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Signature Watermark

Automatically watermark images as they are uploaded to the WordPress Media Library using Both Images and Text.


  • tested for compatibility with WP 3.6
  • updated readme file


  • Fixed .jpeg file extension issue, Added checkbox option to automatically watermark .jpeg images


  • improved support for adding watermarks to PNG images


  • updated the MyWebsiteAdvisor Plugin Installer Page to include the option to remove the installer page and menu.
  • updated links to the plugin installer to use the search by author feature when the plugin installer is disabled.
  • added option to the help menu, 'More Free Plugins' section to enable and disable the 'MyWebsiteAdvisor' Plugins installer menu.


  • fixed attachment_field_add_watermark() so it always returns the $form_fields
  • updated ui on edit-media page to further condense the form display


  • added basic image backup and restore system
  • updated edit media screen to display image size names rather than image dimensions
  • fixed other misc bugs with edit media screen


  • updated plugin settings system
  • added info about workaround for users who have 'allow_url_fopen' disabled, using relative path to watermark image.
  • updated default JPEG output quality from 100 to 90 to reduce file bloat, added option to ultra version to adjust output quality.
  • updated plugin screenshots


  • updated links to plugin page


  • updated plugin FAQs
  • updated readme file


  • updated contextual help, removed deprecated filter and updated to preferred method
  • added uninstall and deactivation functions to clear plugin settings
  • updated plugin upgrades tab on plugin settings page
  • update read me file


  • updated readme file
  • added plugin upgrades tab to plugin settings page


  • updated plugin to use WordPress settings API
  • added tabbed navigation on settings page
  • updated watermark preview system (watermark preview tab)
  • added plugin tutorial video (plugin tutorial video tab)
  • updated screenshots
  • updated readme, required WP version is 3.3


  • added label elements around checkboxes to make the label text clickable.
  • added function exists check for the sys_getloadavg function so it does not cause fatal errors on MS Windows Servers


  • added option to select image type for auto watermarks
  • updated image previews on upload screen
  • fixed several issues causing warnings and notices in debug.log
  • added plugin version to plugin diagnostic screen.


  • added image preview/review screen to the edit media page
  • added a control to show or hide the display the image review section on the edit media page
  • resolved issues with images getting cached by browser and not displaying newly applied watermarks
  • verified compatibility with WordPress v3.5


  • fixed several incorrect opening php tags, requires <?php not <?


  • resolved issues with deprecated function warnings
  • added link to plugin row meta links on plugins page to rate and review this plugin on WordPress.org.
  • added link to plugin row meta links on plugins page to upgrade this plugin.


  • added link to rate and review this plugin on WordPress.org


  • updated plugin activation php version check which was causing out of place errors.


  • Added contextual help menu with faqs and support links
  • Fixed broken links


  • Updated plugin debug, minor cleanup, updated links


  • Updated image size options to read image sizes from WordPress rather than a static list


  • Updated several broken support links


  • Minor Improvements and Bug Fixes


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6.1
Last Updated: 2013-8-26
Downloads: 28,007


2 stars
2.7 out of 5 stars


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