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Row Seats Core

Booking seats is easier with Row Seats plugin. This is a new solution to the increasing request to sell seats.

How to this plugin works.

How do I place an event

  1. You must set your event date through the Add an Event tab. The calendar works this way:

a) Month view - When you create and save a show in this view, it is considered for the whole day event. b) Week view - You can set the time start/end of your event for any particular day. c) Day view - same as week view above.

  1. Each show created in the Show Calendar it will post in the Manage Seat section. In this menu, you need to click on the event that you want to Add Seats. Once clicked, you need to download the CSV template that will provide a sample on how to create your seat chart. Fill it out and then upload it and that's it. Your show is created. For more detail information on how to form your show go to http://www.rowseatsplugin.com/row-seats-plugin-information.

  2. Reports Menu will present the details of the transaction made by the users who booked tickets.

My page or post doesn't show up the show/event, what do I do?

Very important to first press "Save Settings" button, even if you have not filled out all the information fields. The shortcode will work in any page or post. You can obtain the shortcode after you upload your seating chart (CSV file). Make sure that the shortcode starts with [showseats id=X] (X represents the id number).

I received plugin an update plugin notice from dashboard, should I update while having "live" bookings?

It is strongly advised that you only update when bookings are past. But, if you need to update while you have 'live' bookings, then do the following:

Through FTP

• First, take a full db backup of Row Seats Core through your server panel (usually using phpmyadmin) should you need to restore, then deactivate the plugin. Afterwards, upload the new version through ftp overwriting all Row Seats files. If you made any customization, you'll loose them.

Through WP Dashboard

• First, take a full db backup of Row Seats Core through your server panel (usually using phpmyadmin) should you need to restore. Afterwards, you can update normally through WP plugin section

What are the email template shortcodes?

Here is the list of the shortcodes for email templates:

*[username] = This tag will display the name of the person that booked seats (this name is placed during checkout) *[showname] = It will display any show title/name *[showdate] = It will display the date that the show begins *[bookedseats] = It will display the amount of seats that were booked by the visitor *[availableseats] = As admin user you’ll be notified how many seats are left to book a full house *[blogname] = The name of your website will be displayed with this tag *[downloadlink] =This tag is only used if Row Seats Tix is enabled. It will display a download link to the QR Ticket.

How do I access extra functionality, or extra settings?

Our plugin is always updated to our customers first. The core will always be the latest from our website (not from this repository). For added functionality we have modules that will bring new features to Row Seats. You can visit our site for more information http://www.rowseatsplugin.com/products

Shortcode for user email confirmation to be shown in page/post

You can use the following shortcode [rowseatthankspage] in any page or post, this will populate the same information as you would in an email confirmation.

Requires: 3.5.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-7-9
Downloads: 2,992


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