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Safe Search Replace

Safely search and replace with advanced options and undo operations.


  • Improved tab navigation: jQuery code is more robust and can be used for multiple tab areas/wrappers.
  • Improved graphical user interface: settings for SimpleSearch and Shortcodes have been arranged more clearly.
  • Added icons for task pages


  • Rebuild plugin from ground up
  • Support for undo operations
  • Supports shortcodes and simple search and replace operations


  • Fixed Ssr_DataDescriptor: Method createDatablock() created empty datablock files in case the data has to be stored in memory instead.
  • Fixed Ssr_Filter: Method filter() triggered an error in case the filtering result was an empty string.
  • Updated and fixed Ssr_DatablockListViewer: Display has been changed to be more intuitive and all special characters including html tags are displayed now.
  • Fixed Ssr_Filter and Ssr_TableFilter: In case of multiple filters for one table column, the output of the previous filter was not used as input for the next filter (has been fixed now; so the order matters!); UI has been updated to change filter order.
  • Enhanced Ssr_Filter: Prepend a search pattern with LITERAL to explicitly search and replace without regular expressions (e.g. when replacing \\ with \).
  • Fixed Ssr_TableFilter: Table columns with regular expression selectors haven't been retrieved from the database properly.


  • Fixed regexp recognition: Ssr_Selector and Ssr_Filter now work for all possible regular expressions; recognition is done via preg_match directly.


  • Added Usage Hints: The choice for a particular database table is now easier with the help of usage hints, i.e. what the table is about.
  • Improved Table Selection: Only non-empty database tables (with at least one row) are displayed and thus can be chosen to speed up selection process.
  • Added Configuration Options: TABLENAMES_ALLOWED and TABLENAMES_BANNED to restrict selection of database tables (for security).
  • Updated German Translation: Table usage hints are already translated into German.


  • Fixed case of some include commands: On some UNIX/LINUX systems, the include command is case sensitive; and some inclusions didn't work properly, which has been fixed with this release.
  • Added instant view of calculated Simulation: after simulation has been calculated by the server, the user is automatically redirected to the results view (without clicking a further link)
  • Changed default datablock viewer: In Simulation View, results are displayed using the ListViewer by default now.


  • Added support for full database connection parameters: host, user, password, port, dbname, socket.
  • Added custom configuration file: config.php can be used to override predefined settings.


  • Added Support for UI Language German
  • Improved Result Feedback: Results can be listed as complex sql-like tables or as simple lists.
  • Added Class to SSR API: DatablockListViewer
  • Renamed Class DatablockViewer to DatablockTableViewer in SSR API


  • Added Message Boxes: The user is notified in case no tasks or reports are found, instead of showing an empty table with headers and footers.
  • Added Functionality to UI Listings: Reports and previous tasks can be removed. There is a detailed view of tasks now available.
  • Fixed Readme: For some reasons, WordPress haven't parsed the readme correctly.


  • Initial release

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.2
Last Updated: 2012-10-7
Downloads: 12,410


3 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars


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