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Sell Media

Sell photos, prints, videos and pdf's online through WordPress in seconds. Built by creatives, for creatives.


  • Larger images sizes available for purchase bug fix
  • All items shortcode paging bug fix
  • Password protected collections visible in search issue fix
  • Downloads not working on some Apache servers. Replace wp_die() with exit()
  • Fixed "reprints-price-group" typo in Sell_Media->products->has_price_group. Corrects default price shown in cart.


  • Bugfix on collection archive template


  • Bugfix fix not ! check on sell media archive template


  • Buy and Save buttons added back to archives
  • Password protection to childs issue fix
  • Custom thumbnail size parameter added
  • Items order added in all items shortcode


  • Feature: Infinite nesting of Collections
  • Feature: Breadcrumbs for Collections archives
  • Bug: Show lowest price, not default price


  • Feature: Lightbox integration
  • Feature: apply_filters to Bulk and Package post_status
  • Tweak: archive styling improvements for lightbox


  • Tweak: Add Forgot Password link to login shortcode
  • Tweak: South African rand currency support added
  • Tweak: Limit access to Payments submenu to admins only
  • Tweak: Charge shipping only if prints in cart
  • Tweak: Remove image link from the PayPal shopping cart
  • Tweak: sell_media_item shortcode styling


  • Tweak: Updates to Discount Codes
  • Tweak: apply_filters on delivery text
  • Tweak: Update translation files


  • Feature: apply_filters to sell_media_item post type registration
  • Tweak: Live quantity checks on checkout to toggle cart visibility
  • Tweak: Uppercase post slug on archive template
  • Tweak: Widget CSS improvements


  • Tweak: Filter checkout texts
  • Bug: Correct prices for items without Price Groups, but with license markup


  • Tweak: Streamline disabled button checks on cart
  • Tweak: Search results help text


  • Feature: EXIF Widget added
  • Tweak: Set default price on all new uploads
  • Tweak: PayPal taxes when qty increases
  • Tweak: Cart button conditional fixes to allow for items without price groups or licenses
  • Bug: Show correct currency on cart


  • Feature: Advanced Search integrated into core
  • Tweak: Remove filtering core WP search, just rely on Advanced Search now
  • Bug: number_format() warning when no default price set in admin


  • Tweak: Use core table for Payments page
  • Tweak: New sell_media_item_icon function
  • Tweak: Submenu ordering
  • Tweak: Remove admin attachment filers
  • Tweak: Simplify bulk add
  • Bug: Fix for password protected collections


  • Feature: Packages feature added
  • Tweak: Make Sell_Media a singleton
  • Tweak: Add support for additional mime types
  • Tweak: Remove redundant calls to self::upload_dir, use one function now
  • Tweak: Hide file dimensions on cart if not image
  • Tweak: New file download method
  • Bug: Bulk uploads fix
  • Bug: PayPal tax
  • Bug: Deprecated functions missing for image caption


  • Tweak: Template redirects for taxonomies
  • Bug: Terms dialog


  • Bug: PayPal live mode or test mode


  • Bug: Fix price verification for PayPal
  • Bug: Only add tax if enabled


  • Tweak: Checkout page styling
  • Tweak: Cart overlay top position
  • Bug: Set default currency to USD
  • Bug: Emails to buyers not always sending
  • Bug: Show cart markup on all pages, except checkout
  • Bug: Fatal error for countries list for reprints extension


  • Feature: UI changes for responsive/mobile support
  • Feature: Tax suport
  • Feature: Added 3 shipping methods for prints
  • Tweak: sellMediaCart js now powers cart
  • Tweak: Removed $_SESSION cart
  • Tweak: Validate prices before sending to payment gateway
  • Tweak: Standardize data storage for payment meta _sell_media_payment_meta
  • Tweak: Responsive grids
  • Tweak: Checkout page reworked
  • Tweak: Improved emails
  • Tweak: New classes for all major parts of plugin
  • Tweak: Derive buyer data from payment gateway
  • Tweak: Publish paid purchases only
  • Tweak: Translations updates
  • Bug: Ajax setup
  • Bug: Pending payments
  • Bug: Conflict with JetPack infinite scroll


