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Rotating Universal Passwords

Set universal passwords for content (password based on day of the week).


  • Corrections.


  • Removal of previous file that was left behind.


  • Fixed descriptions.


  • Output should now appear in the proper place on the page/post (instead of at the top).


  • fixed minor PHP errors.
  • PHP 5.1/.2 and above a necessity (for hash() function) - which you should be running anyway if you have an updated version of WordPress (WordPress requires PHP 5.2)
  • Internal password hashing is now handled by sha512 + salt (which should be changed from the default that this plugin now ships with.
  • To change the salt, go to plugins->edit, select Rotating Universal Passowrds, and change the long string of characters currently used for $theSalt to some other long string of characters.
  • Minor bug squashing: fixed title for options page.


  • Cleaned up code
  • Options CSS should only load on the RUPs options page.


  • You can no longer set your own salt. Salts are bashed on a double-hashed password hash belonging to a user with the admin email
  • Upon upgrade, reset your passwords in RUPs (for the last time) - however, REMEMBER: your hash is tied directly to your user password
  • Every time you change your user password (user associated with admin email) you will need to change your passwords


  • Added the ability to switch the encryption method. (Currently available: md5 -> sha1 -> md5 (default) / sha1 -> md5 -> sha1)
  • When changing between methods, you will need to change your passwords, as the resulting hash and comparison methods will be different, thus negating your previous hash/method.


  • Moved the salt to it's own file, so it doesn't get erased with future updates. (Ignore this foot in mouth update)
  • Copy your current salt, upgrade, click "set a salt", set "CHANGEME" to your salt, save file.


  • Quickfix admin table for lockouts.


  • Added: lockout after set number of password attempts - admin panel to admin the lockouts (IP based, displays where the origin of the lock was (permalink) and allows for the admin to remove the lockout.)

=1= * Initial release.

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 2013-10-9
Downloads: 284


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