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Reduce Bounce Rate

Get the real Bounce Rate and Time On Site in Google Analytics. Simple and effective.

Where can I find the Settings Page?

Dashboard -> Settings -> Reduce Bounce Rate.

Does it work out-of-the-box?

Yes, and you can use the options on the Settings Page to fine-tune how and when you want to send info to Analytics.

How do I know it is working?

Check you page source for a line that ends with: /wp-content/plugins/reduce-bounce-rate/js/gajs.js'> or when you use analytics.js for /wp-content/plugins/reduce-bounce-rate/js/analyticsjs.js'>

By default, the script will be added to the bottom of your website. If this line is not there, your theme might not have wp_footer() in the footer.php.

After one or two days, you will probably see the Bounce Rate drop in Google Analytics. Then you will know it is working.

Does it this plugin work for the Asynchronous Syntax tracking code (ga.js) and the Universal Analytics (analytics.js)?

Yes. By default the plugin works for ga.js. Just change it to analytics.js on the Settings Page to make it work for analytics.js.

Can I set the maximum tracking time?

Yes, on the Settings Page.

Can I choose the time event frequency myself?

Yes, on the Settings Page.

Will Google still like me after I manipulated the Analytics stats?

Yes. This plugin uses the same tweak Google suggested on it's own Blog (see Other Notes for the link to the page).

Will I loose my PageRank by using this plugin?

No. Google Analytics doesn't have anything to do with PageRank. Google doesn't use any statistics from your Analytics pages for page ranking. Google has it's own way of getting the stats it wants to use. This also means that you cannot influence your PageRank with this plugin.

Requires: 2.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-8-16
Downloads: 11,112


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