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Multipage Plugin

Order your posts in subpages: multipage posts will have a table of contents linking single subpages with their titles.


  • Enhancements:
    • Tag Title now works also in conjunction with WordPress SEO by Yoast. The variable to show the subtitle is the standard %%page%%.


  • Bug fix:
    • Tag Title should work also on non English WordPress installations (please report on the support forum if don't).


  • Bug fix:
    • Fixed settings page.


  • Bug fix:
    • Fixed incompatibility with servers running php < 5.3.


  • New Features:
    • Tag Title now reporting the subpage title instead of the page number.
  • Enhancements:
    • Added three new filters in order to interact with the Multipage Plugin behavior: multipage_subtitle, multipage_navigation, multipage_content.
    • Added two more exceptions (thanks to silvios).
    • Changed the name in Multipage Plugin. Also changed the css filenames in multipage.css and multipage.min.css.


  • Bug fix:
    • Loads default values even if never saved settings.


  • New Features:
    • Added the option to hide comments on all the subpages except in the first one.
    • Added new options to customize the table of contents: "Hide the new TOC header", "Add a link for comments", "Show only on the first page", "Label choices", "Show before or after the content", "Hide it".
  • Enhancements:
    • Completely rewritten part of the main code in order to improve performances.
    • Changed some classes name (maybe you need to correct your customized css).
    • The settings menu is now named "Multipage" (still under "Settings").
  • Bug fix:
    • Now multipage posts will appear correctly in non is_single() pages even if there is no <!--more--> code.
  • i18n:
    • Updated .pot file
    • Updated Italian (it_IT)
    • Updated Deutsch (de_DE)


  • Bug fix:
    • Fixed a bug that returned, in some conditions (there is no intro title), 404 on the last page.


  • New Features:
    • Now you can configure some summary appearance options. The admin menu is under "Settings".


  • Bug fix:
    • Now returns 404 error if the requested page number doesn't exists. It works also if the requested page is 1, because the real permalink is the base one.


  • Enhancements:
    • Updated "Tested up to" with the new WordPress 3.8.
    • Added language support for German (thanks to Igor Scheller).


  • Bug fix:
    • Now you can navigate through the pages also in previews.
  • Enhancements:
    • RTL first support.
    • Customized css automatic load (put your nextpage-titles.css in WordPress theme/child-theme css directory ex. /wp-content/themes/twentythirteen/css/nextpage-titles.css)


  • Bug fix:
    • Fix a permalink bug with structures without a slash at the end.


  • Bug fix:
    • Removed a deprecated function that in some conditions generated errors.


  • Bug fix:
    • Definitively solved the 404 error, caused by pretty urls that are now deprecated (eventually waiting for a 2.0 working version) in favor of native page numbers. Different subpages will have now the same link of the original <!--nextpage--> code.
  • New Features *
    • Added the initial code for the configuration page (not active yet).


  • Bug fix:
    • Correct a bug that sometimes displayed summary on loop pages.
  • New Features *
    • Possibility to give a different name to "intro", just create a nextpage title shortcode on the first line of the editor.


  • Bug fix:
    • Version numbers, somebody couldn't update it. Now it's ok.


  • New Features:
    • Quite completely rewritten! now uses the internal core of WordPress nextpage original code.
  • Bug fix:
    • Many...
    • Unfortunately I had to modify the subpage pretty link for permalinks due to conflicts with attachment pages, now subpages have 'subpage-' prefix.
    • Now works with all post_types, anyway pretty url works only on "post".


  • Bug fix:
    • Empty page doesn't return notices (debug mode on) anymore.
    • Bloked sGR Nextpage Titles use on post_types different from posts cause permalinks doesn't work yet.


  • New features:
    • The summary is now linked as a page.
    • Added next & prev link rel to the head.
  • Enhancements:
    • Rewrite the code to request parts via pagenumber.
    • Made changes to bottom links style.
  • Bug fix:
    • Uncorrect pagetitle now returns 404.


  • New features:
    • Added previous/next page links to the bottom.
    • Added language files support and the italian translation.


  • New features:
    • The subpage title is now part of the page title (head & html).
  • Enhancements:
    • Added code to load translations (even if there are no words to translate yet).
    • A few code enhancements.
    • No more needed to flush rewrite rules after activation.


  • Initial beta release.

To Do Release 1.2

  • Shortcode to show the table of contents.
  • Widget for the table of contents.

To Do Release 2.0

  • Pretty urls (not sure).

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-3-13
Downloads: 3,544


4 stars
4 out of 5 stars


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