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ShipStation for WooCommerce (Lite Version)

The plugin helps store owners significantly speed up the shipping process by offering an easy way to seamlessly integrate with ShipStation.

Do I need the full-featured (paid) version of the ShipStation for WooCommerce extension?

This 'Lite' and free version of the plugin was released primarily to allow you to take advantage of the the ShipStation 30-day free trial and fully evaluate the ShipStation service without requiring you to purchase the full-featured extension.

It is limited (by design) in functionality, however, you may not need to purchase the full-featured version of the extension/plugin to utilize ShipStation on your online store.

The largest restriction within this plugin is the Shipping Method selection restriction. If your store utilizes ONLY the native WooCommerce 'flat_rate' shipping method, you will not likely need the full-featured version.

What are the feature differences between the Lite and the full-featured versions of the plugin?

With the full-featured version of the plugin, you can: 1. Export multiple order statuses. The Lite version restricts exporting only orders in the 'Processing' state.

  1. Export multiple Shipping Methods. The Lite version restricts exporting only orders that use the 'Flat_Rate' shipping method

  2. Use the 3rd party Shipment Tracking plugins that provide additional capability within WooCommerce to store detailed shipment tracking information within each order.

  3. Configure alternative 'completed' order status. Helpful if you have a non-standard installation

What is a WooCommerce Extension?

Simply described, it's a WordPress plugin that extends or enhances the functionality of WooCommerce through the use of special hooks provided by WooCommerce.

'Extensions' are implemented and installed the same as plugins.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-2-14
Downloads: 1,289


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