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Display Amazon.com customer reviews for products you specify in WordPress pages or posts, or as a widget.


  • Bug fix for default global country setting issue.


  • Bug fix for a stylesheet loading issue.


  • Added a caching mechanism and related settings for faster performance.
  • Optimized shortcode defaults.
  • Fixed some variable and array initialization issues.
  • Added a new shortcode parameter (url) that disables display of the iframe and returns only the iframe source URL.
  • Added a new shortcode parameter (noblanks) to disable the iframe when no reviews exist.
  • Updated context-sensitive help.
  • Updated POT file.
  • Updated readme and FAQ.


  • Updated data retrieval function to optimize instantiation/destruction.
  • Fixed a bug in the HTTP retries code that might hinder performance on some sites.


  • Updated input sanitization to fix an issue that was preventing some UPC code reviews from being displayed.


  • Updated query string to use Product Advertising API version 2013-08-01.


  • Added support for retrieving reviews by ISBN to shortcode and widget.
  • Added support for retrieving reviews by UPC to shortcode and widget.
  • Added support for retrieving reviews by EAN to shortcode and widget.
  • Modified Settings field labels.
  • Updated FAQ.
  • Updated help.
  • Updated POT file.


  • Plugin has been completely rewritten to better integrate with the WordPress Settings API.
  • Added support for styling the iframe in a more responsive way.
  • Added support for WordPress localization (i18n).
  • Added support for HTTP retries and an exponential backoff method of dealing with throttling problems.
  • Added support for context-sensitive help on the Settings page.
  • Added support for an uninstall process that removes all settings and plugin files.


  • Added support for the automatic detection of HTTPS sites.


  • Added support for Amazon China and India API calls.


  • Added Settings page cues to better inform new users about their system environments as well as ScrapeAZon's system requirements.
  • Added a test iframe on the Settings page so that users can see immediately whether their configurations are working.
  • Added a Settings link to ScrapeAZon's settings from the Plugins page.


  • Can now display results from Amazon international sites. Sites are configurable on a per-shortcode basis. Default is the US site.
  • Now displays the Amazon "Be the first to review this" page instead of an HTML comment when no reviews exist.


  • Added an Amazon Product Advertising API ToS compliance function that automatically displays Amazon Services LLC's required disclaimer below content retrieved via the API.


  • Modified options page so that it uses a unique name that will not conflict with other plugins.


  • Modified include path so that it works with uniquely named content directories


  • Added shortcode parameters to style the iframe
  • Added information to the FAQ about styling the iframe
  • Added option that enables you to retrieve reviews via either cURL or file_get_contents
  • Strengthened input validation


  • Fixed secret key character validation that prevented some API keys from working


  • Reduced calls to the AWS Product Advertising API to increase performance
  • Fixed typo in the FAQ
  • Fixed typo in the tags


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-8-21
Downloads: 7,148


5 stars
5 out of 5 stars


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