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Reduces spam and troll comments by requiring commenters to answer a question.


* by MJ 2010-02-03
* BUGFIX -- custom questions didn't display
* XSS vulnerabilities patched
* Upped WP requirement to 2.8
* Process options saving in a pre-output hook and redirect to &updated=1 to use WP's built-in "Settings saved" notice
* Code cleanup
* Store options in the database in a normal unslashed format (previously, it was stored slashed)
* Skip question analysis for registered users with the ability to publish posts


* by SR 2008-11-28
* BUGFIX -- was blocking pingbacks and trackbacks
* Plugin no longer loads comment process hooks if we're in the Admin section.  Was causing problems with WP 2.7 inline replies
* Updated Admin screen button CSS
* Changed the default question -- some spambots can do math


* beta 1 by SR 2008-08-25
* BUGFIX -- rejected all comments if set to "noquiz"  (No place to answer the question, but the (non)answer was tested anyway!)
* BUGFIX -- if "noquiz" was entered as Answer on edit screen, it didn't save.  Now works for both Question and Answer


* by SR 2008-08-12
* Allows for multiple possible answers (separate with commas)
* Nonces on meta box
* Fix for change to output of get_plugin_data() in WP 2.7  (grrrr...)

1.1 beta 6

* by SR
* Improved set_defaults -- now unset and merge, tracks version
* Improved get_plugin_data -- more efficient
* Uses constructor instead of init()

1.1 beta 5

* by SR
* Settings Screen in Admin -- no more editing files
* "Comment Quiz" meta box in Post/Page edit screen -- no more shortcodes. Data stored same as before, so preexisting quizzes still work
* No more [short tag] system functions.  Requires WP 2.5+ for the meta boxes.
* Added wp_kses cleanup to quiz questions
* Added strip_tags to default Cleanup functions
* Legacy the_quiz() support (deprecated)
* Users can add quiz to their themes with do_action('show_comment_quiz') & don't have to mess with function_exists()
* Direct Settings link from Plugins page
* Automatically figures out if form was manually inserted in theme. If auto-inserted, tries to reposition form via JavaScript
* If quiz form lacks %question% placeholder, uses default form.
* Moved functions into a class for code reusability and avoiding function name conflicts


* by AS
* 1.0 is spaghetti code!
* Shortcodes are removed from post_content and saved into postmeta so that disabling the plugin won't cause all the answers to appear on the blog.
* Editors that do not use the standard API will not work properly with this because we need certain filters to be used.

Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 2012-9-11
Downloads: 18,015


4 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars


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