  • Bug: Fixed issue with price groups not appearing in the drop down


  • Tweak: Next/Previous on the default single item page now cycles through collections in same category
  • Added additional name space for translation
  • Added filter for State and Country list
  • Password protected collections now expire their password after a set time limit
  • Sorting by title, date, author, price in the admin made possible
  • Addressed issue where shipping was added twice on some hooks
  • Bug: Checkout page is now using the derived image size for the description, prior the price group height/width was used
  • Bug: Sanitize slug
  • Bug: Login redirect fix


  • Tweak: Pending items are no longer displayed when the download history shortcode is used
  • Tweak: Improved email reliability by embedding the license description as apposed to attaching it
  • Tweak: Country and State are now required
  • Tweak: Updated sell_media.pot file
  • Bug: Fixing issue when license was toggled after the size was toggled, an incorrect license was applied


  • Tweak: Updating shortcode instructions in readme.txt
  • Bug: Fixing translation issues
  • Bug: Fixing issue where search would still show even if it was disabled


  • Feature: Sell Media items are now support post authors
  • Bug: Fixing issue with settings and price groups on activation


  • Bug: Various bug fixes with Price Groups
  • Feature: Added new settings API
  • Tweak: Add to cart button no longer changes to check out after adding 1 item
  • Tweak: Added tweak from @NETLINK so PayPal IPN URL can be added as a param.
  • Tweak: Added support for WPML


  • Feature: Added various hooks and filters
  • Feature: Using jQuery validation in place of HTML5 validation
  • Tweak: Allowed for translation of "Pending" on the sell_media_download_list shortcode
  • Tweak: Added link to purchased item from payments page
  • Tweak: Added "Lost your password?" link to the check out page
  • Tweak: Fixing issue where currency symbol on admin pages
  • Tweak: Administrators can now buy products while logged in
  • Tweak: Updated admin payments UI
  • Tweak: Deriving a more reliable IPN URL for some users
  • Bug: Fixing issue with 3.7 and save_post
  • Bug: Fixing issue when quantity was updated on the checkout page the subtotal was not correctly updated
  • Bug: Fixing issue where session was not starting for some users


  • Bug: Fixing issue where sizes from price group did not show in select box
  • Bug: Fixing issue where download link would show when users purchased a reprint


  • Feature: License descriptions are now emailed as an attachment when a purchase is made
  • Feature: Added option to enable/disable admin columns
  • Feature: Added clear cart button
  • Feature: Added additional admin column "protected" for collection page
  • Bug: Fixing issue were size was not dependent on license
  • Bug: Fixing notice when there is no min price to be displayed
  • Bug: Fixed conflict with WordPress heartbeat API
  • Tweak: Download list shortcode now list newest to oldest purchases
  • Tweak: Customers now have a "remove all" option on the checkout page
  • Tweak: Keywords can now be used with default permalinks
  • Tweak: Password protected collections are now more secure
  • Tweak: Added admin notices
  • Tweak: Password protected collections now use a custom template


  • Bug: Updated PayPal arguments for buyer download email
  • Bug: Fixing issue were cart was not emptied
  • Bug: New users are sent an automated WordPress email when registering


  • Feature: Added option to set a given price group as the site default
  • Tweak: Password protected collections are filtered from the widgets page and no longer show on the front end
  • Tweak: Added filter sell_media_purchase_text
  • Bug: Customers are no longer redirected to the WordPress dashboard after login
  • Bug: Addressed issue when some users did not receive the download link
  • Bug: Addressed issue where cart was not emptied, due to session not being started and browser cache


  • Feature: Added option to hide original price
  • Feature: Added option to disable the built in Sell Media search and use native WordPress search
  • Tweak: Readme no longer references hiding a collection, replaced with password instructions
  • Tweak: Original height and width is display, for images only, on the single item page
  • Tweak: Admin notice is only displayed on the child collection if the parent has a password
  • Bug: Various updates to the cart
  • Bug: Checkout page now checks if email already exists
  • Bug: Price group parents now correctly updates the parent name when saved
  • Bug: quotes can now be used in the license description
  • Bug: Similar items widget now displays correct items even when collections slug are changed
  • Bug: Widgets overflowing bug fix.


