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Move Login

Change your login url for something like http://example.com/login and stop login brute force attempts.


  • 2014/04/28
  • Plugins can now add their own action to Move Login more easily with the filter sfml_additional_slugs. Even without doing anything, Move Login handle custom actions added by other plugins, but the url can't be customisable. Now, these plugins can add a new input field to let users change this new url, and it's very simple.
  • Side note: I've just released a new version for my framework Noop (1.0.7). Now you can import and export your settings via a file, see the new tab in the "Help" area.


  • 2014/04/01
  • Bugfix for php 5.4.


  • 2014/03/29
  • Bugfix: don't block users accessing the script admin-post.php.
  • Changed i18n domain.
  • If Noop is not installed, add a link in the "settings" page.
  • Added a direct link to download Noop, some users may not be able to install plugins directly.
  • Code improvements and small bugfixes.


  • 2013/12/17
  • Bugfix.


  • 2013/12/16
  • Code refactoring.
  • Requires WordPress 3.1 at least.
  • New: the URLs can be customized, with a filter or a settings page. The settings page needs another plugin to be installed, it's a framework I made (Noop). See the Move Login row in your plugins list, there's a new link.
  • New: support for custom actions in the login form (added by other plugins).
  • New: choose what to do when someone attempts to access the old login page.
  • New: choose what to do when someone attempts to access the administration area.
  • New: enabling permalinks is not required anymore.
  • Todo: provide rewrite rules for Nginx systems.


  • 2013/09/30
  • Very minor bug fix: messed the author link -_-'


  • 2013/09/20
  • First stable version.
  • New: 1 new action called sfml_wp_login_error is now available for the wp-login.php error message, you can use your own wp_die() or redirect to another error page for example.


  • 2013/09/12
  • Bugfix: activation for multisite with not writable .htaccess file, a wrong message was shown, preventing activation (was I drunk?).
  • tested on multisite with subdomain.
  • SecuPress is joining the project :)


  • 2013/09/11
  • New: Multisite support (must be "network" activated).
  • Enhancement: updated the set_url_scheme() function to the one in WP 3.6.1 (used for WP < 3.4).
  • Enhancement: better rewrite rules.
  • Bugfix: The plugin rewrite rules are now really removed from the .htaccess file on deactivation.


  • 2013/06/04
  • Bugfix: php notice due to a missing parameter.
  • Bugfix: incorrect network_site_url filter.


  • 2013/06/03
  • First public beta release
  • Thanks to juliobox, who's joining the project :)

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.0
Last Updated: 2014-8-23
Downloads: 5,375


4 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars


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