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Quiz Tool Lite

A light weight quiz tool aimed at academics wanting to create interactive learning content. Insert a single question or deploy an entire quiz.

Does this do summative assessment?

Yes the quiz can record answers if a quiz is deployed. If you deploy an individual question feedback is given but responses are not saved. This can be very useful for formative assessment.

What options are there for quizzes?

Currently you pick 'x' questions at random from a question pot. These questions are displayed randomly. You can also pick dates that the quiz will be available between, the maximum attempts, whether to display feedback or not and maximum times between attempts

What question types does this support?

You can create single reponse and multiple response questions which covers around 95% of question types used in academia. You can also write 'reflective' questions where you ask users to think of an answer before getting them to click a button which displays an 'ideal answer'.

How do I use this tool?

To display a question.

  1. Create a question pot (questions must be stored in a question pot)

  2. Create your questions within the pot.

  3. Each question has its own shortcode which can be pasted into a post or page OR you can use the 'in editor' button to select a specific question if you are unsure how to use shortcodes.

To deploy a quiz.

  1. Create a new quiz and choose to display 'x' questions at random from pot 1 and (for example) 'x' questions at random from pot 2.
  2. Copy the quiz shortcode onto a page.

The quiz saves the HIGHEST score and quizzes can be taken as often as possible, or you can limit attempts if you wish. It will only save the score if a user is logged in.

A results screen shows the highest score achieved by each registered user.

Can anonymous users take a quiz

Yes, but results won't be stored in the database

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-7-3
Downloads: 1,625


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3.7 out of 5 stars


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