  • Bug: Updating admin payments and needed screens to support previous versions of pricing


  • Tweak: Various improvements for cart in PHP session
  • Tweak: Minor text update
  • Tweak: Price groups class can now be used for any parent/child taxonomy
  • Tweak: Updating shortcode in readme.txt
  • Tweak: Adding template check for other developers to change the collection password page
  • Bug: Child collections now inherit the password of the parent collection
  • Bug: No longer enqueue nav-menu, it has been removed in WordPress 3.6
  • Bug: Corrected text domain issue


  • Feature: Admin shows collection icon on collection edit column
  • Feature: Added detailed PayPal log per item on the single item payments page
  • Bug: Better PayPal support
  • Tweak: Improved search results


  • Feature: Add shortcode for custom login '[sell_media_login_form]'
  • Feature: Add setting for custom login page
  • Bug: Updated admin payment apply markup consistently
  • Bug: Updated paypal payments to no longer by 0 and have markup applied if added


  • Feature: Added shortcode to display all collections 'sell_media_list_all_collections' ( available shortcode attributes: thumbs, details )
  • Feature: Added price groups to the native WordPress bulk edit
  • Feature: File downloads have the size and license appended to them, i.e., my-image-1024x768-commercial.jpg
  • Feature: License descriptions now show on hover, next to the license on the dialog
  • Feature: Added tooltips to license descriptions
  • Feature: Download size is now displayed on the admin payments item page
  • Tweak: Added new attributes to 'sell_media_all_items' ( attributes: collection, show )
  • Tweak: Added a "Continue shopping" link on the checkout page
  • Tweak: Adjusting currency format in settings
  • Tweak: Payments should not be publicly queryable
  • Tweak: Make checkout shortcode function name semantic
  • Bug: Cart totals were inconsistent
  • Bug: Featured image used on archive pages if present
  • Bug: Non-image items can now have multiple licenses
  • Bug: Quantity totals are immediately calculated
  • Bug: Intermittent bug where items were added to the cart twice
  • Bug: Validate Safari new user registrations on checkout page
  • Bug: Downloads are now based on the constraints of the original image and the price group


  • Bug: "Original File Price" was truncating trailing zero's from prices.
  • Bug: Fixed issue when removing items from the cart incorrect totals were displayed
  • Bug: Fixed issue in widgets
  • Bug: Price groups was not respecting newly created sizes when downloading images
  • Tweak: Added version number to enqueue script and styles


  • New: Added price groups to admin item columns
  • New: Added collection to admin item columns
  • Tweak: Corrected instructions for sell_media_all_items shortcode
  • Bug: Fixed notice on checkout page when no licese id was present for markups
  • Bug: Price groups that did not have any images assigned were not showing in the price group drop down.


  • New: Price groups, users are no longer limited to "small, medium, large", they can create infinite price groups and assign them to items.
  • New: Added PayPal log.txt file to admin settings
  • New: Added field for admins to add CC accounts for paypal purchases
  • New: Added Option to change sort order on archive pages
  • New: Added POT file
  • New: Useful info is now stored in global js object "sell_media"
  • Tweak: US State list is no longer required, this was causing issues for users outside of the US
  • Tweak: Changed order of "bulk upload" buttons
  • Tweak: "Default Price" is now changed to "Original Price"
  • Tweak: Updated menu cart class names
  • Bug: Duplicate licenses are no longer installed on re-activation
  • Bug: Typo


  • Fixing issue where a generic function needed to be prefixed


  • Collections are now password protected
  • Collections now have featured images/icons
  • Fixing issue where shipping value was not properly formatted for PayPal
  • Fixing issue where markup was not showing/displaying properly for items with one license
  • Sub-collections now supported


  • Minor bug fix for password-less collections


  • Collections are now password protected
  • New setting "dashboard page" allows admins to create a custom page for recurring customers
  • Better child theme support
  • Various bug fixes


  • Editors can now use the bulk upload
  • Optimized download history shortcode
  • Various bug fixes


  • Fixing issues in download history shortcode


  • Correcting param in filter


  • Image description is imported as item description during bulk upload process
  • Adding language support
  • Creator taxonomy is now publicly viewable
  • Added various filters in bulk uploader for developers
  • Widget updates
  • Added hook sell_media_bulk_uploader_additional_fields_meta to allow developers to add additional meta fields in bulk upload
  • Number formatting fix, 0.1 would show in some cases, now it includes trailing zero, i.e., 0.10
  • Bug fix in add to cart button
  • Bug fix in [sell_media_item] shortcode
  • Bug fix when prices of 0.1 were being rounded to 0.00 on some pages


