loop. (But possible for a future update).
  • Widget removed (because it wouldn't behave nicely with, well, anything.)
  • WP-Pagenavi support added ( falls onto default pagination if WP-Pagenavi plugin not present)


  • Further cleaned up code / stylesheet.


  • fixed bug that caused php errors when plugin was activated for the first time and no initial parameters had been set.


  • WP-Pagenavi no longer needed for pagination.
  • Current bug with pagination: on widget, going to page 1 is impossible.


  • Trailing div taken out - last time I update at 2 in the morning, I promise.


  • Style.css fixed


  • Cleaned up code
  • Options CSS should only load on the SAWE options page.
  • Moved FAQ off of plugin page and over to papercaves.com/SAWE


  • Pagination for shortcode fixed.


  • Primitive pagination enabled (if you have wp-pagenavi plugin installed and activated).
  • Paginated loops do not play well with ... everything else.
  • Issue: clicking next on the paginated loop will next posts for the SAWE loop as well as the main loop.


  • get_posts swapped for query_posts (for widget, shortcode output, and preview area).
  • When category selected as post type, option title should now read "Category" (instead of "Post Format").


  • So - let's go ahead and clean up the admin screen.


  • Included FAQ (which explains all of the options) to the top of the options page and a preview area to the bottom (so you can instantly see what is being displayed, and how).


  • Upgrading to 1.7 will require you to reset your exclusion/announcement parameters (by setting taxonomy and post format/category/tag).
  • Ability to choose from post format, category, or tag.
  • Adds support for all post formats available.


  • Fixed exclusion (it should now be working properly). Worthwhile to note that pre_get_posts and exclusion rules don't affect sticky posts.


  • Added the tags to the sorting options. If both a tag AND a category are selected, nothing will show. You will need to select the first option of the dropdown (blank) for one or the other for one of the two to show.
  • An issue with the exclusion function is keeping posts from being excluded properly. The function and the option have been commented out in the code until a fix can be issued.


  • Added default styles (that can be optionally loaded) - styled the options page, added relevant information.
  • If your theme doesn't support post thumbnails, SAWE will enable them.


  • Added ability to show excerpt or full post content. Cleaned up code a bit.


  • Added [sawe] shortcode (to display SAWE on a post or a page without having to use the widget).


  • Cleaned up settings page.


  • Initial release.

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 2013-6-4
Downloads: 1,100


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