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WordPress-to-lead for Salesforce CRM

WordPress-to-Lead for Salesforce CRM creates a solid integration between your WordPress install(s) and your Salesforce.com account!


  • Add filter for field values
  • Add salesforce_get_form and salesforce_get_field helper functions


  • Version number bumps


  • Allow some settings to be overridden per form (Success Message, Captcha, OrgId, etc)
  • Support for option to use placeholders instead of labels (per form)
  • Remove newlines in form HTML that were being converted to
    upon output
  • Add Settings link to plugin list screen
  • Grey out non enabled fields in admin
  • Set a default checkbox width as some themes think input{ width: 100% } is a good idea...
  • All default CSS now uses relative sizes
  • Prevent multiple submission of form data (even if it's the same form id on the page multiple times)
  • Remember "send me a copy" between submits
  • Defined DONOTCACHEPAGE if captcha is enabled
  • Fix PHP notices when form is submitted
  • Update ads and landing page URLs
  • Add support links to plugin list page, restore WP.org plugin link
  • Load text domain on plugin init, add .pot file


  • Fix PHP warnings and notices


  • Add email and captcha error to settings page.


  • Added filter to user and admin email content


  • Fix deprecated (in PHP 5.3) ereg_replace functon in captcha lib



  • Bug: Fixed checkboxes not retaining checked state after submit
  • Bug: Only output DA JS when token has been entered
  • Wrapped all output in a div tag to allow styling of success and error messages
  • Added #anchor to action to keep form on screen after submit when not the first item in a page (may not work in older versions of IE)
  • Add per field validation filter and error output (thanks to http://HomeStretchMktg.com for sponsoring this feature)
  • Added tabs to plugin settings page
  • Moved form list to its own tab (vs the bottom of the settings screen)
  • Added syntax highlighting to defaut CSS example on new Styling tab
  • Tested and working in WordPress 3.8


  • Fixes a bug that caused the organization id field to be hidden on new installs


  • Add drop down field type (thanks jbuchbinder)
  • Improve form HTML (thanks jbuchbinder)
  • Add from and reply to options for emails (thanks jbuchbinder)
  • Add delete checkbox to form editor (thanks jbuchbinder)
  • Add HTML field type (thanks jbuchbinder)
  • Add simple checkbox field (thanks jbuchbinder)
  • Add ability to duplicate forms (thanks jbuchbinder)
  • Add WPCF7 CSS integration option (thanks jbuchbinder)
  • Add wrapper divs with class names to visible fields
  • Remove Powered by SF for all forms
  • Make required field indicator consistent with message
  • Comments to lead option (thanks simonwheatley)
  • Global DaddyAnalytics settings added to make integration easier
  • Added filters to aid in extending the plugin
  • Hide fields with no label in admin and user email
  • Required fields now trim whitespace from the value before validation (e.g. a space or tab is no longer a valid value)
  • Fixed checkbox/label alignment
  • Readme improvements
  • Added daily limit info to FAQ
  • Removed previous contributors no longer involved in plugin development, added credit to readme
  • Refactored and cleaned up codebase
  • Added filters to allow code based overrides of select features (see Other Notes for details)
  • Added Web to Case option (per form setting)
  • Fixed first field being added having a duplicate position to last field
  • Select fields can have a default value set


  • Captcha image now works on subfolder installs (e.g. /wordpress/)
  • Removed captcha dependence on including wp-load.php


  • Small formatting fixes (checkbox spacing and submit button CSS)


  • Fixed issue with captcha URL being broken on some installs
  • Added several filters, including one to allow editing of the distribution list for new lead notifications and one to allow filtering of the form HTML before output
  • Fixed bug where captcha would wrap outside form on some themes
  • Fixed bug where forms other than id 1 did not show field labels in emails
  • Fixed bug causing unexpected output upon activation
  • Fixed bug that caused form to always be in 'sidebar' mode
  • Now supports more than 1 form per page
  • Forms now have a unique ID for use with CSS and jQuery: salesforce_w2l_lead_[ID] and salesforce_w2l_lead_[ID]_sidebar
  • Fixed a bunch of notices and warnings


  • Improved internationalization
  • Multiple forms can be created and inserted via shortcode or widget
  • Spam protection (with optional captcha)
  • Fixed "Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array" bug
  • Fixed bug that showed successful submissions as "Failed to connect to SalesForce.com"
  • Hidden fields can now be used
  • Campaign_ID can now be set per form
  • Widget now hides description text upon submission
  • Admins can receive an email of submissions
  • Users can request a copy of their submission (if enabled)
  • Custom return/thanks URL can be defined per form
  • Country field added


  • Fix in backend security, preventing XSS hack in the backend.


  • CSS fix for when sidebar widget and contact form are on the same page.


  • Fix in email verification.


  • One more escape, plus a check to see whether the email address entered is valid.


  • Added escaping around several fields to prevent XSS vulnerabilities.


  • Initial release.

Requires: 3.5.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-4-7
Downloads: 26,363


3 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars


17 of 25 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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