  • Users can now change the post type slug
  • Added shortcode sell_media_additional_list_items so users can add additional information on the single item page under the size list.
  • sell_media_bulk_uploader_additional_fields Allows developers to add additional form fields for bulk upload/edit
  • Fixing issue where original file is sometimes downloaded vs. the one purchased
  • Various PHP notices fixes


  • Improved support for importing EXIF/IPTC data such as; city, keywords, etc. during the creation of new items
  • Allowed prices to be lower than 0.99
  • Improved handling when an item has no size or license
  • Improved handling for prices with non-images


  • Better support for portrait images
  • Fixed issue where download sizes would not always be displayed


  • Additional error checking added for PayPal
  • Translation issue fixed
  • Email formatting and issues fixed


  • Optimized bulk uploader! Images sizes are no created on download (after purchase) and not created during the upload process.
  • You can now bulk add images to a Collection from the bulk uploader
  • Various bug fixes


  • Fixing bug where users received multiple or no download email


  • Fixing bug where items with 0 price can be added to the cart


  • Numerous hooks and filters addd
  • Numerous bug fixes


  • Performance improvements
  • Added MS Docs support
  • Updated readme.txt
  • Bug: Price can now be saved in decimal
  • Better styling support


  • Settings: Default price moved to its own section
  • Hook: Updated 'sell_media_after_successful_payment' now accepts an additional parameter
  • Hook: Updated 'sell_media_settings_init_hook' to work on all tabs
  • Hook: Moved 'sell_media_size_settings_hook' to the appropriate location
  • Hook: Added new hook 'sell_media_below_registration_form'
  • Hook: Added 'sell_media_additional_cusotmer_meta'
  • Hook: Added sell_media_before_session_add
  • Feature: Options in dialog now default to nothing
  • Feature: Added current state select
  • Removed validation scripts inplace of native browser validation
  • Various bug fixes and styling enhancements


  • Fixed issue where currency was not showing for some users
  • Fixed issue where default search would result in 404 for some results
  • Markup percentage is no longer shown on the front-end, only the adjust price is


  • Fixed intermittent issue where download files would be 0kb
  • Fixed issue where downloaded zip files would unzip as zip
  • Fixed issue in settings regarding default price


  • Minor bug fix in size variants


  • Added full Featured Image support
  • Bug fixes


  • Instruction changes
  • Fixing settings to work better with extensions


  • Added bulk uploader
  • Added size variants
  • Code enhancements
  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes
  • Code improvements


  • Bug fixes
  • Added option for customer notification
  • 3.5 media cart fix


  • License descriptions now show on the checkout page and option boxes when hovered
  • Fixed bug when Attachments are no longer marked for sale.
  • Fixed issue when Item is emptied from trash bin
  • Fixed bug where editor appeared on other Add New pages.
  • Adding hook for single theme.


  • Fixed transients
  • Fixed issue where button was not showing on cart


  • Added Loading gif on purchase dialog
  • Users can now manually upload a file to the sell_media folder then add the path to the file on the "Add Item" page.
  • Better handling of template redirection
  • Item description now has a Text Editor
  • Added shortcode sell_media_all_items
  • Added shortcode sell_media_download_list
  • Zip file support
  • Added bulk "Sell This" option
  • Bug fixes


  • Added Google Charts on Reports page
  • Added PayPal IPN instructions on Settings
  • Max-width fix for Firefox on Sell Media archives
  • Post Type Taxonomy archives conflict fix
  • Download file fix


  • Plugin Settings save bugfix


  • Added action hooks
  • Default to Live Mode, not Test Mode
  • License calculation on Edit License works
  • Removed email testing code
  • Additional support for image, video, document mime types
  • Checkout page removing item bugfix
  • Tabs for Settings
  • Use submit_button()


  • Public release


  • Permalinks flushed on plugin activation


  • First public beta

Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-7-14
Downloads: 42,044


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3.2 out of 5 stars


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